Top 10 Best Crepe Makers in 2020

Many people can testify that crepe makers are a gem in any kitchen. Compared to pancakes, crepes are relatively thin. That would only mean that you need a crepe maker that will do them the justice that they deserve. Breakfasts will no longer be the same. You can use them on stovetops, and their compact design is something many people appreciate.

Crepe Makers

Nevertheless, not all those who buy one end up happy. All the customers receive is a disappointment. We don’t want you to experience that. That explains why we worked tirelessly to simplify this task for you. Read on to know the top 10 best crepe makers worth buying.

Top 10 Best Crepe Makers in 2020

10. Proctor Silex 38400 Electric Crepe Maker

Proctor Silex 38400 Electric Crepe Maker, 13 Inch Griddle & Spatula - Crepe Makers

Genuine crepe makers like Proctor Silex 38400 gives the genuine results of your crepe making bringing out exactly what you wanted. It creates delicate and delicious crepes whether at home or in your food business. It is your crepe maker if you want to enjoy the red crepes.

This item has a design of 13 inches cooking surface. The design also resists the sticking during the cooking to create crepes which are the best for accomplishing your taste search. Your crepes will never let you down after serving.

  • Buttercup and spreader for easy preparation of crepes through circular motion.
  • Extra-large spatula for easy flipping and folding of crepes
  • Eight heat gauge for heat controlled golden finish with required taste.
  • Easy to wipe and clean surface for quick preparations of crepes.
  • Ideal for homemade flour tortillas and common pancakes in an enjoyable cook.
  • Tested and proved for quality assurance to give out the best crepe makers in the market.  

9. Magic Mill 13″ Professional Electric Crepe Maker

Magic Mill 13" Professional Electric Crepe Maker & Griddle, Non-stick Cooking Plate, Variable Temperature Control, Includes: Batter Spreader, Wooden Spatula, Oil Brush and ladle, 1000 W - Crepe Makers

Another family of crepe makers is Magic Mill. It is a 13-inch electric crepe maker with a griddle and nonstick cooking plate. It has controllable temperature management for a well-cooked crepe. Professional cooks highly prefer these crepe makers. They are also good for crepes at home as they are easy to use.

This item is designed carrying a full package of accessories required for the easy making of your crepes as well as its taste for the convenience of your crepe maker. The material designing the crepe maker gives a nonstick surface for best results of your crepe preparations. It has temperature indicators for the choice of the desired temperature.

  • Unique temperature dial for heat controlled crepe preparation for best results.
  • FDA approved Teflon material for nonstick cooking for guaranteed best results.
  • Full package accessories to arrive at the expected quality of crepes.
  • Indicator lights to alert you to the desired temperature for your cooking.  

8. VonShef Professional Electric 12 Inch Crepe Pan Crepe Maker Machine Pancake Griddle – Nonstick 12” Electric Griddle – BONUS 100 RECIPE COOKBOOK, Batter Spreader & Wooden Spatula – Also for Eggs, Bacon, Blintzes, Sausage – G&M Kitchen Essentials - Crepe Makers

Vonshef joins the list of crepe makers. It is another crepe maker with a 12-inch crepe pan. It also has a pancake maker griddle accompanied by batter spreader, wooden spatula, oil brush and nonstick ladle. They are highly used by professionals although they are even good for homemade crepes.

This item is designed to give you perfectly cooked pancakes and crepes in a very easy and admirable cook. The design makes sure that all flips are successful. Neither the pancake nor the crepes will give the destiny of crisp without your intention. This is a design of wonderful and expected outcome.

  • Ideal for sweet and savoury recipes creating edible crepes and pancakes easily.
  • 1000 watts heating power element with variable temperature gauge.
  • 12.6 inches cooking plate.
  • Nonstick coated aluminium material for high standard hygiene.  


7. Crepe Maker Machine Pancake Griddle – Nonstick

Crepe Maker Machine Pancake Griddle – Nonstick 12” Electric Griddle – BONUS 100 RECIPE COOKBOOK, Batter Spreader & Wooden Spatula – Also for Eggs, Bacon, Blintzes, Sausage – G&M Kitchen Essentials - Crepe Makers

Crepe Maker machine with pancake griddle cannot be exempted from crepe makers. It has a 12-inch nonstick electric griddle and also accompanied by a recipe book and batter spreader. The wooden spatula secures your hand from extreme heat while preparing bacon, eggs, sausages and blintzes.

This item is designed to allay the fears of crepe preparations where crepes are cooked and overcooked to disappoint the cook. It has a design that is less time to consume giving out timely meals and well-followed program. The design also offers large space to ideal for local French crepes.

  • Precise temperature control unit with built-in indicator light for easy identification.
  • Electric plate to hold the needed temperatures for easy and quick heat management.
  • Automatic heat control system for required heat for controlled heat cooking.
  • Nonstick flat aluminium plate for easy flipping and folding of the crepe.
  • Ideal for crepes, disappoint, blintzes and other varieties of breakfast foods for the family.  

6. Eurolux Original French Style Crepe Maker By the Swiss Ilag

Eurolux Original French Style 12 Inch Electric Griddle and Crepe Maker - Pancake Maker Non-stick Coating Developed By the Swiss Ilag - Crepe Makers

Using Eurolux as your crepe maker gives you added advantage over the use of other crepe makers. This is an original French-style crepe maker with 12-inch electric griddle and crepe maker. It also has a high-quality nonstick pancake maker coating arrived from Swiss Ilag. It is a good companion for homemade crepes or professional cooks.

This item is designed to do your crepe preparation within seconds where all the necessary accessories for your cooking are available. The controlled heating system gives you the confidence in your cooking. It is designed to cook crepes, pancakes, blintzes and other mouthwatering breakfast foods for your family.

  • Batter spreader to give you super thin crepes for the best outcomes.
  • Five different temperature settings for precise control of temperature for undisputable results.
  • Quick to use mechanism for delicate crepes preparation through its 12-inch surface pan.
  • Nonstick pancake maker through Swiss Ilang technology.  

5. NutriChef Electric Crepe Maker Griddle

NutriChef Electric Crepe Maker Griddle, 12-inch Nonstick Use also For Pancakes Blintzes Eggs & More Black (PCRM12) - Crepe Makers

NutriChef is a crepe maker out of many crepe makers in the market that has made crepe making an enjoyable activity. This crepe maker has a 12-inch nonstick griddle for blintzes, eggs and pancakes. It gives out the best outcomes whenever used. The crepe maker has almost everything that you need for your crepe making to provide the best either at home or a hotel.

This crepe maker is designed amazingly to give out stacks of pancakes tortilla, dola, burgers, flatbread and other breakfast favourites. That is done within an unbelievable duration giving the best out of reach. It has better tools to arrive at these good results including butter spreader, wooden spatula among others.

  • Butter spreader for quick butter spread.
  • Wooden spatula for low heat conduction to your hands
  • Compact design for proper room management.
  • 12 inches wide surface for other additional food to the crepes.
  • Lightweight for easy portability.  

4. Crepe Maker and Non-Stick 12″ Griddle- Electric Crepe Pan

Crepe Maker and Non-Stick 12" Griddle- Electric Crepe Pan with Spreader and Recipes Included- Also use for Blintzes, Eggs, Pancakes and More - Crepe Makers

Another crepe maker by Cucina Pro is also a product joining crepe makers. It is a crepe maker with 12 inches griddle and an electric crepe pan. It has a spreader that is packed as an accessory to give you a better spreading item. The inclusion of recipe guides you to tasty blintzes, pancakes, eggs and more breakfast foods.

This item carries all the designs that have proved it is an ideal crepe maker including essential accessories. The design looks at it to see that your cooking is as easy as possible as well as right control for better results. It is ideal for basic crepe batter, blueberry blintzes and mushroom.

  • 12-inch nonstick griddle.
  • Electric crepe pan that highly conducts heat.
  • Rubber feet for more stability while in use.
  • Five temperature settings for precise control to give you the best.
  • Batter spreader for making good crepes.
  • Crepe pan easy to flip and fold.  

3. Cuisinart CPP-200 International Chef Crepe/Pizzelle/Pancake

Cuisinart CPP-200 International Chef Crepe/Pizzelle/Pancake Plus, Stainless Steel 0 - Crepe Makers

Think of Cuisinart CPP crepe maker when thinking of crepe makers to make crepes tasty and enjoyable. That enrols itself with other crepe makers to give you better cooking bay for your crepes, pancakes among many. Its stainless steel nature makes it quick to clean. Your breakfast can be made better and enjoyable by using the crepe maker for your food.

This item is designed as an ultimate breakfast machine for pizzelles, crepes, tortillas, pancakes, blintzes and such. It has reversible nonstick food storage pressed to close or open. Also a wonderfully performing waffle iron with smart stainless steel top design giving you decorative kitchenware.

  • Reversible nonstick dishwasher for easy cleaning and quick crepe making.
  • 81/3 inches diameter cooking surface which becomes twice when opened flat.
  • Elegant stainless steel top for decorative kitchenware.
  • 4 slice Belgian waffle maker for reliability and performance.
  • Locking lid for confident closure.
  • Adjustable temperature control system for controlled heat.  

2. Morning Star – Crepe Maker Pro – Non-stick Pancake Maker

Morning Star - Crepe Maker Pro - 13 Inch Crepe Maker & Electric Griddle - Non-stick Pancake Maker - Crepe Makers

Thanks to Morningstar crepe maker for your long service in the field of crepe makers always giving us what we require for best crepes and breakfast foods. This is another 13-inch crepe maker coming with an electric griddle and nonstick pancake maker. It keeps the crepe making stress away from you as all the mechanism is almost automated.

This item is designed with 13 inches nonstick aluminum plate giving it a large cooking surface and sleek design. The elegant brushed metal appearance design decorated your countertop in front of your distinguished guests during the services of your breakfast.

  • Large 13-inch aluminum nonstick plate for easy cleaning and hygiene.
  • Elegant brushed metal appearance for the beautified serving counter.
  • 1000W to heat the cooking surface to the appropriate temperature gradually
  • Batter spreader for essentiality for thinning the batter to the ideal crepe.
  • Easy to understand batter recipe.
  • Provision of making tips to the user.  

1. Electric Crepe Maker 13 3/4″

Electric Crepe Maker 13 3/4" - Crepe Makers

Capture one of the best crepe makers for your home and other food business as electric crepe maker. It is a 13 3/4 inches item with a smooth and nonstick surface for even batter spreading. It is easy to use while its outcome is wonderful. No time wastage to prepare the recipe.

This item had a simple but unique design bearing wooden crepe Turner and scraper. There is also an inclusion of cleaning brush to equip you with required accessories for your crepe preparation. A design of indicator light enhances signal heating. There is also a cursor to regulate the thermostat.

  • Wooden crepe turner and scraper for the security of your hands.
  • Cleaning brush for quick cleaning for a perfect shine.
  • Indicator light for heat alert and temperature control.
  • Smooth nonstick large surface for easy flip and fold.
  • Batter spreader for thinning of your crepes.
  • Complete cooking guides and recipes for easy cook and service.   


As you decide this matter, ensure that you choose one of the crepe makers above. Some details will help you know what you are settling for. Ensure that you buy one that lasts for long. It should also be easy to use and most importantly clean.

The security of your hands and fingers is also essential. Some have special features to help you operate them. Last but not least, there is the value of money. That is what each item on the list guarantees you. Isn’t that what every cook is looking for in one? Make a smart move by choosing one of the ones above.

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