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Top 10 Fabric Shavers in 2022

Do you need to buy one of the best fabric shavers buts don’t know which one to choose? This list of top 10 fabric shavers will offer you value for money. From morning to evening or dusk to dawn, your clothes have to deal with a lot of abuse when you put them on. Clothes are the only items that suffer the most from pilling and the buildup of fuzz compared to other fabrics.

Nonetheless, today, we have the best equipment for removing the fuzz and pilling, called fabric shavers. These appliances work wonders on your clothes, fabrics and even furniture restoring their new looks once again. When you are shopping for a good fabric shaver in 2022, be sure to select any of these top 10 best fabric shavers in 2022. check this out if you are looking for Best Embroidery Machines

Top 10 Fabric Shavers to Buy in 2022

10. Beautural Portable Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover with 2-Speeds

This shaver is sure to restore your fabrics and make them as good as new. It removes lint, fizzes, and fabric fluff easily, and works with all manner of fabrics. In the end, it saves you money. It comes with a USB charger pot to recharge its batteries each time they get depleted.

The USB port enables it to connect to a portable charger or even use with the computer. The shaver is portable and can be carried and used anywhere thus offering great convenience. When you purchase this, it comes with a lint remover, friendly customer care as well as a 12 months warranty.


9. New Sweater Pill Remover Fabric Shaver Lint Remover with USB Charging Cord

With this sweater teamer, you first need to charge it before you start using it when new fully. Consequently, you will be required to recharge it before the battery is completely depleted, as this extends the battery life.

This trimmer comes with a strong motor as well as a powerful device that suctions dust. It is your perfect helper for shaving the fuzz balls on your wool coats, scarfs sweater, knot and also your plush toys fast. It available with two capacity batteries will guarantee double power for the motor that power up to 5 W.


8. Electric Sweater Shaver Fabric Fuzz Remover, Clothes Furniture Shaver, Defuzzer

This electric shaver is turned on easily by switching. Then run the head over clothes surface and obtain a quick clear. Using the large shaving will have the work done quickly and effortlessly. The shaver removes fuzz on fabric without deforming or damaging your clothes.

The shaver features a stainless steel wire mesh which guarantees a long service time. Has a comfortable handgrip which makes it more convenient to use. Also running it on fabrics needs a slight pressure. It shaves quickly without damaging your clothes.


7. Fabric Shaver, Tilokki Lint Remover USB Rechargeable Battery Operated Electric

The Tilokki fabric shaver is compact, handy, clean, easy to operate and is lightweight too. The fact that is rechargeable means it can be suitable for anywhere. You can use it to remove pills, fuzz or lint on fabrics. Can be used on car upholstery, furniture, and even beddings

The shaver comes with a safety switch design, and in case the mesh is loose, this appliance will immediately stop functioning. It has a USB interface meaning that the device can be connected to a power bank, a car, computer a wall charger or even a mobile charger and charge.


6. ANVS Professional USB Rechargeable Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover

5 Minutes is all it takes to rejuvenate your garments using the Alista Professional rechargeable shaver. The shaver does much more than the lint roller as it removes deep lint and pills. The best tool for furniture, sheets, clothes, comforters, blankets and even curtains.

The shaver protects users as well as all your delicate fabrics unlike the blades of a variety of fabric shavers. This shaver is highly portable and easy to use. It is lightweight and of compact size. It comes with a 180 degrees twist handle meaning you can use it vertically as well as horizontally.


5. Electric Fabric Shaver, VBTidy Professional Rechargeable Sweater Lint Fuzz Pill Bobble Remover Machine

Renew your clothes in just minutes. Fabric lint shaver turns your jumpers, sweaters, cushions, carpet leggings, and even furniture get sorted effortlessly using the Electric BVTidy professional fabric shaver. The shaver is lightweight as well as space efficient which allows you to keep your fabrics in pristine condition.

This remover will automatically stop the blade cover anytime gets looser open. This makes it more secure and keeps the user from accidentally hurting themselves. The remover comes with a 180 degrees rotatable and easy to handle, and this aspect you to use it easily and much comfortably.


4. Airsspu Electric Sweater Shaver Fabric Fuzz Remover, Clothes Furniture Shaver, Remove Lint Pills Balls Bobbles From Carpet

The Airsspu Furniture remover allows you to breathe new life into your clothes, as it restores them to fresh new looks. All you need to do is to gently switch it on and gently run its shaving head over your clothing as to get the work done. For large jobs, it is a recommendation that you use the large shaving heads.

The shaver needs no batteries, unlike most removers in the market today that use batteries that run out after a few hours of use. Instead, use the money that you’d have bought batteries to purchase more clothes. The shaver has a stunning design and is easy and quick to use.


3. AlwaysLux EasyLint Professional Sweater Shaver

For this EasyLint Professional Sweater Shaver, you will need only to purchase the replacement blade only. This professional sweater shaver is safe on wool, linen, lycra, as well as cotton fabrics. You can also use it on furniture.

It is easy to replace the blade as all you need is to unscrew it and replace the new head. Once replaced, you can use it for life. The blade is ideal for EasyLint only, reason being, it is so far the only lint shaver on the market these days.


2. Conair Fabric Defuzzer – Shaver; Battery Operated

This battery operated fabric defuzzer is so far considered the safest in the market. It removes spilling, fuzz, and lint in just a matter of minutes. It comes with 3-setting depth control for a customized shave.

The remover also comes with a comfortable grip handle called the detachable lint catcher. It comes with a large shaving head which enables you to finish work in just a matter of minutes. It is appropriate for large jobs.


1. Beautural Portable Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover with 2-Speeds

With the Beautural Portable Fabric Shaver, you are sure to revive your garments and give them a fresh new look, free of fluff, bobble or lint. It works perfectly well for sweaters, bed sheets, blankets, sheets as well as upholstery.

The shaver works quickly and efficiently especially with its expanded blades that cover a large surface area and gets the work done effortlessly and in minutes. It is highly adjustable and suits all your different types of fabrics. You have the option of using any of the 3 shaves heights, 2 speeds, and the three shaving heads.



Buying fabric shavers is one of the most daunting tasks these days. When buying, you are not certain whether the one you choose will adequately meet your needs or not. Therefore, as a buyer, you are at crossroads, not exactly knowing which one to select. Worry not as you no longer have to try every fabric shaver in the market to know which one beats all these days. We have already done it for you. We believe that this list bears so far the best fabric shavers you can find in the market. These brands are reputable, while the products are of high quality. Use the list today, and you will be sure to make the right choice.

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