Best GoPro Alternative in 2018

If not GoPro then what? The answer is GoPro alternative. Whenever it’s about getting the action cameras, GoPro becomes the leading choice. The market today is flooded with numerous brand manufacturing GoPro cameras. But the question is – are they affordable by all? Of course, the features present in GoPro Cameras are enthralling, but the price tag with which they divert people to other options. One such lucrative option to consider is splurging on a GoPro alternative.

These days a number if reliable brands are manufacturing GoPro alternatives which can be purchased without spending a hefty cost. They are not only inexpensive but comprise every essential feature to capture the exciting moments. Whether you are about to capture moments of some extreme sport like bungee jumping or planning to dive in the sea, GoPro cameras would come handy. So take a look at the listicle below and get the best product for yourself.

10. Aokon ARC500

 Aokon ARC500 - GoPro alternative

This is one of the most significant GoPro alternatives which can be purchased at an affordable price yet getting great features. Aokon has made many significant GoPro alternatives, and this is one among them. With 16 MP resolution, it has gained the maximum attention of the users as it gives fantastic picture quality.


Customers love the presence of extensive angle lens which can be adjusted from 120 degrees to 170 degrees. The remote is rechargeable and can be used for a more extended period. The extra perk one gets with the device is a kit comprising 20 accessories.

9. AKASO 1080P

AKASO 1080P - GoPro alternative

This is another worthy product coming from Akaso which consist of 12 MP camera for getting the perfect shots. Whether you want to capture the images under the water or while jumping from the cliff, this GoPro alternative will work wonders. Being waterproof is the added advantage one gets with this product.


People who own this GoPro alternative love the set of 19 accessories that come along with it. All the accessories are essential to capture great images. Therefore getting this camera could save your extra money incurred in purchasing them. Other than this, the two rechargeable batteries complete the package perfectly.

8. Campark ACT74

Campark ACT74 - GoPro alternative

The GoPro alternative from Campark is the next amazing product which is made keeping in mind the needs of users. Therefore it has all the essential features that could help you get amazing pictures without much hassle. The inbuilt Wi-Fi and HDMI ports give easy access to the internet and online editing the pictures you have captured.


The long battery life is what the fascinating feature of this GoPro alternative which is loved by the users. Other than this, it works great due to its wide-angle lens and endows amazing pictures of the actions you want to capture. Designed primarily for the underwater photography it is a great camera to make a purchase.

7. Campark ACT76

 Campark ACT76 - GoPro alternative

This is another Camprack camera which gives excellent results with its images and videos. Coming with 45 days money back guarantee it becomes a smart choice to consider. Also, the manufacturer’s warranty allures the users to make a purchase. Apart from these the picture quality and the high definition video quality all are superb.


Owners love the long battery life of this beautiful GoPro alternative. The two rechargeable batteries that come along with it provide you the option to use them to enhance your experience. The batteries with the power of 1050 mAh make it highly alluring. Other than this, the accessory kit comprising every essential item required to take the best picture elevate the worth.

6. AKASO EK7000

AKASO EK7000 - GoPro alternative

This GoPro alternative from AKASO includes 2 inches wide LCD screen which provides a more magnificent view of the pictures taken. The broader compatibility with many devices and the HDMI ports provide easy accessibility to a large number of devices. It is one of the great GoPro alternative cameras with excellent features.


The most enthralling feature of the product is it can be used for any action sport or extremity. Whether you are cycling, jogging, running, swimming, hiking, gliding, skiing, skateboarding or doing anything, all that you need is this device and capture perfect images.

5. AKASO EK7000

 AKASO EK7000 - GoPro alternative

This GoPro alternative from AKASO is another excellent product which encompasses the features that make it worth to consider. The presence of every important accessory that makes the camera worthy comes along with it. The high definition images and videos with its 12 MP camera make it one of the best.


Customers love the picture quality they get with this GoPro alternative. Due to the existence of great megapixel in the camera and the perfect lens the chances of getting high-quality pictures in high definition becomes prominent.

4. FITFORT Action Camera

FITFORT Action Camera - GoPro alternative

Fitfort is another excellent brand which is famous worldwide for manufacturing excellent GoPro alternatives. The accessory kit that comprises 19 different essential items helps in taking perfect images and videos. The high-resolution lens provides images in high definition quality, and all this contributes to making it the best out of all.


Coming with a user manual, people who are using it gets complete know-how about the camera and how to use it. It is highly convenient to use while hiking, running, skiing, bungee jumping and other adventurous or action sports.

3. AKASO EK7000

AKASO EK7000 - GoPro alternative

Akaso has made many GoPro alternatives, and this is one is considered highly valuable. With all the essential features it becomes highly lucrative to use. Features like water resistance, long battery life, and great picture quality, all contributes to making it one of the best alternatives for the GoPros.


With the ability to take 30 frames in one second you can’t doubt the authenticity of this amazing GoPro alternative. High resolution and high-definition make sure that the images you capture will be perfect in all sense. Use it for whatever purpose the result will only be superlative.

2. AKASO V50

AKASO V50 - GoPro alternative

The next GoPro alternative from Akaso is again coming with the features which provide it high value and worthiness. The high resolution ensures the pictures will come in high-definition that in turn provides great images and videos. Being waterproof is the add-on you would get this the GoPro alternative.


People with this GoPro alternative can take pictures and videos of all the action sports. It works well while you are bungee jumping, hiking, skiing or doing any water sport. So, when the next time you would head for any action sport, takes this GoPro alternative with you.

1. AKASO Brave 4

AKASO Brave 4 - GoPro alternative

The best in the category of GoPro alternatives comes from Akaso which has gained an excellent grasp in manufacturing high-quality images and videos for the users. The two rechargeable batteries and the high-resolution lens give perfect shots to the users.


People who own this product love the quality of images it captures. The inbuilt Wi-Fi adds to the worth of the camera even more. Other than this, the inbuilt smart gyroscope makes sure there wouldn’t be any flaw in the picture quality.


So these are some of the best GoPro alternatives of the time which can be afforded by anyone. The extra cost incurred in the purchase of GoPro cameras can be saved yet to can capture exotic moments. With the presence of all the important features that makes a camera alluring these GoPro alternatives is a great deal to catch. So without wasting much time further, get the one which you find most suitable and let all your action moments get captured in one of these GoPro alternatives. It’s time to make a smart choice and get the best product at the same time.

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