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Best Heart Rate Monitor Watches in 2018

Keeping a heart rate monitor watch by your side could help you manifolds to maintain an account of your health and fitness. These days due to too much workload, stress and unhealthy eating habits maintain the fitness by exercising, running or jogging becomes utmost important. But while indulging in such exercises keeping track of your heart rate also becomes essential. There are several devices made today which can monitor the heart rate and show you the pulses but getting a reliable one is crucial.

So, if you are a fitness freak and want to get a great heart rate monitor watch the list this article below would help you to a great extent. Here, after reviewing many heart rate monitors, we came up with ten which are worthy and perfect to use by all. Their features make, and high durability make them worth to make a purchase. So, get an insight into the content below and choose the best for yourself.

Best Heart Rate Monitor Watches in 2018

8. Ray home Smart Watch SH09U

Ray home Smart Watch SH09U - heart rate monitor watches

The heart rate monitor watch from Ray home is another worthy product which is made especially for the iOS and Android devices. It works not only as a heart rate monitor but also as a wonderful blood pressure measuring device. Therefore, you can keep track of your health and fitness.


Those who own this device love that it can be operated with an app. Today when everyone holds a smartphone, things become comfortable if they can be used with apps. Other than this, you can also get the details about the fluctuation of arterial, venous heart rate. It helps to get a fair idea about the possibility of any cardiovascular disease.

7. Spohot Fitness Tracker Watch

Spohot Fitness Tracker Watch - heart rate monitor watches

The heart rate monitor watch from Spohot is another excellent device which can be used to get detailed know-how about your health and fitness. Since it is made up of high-grade materials, the device lasts for a more extended period. Also, the color screen and waterproof feature elevate its worth even more.


The wider compatibility with a large number of iOS and Android supportive devices elevate the value of this heart rate monitor. Also, it comes along with many alluring accessories like free replacement wristband so that you can use it all the time. Easy to install and even more comfortable to understand the functionalities, any person in the home can use it.

6. DAWO Fitness Tracker/Smart Bracelet

DAWO Fitness Tracker/Smart Bracelet - heart rate monitor watches

Dawo is famous for manufacturing alluring devices for medical purposes. This product with broader compatibility with devices supporting Android and iOS are loved by many. It also encompasses Bluetooth to make it even more easily accessible.


Customers love the device for being highly reliable. One can wear it while sleeping as well to monitor how much sound sleep you have taken. The one-year replacement warranty and all time customer support make it a smart choice.

5. Kinbom Fitness Tracker

Kinbom Fitness Tracker - heart rate monitor watches

This fitness tracker from Kinbom is made to help people who are fitness freak and health conscious. It is a multifunctional product with the help of which you can keep an eye on different functions of the body like heart rate, blood pressure, sleep monitoring and much more.


The best thing about this The heart rate monitor watch is it comes with an inbuilt USB charger. It supports app and can work conveniently throughout the day. It is recommended to download VeryFitPro app while using this device to record the long-term data without any hassle. The 30 days money back guarantee is an added advantage.

4. Lets fit Fitness Tracker

Lets fit Fitness Tracker - heart rate monitor watches

The heart rate monitor watch from Lets Fit is one of those devices which are preferred by many. It is perfect not only for men and women but the kids as well. This is the reason why it becomes an ultimate wristwatch to use all in a family. The user-friendly interface elevates the worth even more.


People who own it love the fact that it can be synchronized with the smartphone to get the alerts of calls and messages. Once you have this heart rate monitor wristband in your hand, you will never miss any call or online notifications. There is a USB plug to charge the device and use it for longer durations.

3. Lets fit Fitness Tracker HR

Lets fit Fitness Tracker HR - heart rate monitor watches

This is another amazing fitness tracker from Lets Fit which is compatible with devices supporting Android and iOS. The use of high-grade materials in its manufacturing provides it durability and long life. It is waterproof therefore no worries while stepping into the pool or sweating in the gym.


The best feature of the device is it can be charged with the help of an inbuilt USB plug. One can make use of either computer or any USB block to charge its batteries for more extended use. Once it gets full charged- it works for seven days without any hassle.

2. Marsno Fitness Tracker

Marsno Fitness Tracker - heart rate monitor watches

The heart rate monitor watch from Marson is another piece made with perfection. It tracks the activities of all round the day and gives a fair idea about your fitness regimen. From monitoring heart rate to sleep, blood pressure to steps taken, it works as a multi-functional wristband.


The inbuilt USB plug gives access to the wristband all the time as you can just plug it into any USB port and charge it. Other than these, the 24 months manufacturer’s warranty is what loved by the customers the most. It comes with 100% money back guarantee.

1. LETS COM Fitness Tracker HR

LETS COM Fitness Tracker HR - heart rate monitor watches

The best in the category of heart rate monitor watch comes from Lets Com which is perfect for men, women and even kids. It will track maximum activities throughout the day to provide a good idea about your fitness regimen.


The best feature of the product is it comes with an inbuilt USB charger so that if the battery drains, you can charge it anytime with a USB port. Once it gets fully charged, it works unstopping for seven days.


Till date, these are the best and most lucrative heart rate monitor watches to use. With multiple functionalities and versatility, they have gained the desired praise from the users all around the world. Since they are made utilizing high-grade materials- their value enhances automatically. Also, the affordable price and alluring features make them worth to spend money. So, it’s time to keep an eagle eye on your heart rate and maintain the fitness forever.

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