Top 10 Best PC Gaming Controller in 2018

For all the gamers and PC gaming controller freaks here we have come up with some amazing products to help you get superb gaming experience. The ergonomics and the ease that gaming controllers provide make the gaming session worthwhile. While the market is flooded with many brands manufacturing gaming controllers, some comprise more easiness than others. And this is what makes them different and unique.

PC Gaming Controller

A PC has the mouse and keypads to provide easy access to various game controlling functionalities. But a PC gaming controllers is for those who want a user-friendly interface and accessibility to the game. These controllers are ergonomically designed keeping in mind the needs of the gamers. Therefore, they are best to splurge by those who love to play games in their free time.

Since gamepads these days are technology driven and therefore highly simple in usage, it becomes easy to use them. Their wireless design ads to the worth even more. So check out the best PC gaming controllers and get the one which meets your preferences the most.

Reviews of the Top 10 Best PC Gaming Controller in 2018

10. ZD USB Wired Gaming Controller

ZD-V+ USB Wired Gaming Controller Gamepad For PC(Windows XP/7/8/10) & PS3 & Android - [Black] - gaming controller

Most of the gamers prefer the gaming controller from ZD, and the reason behind is its more extensive compatibility. Coming in black color- it looks very stylish and fulfills the requirements of the users as well.


9. Hyperkin Gaming Controller X91

Hyperkin Gaming Controller X91 - gaming controller

The next fantastic gaming controller comes from Hyperkin which is worth every penny. Gamers love it for the presence of every desirable feature. Also, the stylish yet elegant design makes it perfect to keep in the room. It has a typical retro design which makes it unique and one of its kind.


The broader compatibility with many devices like Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X makes it perfect to splurge. It works perfectly with windows 10 version as well. But the only con associated with it is it doesn’t support other versions of Windows like 7 or 8. So, one needs to update the window before using it.

8. Razer Serval Mobile Gaming Controller

Razer Serval - Mobile Gaming Controller for Android/PC - Hyperesponse Buttons and Adjustable Clip - gaming controller

The gaming controller from Razer is another wonderful device with almost every desirable feature. It is considered perfect for the personal computers, laptops, and tablets. The wider compatibility with different devices along with those that support android elevates its worth even more.


People owing it love the feature of it being perfect for both wired as well as wireless play styles. All that one need is to connect with the help of Bluetooth, and it works perfectly endowing an excellent gaming experience to the user. It is designed to communicate with a large number of devices.

7. Armor3 Wired Game Controller

Armor3 Wired Game Controller - gaming controller

The gaming controller from Armor is yet another amazing piece for the gamers. It makes a great present as well for the online game freaks. Suitable for personal computers, laptops, tablets, Macs and even PS4 it becomes one of the best product of the time.


Customers love the presence of front speaker in this gaming controller. It takes the whole gaming experience to another level. Also, the presence of light bar makes the device looks stylish and very alluring. People love to control their gaming sessions with this gaming controller in their hand.

6. Valve Steam Controller- Valve Steam Controller

Valve Steam Controller- Valve Steam Controller - gaming controller

is customized for the people to help them get the best gaming experience ever. The various functions that come with the device make it a worthy purchase of the time. Apart from this, the use of high-grade materials in its manufacturing provides it durability and long-lasting impression.


People with this gaming controller love the ergonomic design of it. It helps in attaining a comfortable grip on the device. The input zones and the buttons are positioned in such a way that the best experience can be obtained with the right frequency.

5. Razer Wildcat Customizable Premium Controller

Razer Wildcat Customizable Premium Controller - gaming controller

This is another wonderful gaming controller from Razor which is customized to enhance the gaming experience of the users. It has wider compatibility with a large number of devices including Xbox One and personal computers. It is loved by the users due to the presence of a large number of desirable features


Customers having this gaming controller love the user-friendly interface of it. It can be easily controlled by anyone that contributes to making it perfect for people of all ages. Also, the device is durable and lasts for a more extended period, wherein with each use the gaming experience enhance.

4. Steel Series Stratus Gaming Controller

Steel Series Stratus Gaming Controller - gaming controller

The gaming controller from Steel Series in another excellent product with the preferred features. Coming in different sizes; this device works perfectly with computers supporting windows as well as Android. It also supports devices like Oculus, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR which automatically elevate its worth even more.


The device works great if it comprises a Bluetooth dongle adapter. But the drawback is you need to purchase it separately. With its help, it becomes profoundly easy to connect it with a large number of devices without any hassle. Therefore people prefer buying one Bluetooth dongle adapter with it as well to get an ultimate experience.

3. Microsoft Xbox Controller 4N6-00001

Microsoft 4N6-00001 Xbox Controller + Cable for Windows - gaming controller

When it comes about the gaming controllers, no one can beat the features that come from Microsoft products. Coming with a cable for attaching it with the windows this controller works perfectly with the Xbox. Other than this, the compatibility with different versions of Windows also enhances its worth.


It works with batteries when not wired which are sold separately. However, it can also work with USB cables, and this is what makes it unique and one of its kind. It has been tested with Xbox One S Console to know its performance which comes out to be superlative.

2. Microsoft Xbox Controller CWT-00001

Microsoft CWT-00001 Xbox Controller + Wireless Adapter for Windows - gaming controller

This is another fantastic gaming controller from Microsoft with appealing features. This is again a wireless device which comes with an adapter to work with the windows. Functioning with AA batteries the user needs to purchase them separately.


People owing it love the fact that it is from Microsoft. This eliminates half of their troubles as it is a reliable and authentic brand. With the high supportability with four chat headsets and two stereo headsets provide another level of gaming experience to the users.

1. Microsoft Xbox 360 Console

Microsoft Xbox 360 Console - gaming controller

The best in the category of gaming controllers come from Microsoft only. It is a perfect piece to splurge as it comprises significant features and also comes at an affordable price range. The lightweight, compact size and ergonomic design all contribute to making it one of the best of the time.


The cord of the device is flexible with the help of which an excellent performance is achieved. Being thin and flexible is its most significant strength which didn’t tangle it all the time. It makes the gameplay even more accessible, and this is what people like about it the most.


So, these are some of those gaming controllers that are loved by the gamers a lot. Their feasibility to provide the amazing association with the game helps to get a superb gaming experience every time you sit before the screen. These devices are not only to help you provide excellent gaming session but also last for a more extended period.

With wider compatibility with different versions of Windows, these are the best to consider. PC Gaming controllers also make a great gift to those who love to spend their time playing games online on their PC. So, get the product which you find the best and enjoy an uninterrupted gaming session.

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