Top 10 Best Double Sleeping Bags in 2020

Nothing can beat a sound sleep. A double sleeping bags is intended to provide you the comfort and snug of your home bed while you are wandering in those isolated place including hilly mountains and dense jungles. If you are a nomad and explorer, then this compact gear will go great help. Whether you are hiking, camping or going for a hill walk, you are going to walk miles in a day. After walking miles, you just want to be pack inside your cozy bed; this is when a sleeping bag comes into the picture.

Double Sleeping Bags

Camping outside is getting much popularity these days because it gives us a break from our monotonous life and fills us with new energy. A sleeping bag is a must-have gear while you are planning your camping adventure. Who wants to enjoy the best of lives alone? We always want to include our loved ones in our madness, happiness, sorrows, and adventures.

Double sleeping bag lets you feel the home-comfort with your partner in those isolated yet adventures place. Here’s our pick of best double sleeping bags.

Reviews Of The Top 10 Best Double Sleeping Bags in 2020

10. REDCAMP Double Sleeping Bag for Camping

REDCAMP Double Sleeping Bag for Camping,2 Person Sleeping Bags with 2 Pillows, Queen Size Blue 3.3lbs Filling(75+12)"x 59" - Double Sleeping Bags

Redcamp double sleeping Bag is what that keeps you warm, and console during outside camping. This sleeping bag is of queen size, so along with your partner can easily slip in and take a sound sleep. The 210T quality waterproof fabric keeps you and the sleeping bags dry. So, don’t worry about any sudden pouring, just enjoy the adventure.  Plus, the durability of the material is far above the ground.

Despite high-utility and durability, the sleeping bag weighs only 4.9lbs that implies you can carry it easily without much of space and efforts required. The temperature of your camping site is never going to be the way it is inside your home. Keeping this in mind, the sleeping bag is engineered in a way that it will keep you warm in temperatures as low as -5 degree Celsius.

List of the product’s features
  • High-quality waterproof 210T polyester material
  • Comes with two pillows
  • Ultra-soft lining that is gentle on your skin and body
  • Lightweight(4.9lbs), easy on shoulders
  • Keeps you warm even in -5 degree Celsius
  • Comes with 100% money back guarantee

9. Double Sleeping Bag by Active Era

Double Sleeping Bag with 2 Pillows - Extra Large - Queen Size - Converts into 2 Singles - 3 Season for Camping, Hiking, Outdoors - Double Sleeping Bags

This double sleeping bag is for space-lovers. It is of 87”x60” measurements that make gives you an extra room to slip in. Two pillows will increase the comfort level. Its waterproof build grants you an advantage to using it even when the sky is pouring down. To keep you warm, this double sleeping bag comes along 250GSm filling. It will not to only give a sound sleep but also protect you’re your those fast-paced wind as it comes with a zipper and drawstring collar.

List of the product’s features
  • Gives you the luxury sleeping experience
  • Suitable to use in +50°F to 32°F temperature conditions
  • 250GSm filling to keep you cozy
  • Enduring water resistant outer casing
  • Can be converted into two single bed as per your liking
  • Two secure pouches to keep your valuables in place.
  • Enduring water resistant outer casing
  • Protection against wind

8. TOMSHOO Double Sleeping Bag

 TOMSHOO Double Sleeping Bag 2 Person with 2 Pillows for Outdoor Camping Hiking - Double Sleeping Bags

Tomshoo brings you this envelop-style sleeping bag to make your camping more comfortable. The 190t polyester supreme quality is used while constructing it. So, can be assured of its durability. The brushed fabric lining is there to avoid any harsh feel. 350g/m2 hollow fiber filling material makes this sleeping bag warm enough while there is -5 degree Celsius outside.

Hardy zipper is attached with strong sewing, and will not come out easily. So, ziplock or unlock without any fear. The appealing light blue and black combination gives it the attractive appearance. You can use it as a big double sleeping beg or as two single sleeping bag without any hassle

List of the product’s features
  • High quality, yet soft material
  • Robust Zipper to last until eternity
  • Strong enough to bear the rough handling and warm enough to keep you cozy in subzero temperatures
  • Highly portable and lightweight
  • The package includes two pillows

7. Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag

Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag with 2 Pillows and a Carrying Bag for Camping, Backpacking, Hiking - Double Sleeping Bags

Are you looking for a double sleeping bag that is compact enough to fit in, spacious enough to accommodate to you and your partner and affordable enough without pinching your pockets then Ohuhu is the best pick for you? Its outer shell is made from high-quality material that makes it a suitable gear for those rough conditions.

The size of this double sleeping bag is 86.6 x 59 inches that give it an extra space than queen size bed. Its 300G /M2 3D cotton filling gives you that extra warmness that you desperately require when there is below zero temperature under the sky. It is a complete sleeping solution as comes with two cotton filled pillow and carrier bag.

List of the product’s features
  • Solid and long-lasting build
  • Gives you ultimate waterproofing with 210T polyester outer shell
  • Comes with two cotton filled pillows and a carry bag
  • Withstands in extreme conditions

6. OtdAir Double Sleeping Bag

 OtdAir Double Sleeping Bag with Pillows/2 Person Waterproof Lightweight Portable Sleeping Bag For Camping, Backpacking, Hiking Black, Travel - Double Sleeping Bags

Enjoy your adventure at fullest with OtdAir Double Sleeping Bag. This double sleeping is not only your sleeping partner while you are camping under the open sky, but also let you relax after a tiring day of trekking, hiking, and long-distance traveling. To increase the comfort quotient, Otd comes with a set of travel pillows.

The best thing about this double sleeping bag is that you can easily put it in a washing machine to wash away all that dirt and dust. The outer walls are of 190T high-count water-resistant polyester fabric, so there is no call for water repelling sprays treatment for this sleeping bag. The black color exterior hides any unwanted stains. It is generous to provide you good sleeping space as the dimensions of this sleeping bag are 9.49 x 14.02 x 16.5 inches. So, you can easily fit in.

List of the product’s features
  • Utmost utility
  • Hard-wearing yet soft and gentle built
  • Comes with a travel-friendly bag to carry it on your shoulders without many efforts
  • Waterproof and weather-resistance construction
  • Can be easily split into two separate sleeping bags
  • Machine washable
  • For effortless carrying comes with a bag

5. Gideon Extreme Waterproof Backpacking Double Sleeping Bag

Gideon Extreme Waterproof Backpacking Double Sleeping Bag with 2 Pillows – Amazingly Lightweight, Compact, Comfortable & Warm – For Backpacking, Camping, etc. Double size or Convert into 2-Single Bags - Double Sleeping Bags

You will not regret even for a single moment if you buy The Gideon Extreme Waterproof Backpacking Double Sleeping Bag. It is your perfect partner while you are having an adrenal rush from backpacking, camping, and biking.

Super-soft brushed flannel and a high-level 3D synthetic fiber filling make it one of the most durables and comfortable sleeping solution. It will bestow you with just the right warmth, coziness and insulation. That is why you can go out in the woods anytime viz. spring, summertime, and fall.

It measures as 59” W x 87” H and can easily accommodate two 6.5”tall persons. So, just enjoy the pleasure of home-like sleeping even in the extreme outdoors with its two cotton filled pillows. You need to worry about the packing of this queen size bag in the morning. Just pull the drawstring and voila!! It will compress down up to great extent and can easily fit into compression bag.

List of the product’s features
  • Light, compact and durable build that makes it an ideal pick for backpacking, camping, and biking.
  • Inside lining and 3-D synthetic fiber filling for full insulation
  • Easy to pack in and carry because of a compression sack, drawstrings, and powerful compression
  • Can be easily turned into two separate single extra-large sleeping bag by just pulling a side zipper
  • Comes with a full waterproof solution to prevent you any dampness and wetting
  • To keep your valuables secure and well-placed features two interior pockets
  • Fastening Straps
  • Machine washable

4. Double Sleeping Bags, ARAER Lightweight Waterproof Sleeping Bag

Double Sleeping Bags, ARAER Lightweight Waterproof Sleeping Bag with Two Pillows Four Season for Camping, Backpacking, Hiking, Outdoor Activities - Queen Size XL - Double Sleeping Bags

Arear double sleeping bag is yet another double sleeping bag that comes with all essential resources that will keep you warm, cozy and guarded when you are out in fields and exploring the rugged nature.

This double sleeping bag is the perfect gear if you are camping with your family and friends as you can use it as a double bag or can simply convert into two single sleeping bags by pulling out a zipper. Don’t worry about the dropping temperature during the night. Its 190D polyester fabric and cotton mix with tetron filling will never let you freeze.

The bag measures 87″ x 59″ and can easily provide ample room for two grown adults. The build is strong and sturdy that can survive the rough usages.

List of the product’s features
  • Encompasses perfect blend of cotton and tetron filling
  • Can bear the rough and extreme conditions.
  • Withstands efficiently under 30℉.
  • 190T polyester fabric will never allow entering the drop of water inside the bag
  • Extra large room
  • Highly lightweight( only 3 pounds)
  • Comes with 180 days return policy

3. X-CHENG Double Sleeping Bag

X-CHENG Double Sleeping Bag - Converts into 2 Singles -32°F For Backpacking, Camping, Hiking, Travel.etc - Waterproof and Safe for Machine Wash - Comes with Two Pillows - Double Sleeping Bags

This double sleeping bag is one of most required gear that you should pack up once you are going to explore and camping in the open sky. Its tough, durable and comforting outer shell will not bear the harsh surface of outdoor but will also give a cushion-like feel. This way, you won’t miss your home bed in the woods.

Though it comes with a double sleeping bag, you can easily mold it into two single sleeping bags. So, there is no need to carry separate bags for two persons. The build and sewing are highly durable and done with the utmost precision that bestows its longevity.

The waterproof exterior will keep you dry as a bone even when it’s damping. The inner filling is of hallow fiber that is known to provide the supreme warmth and comfort. You will surely forget the rest of the world once you tuck in yourself in this double sleeping bag.

List of the product’s features
  • Extra large double sleeping bag with 75in x 63in measurements
  • Can easily accommodate two adults
  • Highly detachable and can be easily turned into two single sleeping bags
  • Use of superior quality polyester for sturdy exterior
  • Water-resistant and breathable outer fabric
  • Can be easily washed in a washing machine

2. Double Sleeping Bag For Backpacking –Sleepingo

Double Sleeping Bag For Backpacking, Camping, Or Hiking. Queen Size XL! Cold Weather 2 Person Waterproof Sleeping Bag For Adults Or Teens. Truck, Tent, Or Sleeping Pad, Lightweight –Sleepingo - Double Sleeping Bags

Sleeping is one of a well-known brand in this industry. The brand is known to provide cost-effective yet highly durable sleeping bags to its customers and it fulfills its promise with this double sleeping bag. This double sleeping bag measures 87″ by 59″. Rough and tough, waterproofed exterior and soft interior lining make it an ideal sleeping gear.

The thread count of inner lining is 210 that means you will get maximum insulation and you can enjoy a cozy sleep. Its nylon carrying bag endows you with an easy haulage of the bag. One of the best benefits of this double sleeping bag is that it comes with lifetime warranty.

List of the product’s features
  • Inexpensive, well-constructed and highly portable
  • Super sturdy with an ultra comfort feel
  • Impressive dimensions of 87″ X 59″
  • Spot on gear for hiking, camping, and traveling
  • Tetron and cotton inner filler to give you maximum insulation
  • Build to last longer
  • Comes with lifetime warranty

1. FUNDANGO XL Double Sleeping Bag

FUNDANGO XL Double Sleeping Bag for Camping, Hiking, Traveling,2 Person Sleeping Bag with 2 Pillows - Double Sleeping Bags

FUNDANGO XL Double Sleeping Bag is our top pick. Its unmatched features and built back this status. Fundango offers you more sleeping space as it measures 87″ × 66″. Because of this extra space, it stands a step ahead from all other contemporary double sleeping bags.

Gliding in this sleeping bag is a smooth task as it comes with a zipper on both sides. There is one more zipper at the bottom to provide you the desired ventilation. We can easily say that this bag is indeed a zipper master. The inner filling is of 250GSM hollow fiber that keeps you warm even in freezing temperature.

List of the product’s features
  • XL sleeping room
  • Zippers on both sides for effortless entry and exit. One extra zipper at the bottom of essential ventilation
  • 250GSM hollow fiber filling with nonallergic quality
  • 190T Rip-stop polyester cover
  • Build to last until eternity


A double sleeping bag is the most required gear while you are out for an adventure. But the utility of this sleeping gear is not limited to this only. If you own a less spacious place and have unexpected guests, then a sleeping bag can save your neck. So, whether you are an adventure seeker or just want to be prepared for any expected gathering, a double sleeping bag is your only savior.

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