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Top 10 Best Leather and Fabric Club Chairs 2022

Leather and Fabric Club Chairs

Club chairs are sized upholstered chairs that are covered in leather and/or fabric used in the office, living rooms, bedrooms, or kitchen. Often, Leather and Fabric Club Chairs are added to a room to give it a chic high-end feel.

You have probably been wondering about that bare awkward corner in your living room. Two club chairs and an ottoman will do any space justice. Later you can cozy up in your club chair with a book, wine, liquor or cigar and spend a lazy afternoon in bliss.

Club chairs come in different fabrics including polyester and leather among others. They are also available in different colors and designs. Comfort, functionality, and class are of utmost importance when making a club chair. As for you, the buyer, comfort, functionality, and price are some of the factors to consider.

We have compiled a list of the top 10 leather and fabric club chairs of 2022. Peruse at your convenience and make the right choice for yourself and your home.

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The Top 10 Best Leather and Fabric Club Chairs 2022

10. Dufour White and Blue Fabric Recliner

If you want to just sit and relax as you wallow time away, then the Dufour white and blue fabric recliner club chair is what to go for!

Read, take a nap, banter with friends, or curl up with a book in this top of the range club chair. The fabric is warm and soft covering plush cushioning that will have you sitting in it for hours. It is sturdy thanks to the birch legs.

Special care is taken when creating this club chair to ensure the recliner back balances your silhouette well. Anything less and you would strain your back and have constant back pain. The unique design and bold yet harmonious colors go with any home décor. This club chair will look wonderful either in your living room, bedroom, lounge, or even the kitchen.

Key features
  • The unique design and colors make a bold fashion statement and a great accent piece
  • It is strong and sturdy which means it is durable and great value for money
  • Made of soft warm fabric that is inviting and comfortable
  • Legs are made of birch which is a renowned material for strong durable legs
  • The sitting and recliner are well balanced to give your back utmost support.
  • It is white and blue which is bound to blend and stand out in all the right ways.

9. Petaluma ivory leather club chair

The Petaluma Ivory leather club chair is the epitome of elegance.  It is made of soft bonded leather that is very high quality.

The off-white ivory color and horse-show shape is timeless and sophisticated. You can put this club chair anywhere in your home. The unique rounded shape is comfortable and cozy as it feels like sitting in a bear hug.

Enjoy the comfortable padding that is stuffed evenly all around this club chair. Often this club chair is bought with a matching ottoman to rest your feet as you read your book or take your mug of coffee.

Key features
  • Made in a curvy horse-shoe design that is comfortable and stylish
  • The soft bonded leather is super classy and looks great in any part of the house
  • It is durable and sturdy thanks to its strong frame.
  • Padding is done generously to ensure the seat is comfortable
  • Much time is taken to bring out the master craftsmanship that goes into making this club chair. Special stitching
  • and meticulous attention to detail put this club chair over the top.
  • Simple assembly will be done upon purchase.

8. Akula scroll fabric club chair with nailhead accents

Very elegant! Unique in terms of design and shape. Adds a touch of class to any room with the classic tuft and contemporary studded arms.

Built of a solid frame for guaranteed strength and stability. The velvet blend fabric is soft and warm which makes this club chair super cozy. Studded arms and crafted legs depict a well-crafted unique piece. You will love the high back for it gives maximum back support no matter how long you sit.

The velvety cover is smooth to the touch and is well padded. You will enjoy the horseshoe curve that is inviting for anything including reading, napping, or chatting with friends.

Key features
  • Unique curved shape is comfortable and inviting
  • High tuft back for maximum comfort
  • Designer studded arms and flawless stitching for added elegance
  • Softly padded seats with plush cushions
  • Sleek expensive but beautiful material with a nice velvety feel
  • Durable thanks to the sturdy frame and high-end material
  • Some assembly required

7. Haywood Brown Leather Channel-backed Club Chair

This Haywood Brown Leather Channel-backed Club Chair brings aristocracy into your home. Treat yourself like royalty by getting yourself this club chair. From the expensive leather to the stylishly tufted recliner, this club chair is every bit as valuable as it appears.

Built upon a sturdy frame, you are assured of durability and safety. The seat is padded with soft filling covered by soft high quality.

Your décor will benefit from the rich brown color. The baseball-curve of this club chair is the epitome of comfort. It makes you want to sit in it all day, and you can with utmost comfort.

Key features
  • Long-lasting leather material
  • Brown in color
  • Sturdy frame made of hardwood
  • Unique design of tufts and buttons
  • Large and softly padded seats for maximum comfort
  • Backrest is comfortably made to avoid straining the user
  • Requires limited assembly

6. Armen Living LCMC0011RE 1404 Accent Chair

This is luxury reincarnate.  The Armen Living Red and Brown club chair brings elegance and style wherever it is placed. It has a high back for good back and posture support. The backrest has well-padded plush cushions and softly padded seats for ultimate comfort no matter how long you sit.

Enjoy showing off the genuine Bycast Leather with immaculate stitching. This club chair is perfect for the office, reading, or for enjoying your scotch and cigar after a long day.

Key features
  • Has a high back for comfort and good posture
  • Bycast leather with unique designer stitching.
  • Strong and durable frame
  • Soft stuffing seats for ultimate comfort
  • Requires limited assembly

5. Safavieh Hudson Collection Mario Antiqued Brown Club Chair

The Safavieh Hudson Collection Mario Club Chair is a beautiful blend of antique and contemporary. It is made of antiqued polyester and dark cherry Birchwood. The fabric is soft to the touch and the cushioning is full and cozy.

You will love the wheels on the legs. Move the club chair to any part of your home with ease. The studded edges bring out an antique look and add to the sophistication. Enjoy this unit in your den, living room, bedroom, or library.

Key features
  • Rich brown color goes with any home decor
  • Uniquely designed with studded edges and immaculate stitching.
  • Dark brown Birchwood legs fitted with tires for easy rolling.
  • Full stuffing on the seat and recliner for maximum comfort
  • Sturdy frame is durable and safe
  • Requires some assembly

4. Romee Channel Dark Blue Fabric Club Chair

The Romee Channel Dark Clue Fabric Club Chair is an elegant piece. It is designed with button tufts and plush padded seating and recliner. This unique design cradles your body perfectly giving back support and superior comfort. The sturdy frame guarantees a durable and safe club chair that you can use for generations.

Blend this dark blue polyester club chair in with your décor to give your living room, den, library, or bedroom an instant upgrade. The velvety soft polyester material is durable and warm and the tuft accent is the ultimate finish to an elegant aristocratic masterpiece.

Enjoy showing off the immaculate stitching and Birchwood dark brown legs that go perfectly with the dark blue polyester. Cleaning is a breeze since the polyester material does not adhere to dust and dirt.

Key features
  • Designed and tufted in pure polyester
  • Rich blue color goes well in any room
  • Solid frame with Birchwood legs for stability, durability, and safety
  • Tuft accents contribute to beauty and elegance.
  • Very comfortable piece and great value for money
  • Some assembly required

3. OSP Furniture Breeze Mocha Eco Leather Club Chair

Also known as, ‘the loveseat’. The OSP Furniture Breeze Eco Club Chair is a unique chair with a classy design brought by artistic crafting. You will love the blend of ancient and modern style. The leather gives the chair elegance and durability with zero chance of cracking or peeling.  This is because it is original mocha leather.

Cushioning is generously thick while the seats are softly padded giving maximum comfort to the user no matter how long they sit. It is perfect for any room in the house including the living room, study room, bedroom or even in the office. You will be impressed by how well it blends with the design in every room. The brown color is unique and speaks volumes to the room decor. Framed with sturdy wood and metal which guarantees durability, strength, and stability.  This club chair is a must-have for every room let alone house.

Key features
  • Patented high-end design.
  • Made from high-quality eco mocha leather
  • Strong brown color makes a bold statement while blending with the decor
  • Sturdy cherry legs are a great finish to an elegant chair
  • Generously padded
  • Expertly designed strong frame ensures stability, durability, and safety for the user.
  • You will be required to do some assembly

2. Abbyson Living Misha Tufted Fabric Accent Chair in Antique Brown

The Abbyson Living Misha Tufted Club Chair is a special well-crafted designer seat. It is elegantly designed built with a blend of wood, birch and faux leather which puts it over the top in terms of style.

Upgrade any room including the living room, office, den, bedroom, family room and pretty much any awkward empty space in your home. .The nail-head trim is a great accent design which adds to its elegance.

Built of a very solid frame, this club chair is bound to be strong and durable. The mahogany leg finish and inspired stitching make this club chair a statement piece. Move your club chair anywhere with ease thanks to the wheels fitted in the front legs.

It has a comfortable, well-padded and button-tufted back with a studded border making it super cozy no matter how long you sit. Curl up with a book, with friends or watch your favorite movie on this club chair.

Key features
  • Made of wood, birch and faux leather
  • Fitted with inspired button tufts all over the recliner with nail-accented border finish
  • Beautifully crafted mahogany front legs with wheels and sturdy back legs for added stability.
  • The rich brown color which goes well with any décor.
  • Limited assembly

1. Office Star Modern Leather Club Chair with Cherry Finish Legs, Black

The Office Star Modern Leather Club Chair exudes style, class, and elegance all the way.   This chair has a beautiful and unique design that blends with the interior décor of any room. Made of modern expensive leather, you will feel like royalty sitting in it.

It has a firm but comfortable plush cushions and softly padded seats for comfort. Put it in any room and see the instant transformation.

The office star modern leather chair is timeless and durable which means it may very well become a family heirloom. It has a solid frame which makes it stable and strong. Best for reading or watching TV, cuddling up with your pet or drinking scotch and smoking cigars-your choice.

Key features
  • Revolutionary design and stylish elegance
  • Made with strong durable materials that are a great value for money
  • Upholstered with soft but strong, high-quality leather that will not crack or peel
  • Sturdy Cherry legs which guarantee stability and safety for the user
  • Black in color which goes with any kind of home decor
  • Simple to assemble


Purchasing a club chair really depends on personal taste and preferences. That being said, we are confident we have covered every type and style of club chair for every single preference you might have. Spoil yourself by getting one of these club chairs to bring instant style and chic design to your rooms and home. Happy shopping!

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