Top 10 Best Fuel System Cleaners in 2022

How is your car’s performance? Has it been slow moving lately? If it has been on the slow side, there might be a carbon buildup in the fuel system. This buildup can choke the engine causing it to act up. To solve this problem you may just find our editor’s choice of the top 10 best fuel system cleaners in 2022 the best solution to your car problems. With the amazing products on the market today, it can help to clean the fuel system and restore your vehicle’s engine functionality back to health. We have selected only the best fuel system cleaners available to make your search a little easier.

Top 10 Best Fuel System Cleaners in 2022

Why use fuel system cleaners?

If your car’s struggling to start or on the sluggish side, using a fuel system cleaner might just help resolve this problem. Using this cleaner in the engine helps to lubricate and clean the fuel system parts. Further, it improves gas mileage, lowers exhaust emissions, and increases the power of the car.

Top 10 Best Fuel System Cleaner in 2022

10. Royal Purple Max-Clean

For one of the best fuel system cleaners, Royal Purple has made sure that their Max-Clean helps clean existing carbon buildup and gets rid of water. When there are a reduction in nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide emissions, your car’s engine will burn cleaner. This is what Max-Clean does it reduces and prevents carbon buildup from returning. With the Polyetheramine, active ingredients present in the formulation, it makes this possible to keep the engine running smooth and ridding the fuel from water.

  • Excellent cleaner and protects the fuel system against carbon build up
  • Helps rid water from the fuel system
  • Affordable
  • The container has no pour spout making it difficult to use

9. STA-BIL 22275 360 Performance

Have you found that your cars fuel system has water in? Solve this problem with STA-BIL 22275 360 Performance. The product has vapor technology in it to prevent vapor build up. The liquid removes water and helps maintain the engine when not used for a long time. The cleaners great to use in all types of engines, especially boats and snowmobiles. There is a long list of attributes, however, the main ingredients to keep the fuel system carbon free is lacking and believe the important active ingredient is Polyisobutene.

  • Affordable
  • Prevents vapor lock
  • Prevents carbon build up over a long time
  • Helps stabilize fuel
  • Rids fuel systems of water
  • Does not clean fuel systems of existing carbon build up only prevents it from taking place

8. QUICKLEEN Engine from Mercury Marine

If you own a boat and need to keep the fuel system in tip-top shape try QUICKLEEN Engine from Mercury Marine. The solution helps with removing carbon deposits from carburetors, cylinder heads, and injectors. With one ounce, you can treat 5 gallons and with a 12-ounce bottle, you can treat up to 60 gallons.  The Mercury Marine has a combined formula to clean the vehicle’s engine and fuel system. The formulation consists of Petroleum, Polyisobutylene Amine, and Benzene. This is a PIBA product and will help cleaning to preventing of carbon deposits, but does not remove water.

  • Keeps the fuel system carbon free
  • Affordable
  • Easy obtainable
  • Keeps the system clean
  • Will not remove water from the fueling system

7. The Sea Foam Motor Treatment

Compared to the other fuel system cleaners reviewed here, the Sea Foam Motor Treatments made of 100% petroleum only. The formulas designed to clean the internal fuel and the oil system parts. The product is EPA registered and removes carbon deposits, cleans valves, lifters, rings, and pinging. Further, it helps to control moisture in the fuel system. As it is a Stoddard Solvent, it is not as effective as the PEA formulation. You can buy the motor treatment in a pack of two made up of 16-ounce bottles.

  • The product can be used in both gasoline and diesel engines
  • Great engine performance
  • Helps remove carbon
  • It does not remove water from the fuel system

6. Chemtool Three-Step Fuel System Kit from Berryman

If you do not have the equipment to clean your vehicles fuel system, the Chemtool Three-Step Fuel System Kit from Berryman will save you costly repairs. For effective cleaning, the kits formulated with powerful detergents and High Energy Solvent Technology. The kit includes an instructional DVD on how to use the three products included with your purchase. The kit consists of three products the 1st product is the Air-intake cleaner in an aerosol can and helps to improve the idling and throttle response of the car.

The 2nd product is the Combustion Chamber cleaner with installation tools included. This helps to clean the combustion chamber, intake ports, and valves. The last product included with the kit is the Fuel System Cleaner to clean the fuel pump, fuel lines, carburetor, and all types of fuel injectors. The fuel cleaner consists of Xylene, n-Propanol, and Butoxyethanol and is similar to a PIBA formulation.

  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Gives the car great acceleration
  • Improves the performance of the vehicle
  • Affordable
  • Will clean the IAC valve but you will need to remove it

5. Lucas Fuel Treatment Product Code 10013

If you need a product to clean and lubricate the fuel system, you can look at the Lucas Fuel Treatment Product 10013. The fuel cleaner helps neutralize low sulfur fuel problems. Further, it helps increase power and mileage as it helps with exhaust emission. While using the oil it helps extend the lifespan of injectors and pumps of the car. The product you can use in gasoline, diesel, carbureted and fuel injection vehicles. You can buy the Lucas 10013 in a one-gallon bottle and consists of petroleum and Hydro treated paraffinic substance. The best way to use the product is to add 3oz per 10 gallons.

  • Cleans fuel injection parts
  • The pistons run smoother
  • Prevents carbon build up
  • Suitable to use in gasoline and diesel engines
  • No mix ratio available in the instructions and recommended using 2-3 ounce per 10 gallons

4. Lucas Oil Deep 10512 Fuel System Cleaner

If you want to rid your car of nitrous oxide, the best fuel system cleaner to use is Lucas Oil Deep 10512. The other exceptional thing about the product it helps eliminates carbon build up and prevents it in the end. This helps to prevent pinching and helps with lower fuel consumption. According to the suppliers, the active ingredients are Polyether Amine making up 30% of the formal and Naphtha that makes up a total of 30 – 60%. You can buy the fuel cleaner in a 16 oz bottle.

  • Helps a lot with emission
  • Makes the vehicle run smoother
  • Helps prevent carbon buildup and protect the fuel system
  • Economical to buy
  • Does not get rid of water and consists mostly of Naphtha

3. 3M 08812 16 Fl. Oz. Complete Fuel System Cleaner

For removing carbon buildup in the car’s combustion chambers and fuel injectors, you need the 3M 08812 complete fuel system cleaner. One of the active ingredients found in the formulation is Polyethylene Amine and makes up part of the PIBA list. However, there is no mention of what percentage it is they use in their product. Further, it also has Naphtha in it and Naphthalene. The fuel cleaner you can use on all-terrain vehicles and motorcycles.

  • Prevents carbon build up
  • Affordable
  • Helps to make the car run smooth
  • Helps to clean gasoline direct injection systems
  • Will not remove water deposits out of the fuel system
  • Consists mostly of kerosene and not as effective as a PEA cleaner

2. Chevron Techron 67740 Concentrate Plus

If your vehicle has a cold start problem in the morning, the Chevron Techron 76640 Concentrate Plus may be the solution you have been looking for. This fuel system cleaner helps with cold start performance, gives fuel stability, restores lost power, helps reduce spark plug problems, and boost the fuel economy. The fuel cleaners sold in 12 ounces and 20 ounces supplied in bottles. Techron is suitable to use in gasoline two-stroke air-cooled & water-cooled engines, four-stroke motorcycles, lawnmowers, and marine engines. Chevron stated they use the patented PEA technology in the product, and according to their MSDS, they use Stoddard Solvent and Solvent Naphtha in the cleaner.

  • Helps clean and protect the fuel system preventing carbon buildup from happening
  • Affordable
  • Helps improve gas mileage
  • Will not clean out the fuel system of water
  • Weaker cleaner compared to the other products

1.BK 44K Fuel System Cleaner

For a popular and in demand product, the BK 44K Fuel System Cleaner comes at a costly price. This cleaning product helps to clean combustion chambers, valves, and fuel injectors. With one 11oz tin, you can treat up to 20 gallons of gasoline. Further, it helps to raise the octane levels in the fuel to give it a boost. The products recommended for using with alcohol-blended gasoline, normal fuel additives, and all other fuel system materials. This is a PIBA formulation and the active ingredients are Cumene and Xylene. This is a BG brand, removes upper engine deposits, and contains no alcohol.

  • Gives the fuel an octane boost that helps to raise the fuel economy and performance of the car
  • Helps with preventative maintenance
  • make the engine run smoother
  • Helps increase power leading to the best performance
  • Expensive

A fuel system cleaner can consist of different formulas made up of the following:

PIBA – also known as Polyisobutylene Amine helps to clean the fuel system and rids it of existing deposits
PIB – also known as Polyisobutene helps eliminate water from the fuel system and prevents deposits forming, however, does not rid the system from existing deposits
The most powerful cleaning agent is PEA (Polyetheramine) and is more effective to use compared to the other two ingredients mentioned above.
Acetone – this has the same effectiveness as PIBA
Stoddard Solvent or Naphtha – use to be a forerunner of PEA, however, is not effective at cleaning the fuel system

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