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Top 10 Best Medicine Balls To Buy in 2019

Medicine balls have for long been a necessity in gyms. However, in the market today, many manufacturers produce substandard medicine balls, and here we recommend the best ones for you. In a world where everyone is concerned about fitness, besides jogging and doing another physical exercise, a medicine ball should be among your fitness accessories. There are many benefits of using a medicine ball in your fitness activities. The example they enable one to develop explosive power. They also enable one to rehabilitate from a medical condition or surgery, especially of the spine. Medicine balls are also training partner friendly especially when you are training in a group. That said, they are ideal when training for sports such as boxing and martial arts. This is because they are passed back and forth between you and your training partners. This helps in engaging different body muscles.

Top 10 Best Medicine Balls To Buy in 2019

10.Yes4All Soft Weighted Toning Ball/Medicine Ball 

Yes4All Soft Weighted Toning Ball/Medicine Ball - medicine balls

This type of medicine ball is sure to give you a unique exercise experience. The weight training ball has an entirely different grip to enable you to properly hold the round-shaped ball thus working out various body muscles. One can throw and bounce it thus making the workout more fun.

Maintaining this ball is pretty simple as all you need is to store it in a cool place away from direct sunlight. One also needs not place it anything on top of it as this may deflate its shape. Finally, clean it from time to time using cold and mild soap as it removes [persistent dirt.


  • The toning ball is made of PVC that is filled with natural sand
  • It’s made heavy to enable you to build up your arm strength
  • Its color-coded in blue and comes in a pair of 2-LB weights.

9. A2ZCARE Toning Ball – Soft Weighted Mini Ball/Medicine Ball

A2ZCARE Toning Ball - Soft Weighted Mini Ball/Medicine Ball - medicine balls

This exercise tool enhances your speed and flexibility. It has a soft shell that is softly comfortable material. It is PVC free and also does not contain heavy metal elements. Equally important, it is environmentally friendly as it contains natural sand.

The toning ball is 100% safe for users. It is made to fit the user’s palms. Therefore, enhanced performance is guaranteed comfortably. It will improve your body endurance, strength as well as the shape of your muscles. It is perfect for cardio exercises.


  • Made of more flexible material thus replacing old-day heavy weight balls.
  • It is small and easy to grab and also perfectly fits your palm
  • Comes in a myriad of distinct colors and sizes
  • 30-days warranty

8. Empower Medicine Ball for Women, Exercise Weight Ball for Strength Training

Empower Medicine Ball for Women, Exercise Weight Ball for Strength Training - medicine balls

This medicine ball is the ideal tool for you when you need to build strength stability and enhances your cardio cross fit training as well as improving your stamina with its soft comfort grip weighed medicine ball.

The Empower medicine ball for women is the ideal tool to incorporate into your boot camp training, floor exercises, as well as cross-fit training. It is sure to improve your eye-hand coordination, resistance, and work on balance. The ball is the best for toning your body and improving core strength. With it, you will burn calories and reduce fats in your body.


  • It is 8 pounds, and its diameter is 6.75 inches
  • Has a soft texture and comfortable to grip
  • Durable as its construction is of high-quality vinyl

7. Yes4All Slam Ball Medicine Ball

Yes4All Slam Ball Medicine Ball  - medicine balls

You can throw the Yes4All slam ball a thousand times, yet it won’t break or deform. That is just how good it can perform. The medicine ball has been engineered for rigorous exercises. The ball is filled with natural sand and made of a long lasting PVC material. Instead of rolling away or bouncing, the Yes4All slam ball absorbs the slam energy.

The ball has a unique textured shell for easy and comfortable catching. Its seamless construction prevents the ball from splitting no matter how long you use it. This medicine ball is sure to improve your muscle mass, increase your heart rate, enable you to burn calories easily and much more.


  • Comes in different weights, g., 10, 15 and 20 lbs
  • Its diameter measures 9.75 inches
  • Durable thanks to its textured shell that is heavy duty
  • Perfect for cross-fit and slamming workouts
  • Ideal for explosive power movements, total body exercise, and core strength

6. Fuel Performance Medicine Ball

Fuel Performance Medicine Ball - medicine balls

With this ball, you never shift while exercising. It gives you total control, and it never bounces. The ball allows for great versatility and a wide range of motion. It comes with heavy duty stitching and long-lasting synthetic leatherette. Count on it on all of your exercise routines.

The Fuel Medicine ball is sure to enhance your strength, build balance, and challenge your core. Further, this ball improves your eye-hand coordination. The ball is sure to add some variation to your regular exercise.


  • The stitching is heavy-duty
  • Made of a durable synthetic leatherette
  • Traditional styling
  • Does not bounce
  • Its fill is non-shifting

5. DYNAPRO Medicine Ball Exercise Ball, Durable Rubber, Consistent Weight Distribution

DYNAPRO Medicine Ball Exercise Ball, Durable Rubber, Consistent Weight Distribution - medicine balls

With the DYNAPRO Medicine ball, you are sure to transform your body fast and easily. The ball transforms your regular boring workout making your exercise fun and enjoyable. The medicine ball trains your body to develop powerful bursts of explosion strength with each move you make.

When you exercise the DYNAPRO medicine ball forcefully, you mimic the swinging motions often used in most sports like tennis, golf, and even baseball. When it is thrown sideways or upwards, it activates the same group of muscles that are perfect in weightlifting or plyometric training.


  • Made of durable rubber to withstand stresses
  • Available in up to 5 weights
  • Has a durable texture with grips
  • Best for group or solo exercise

4. Titan Soft Wall Ball Medicine 6-30 lb Core Workout Cardio Muscle Exercises

Titan Soft Wall Ball Medicine 6-30 lb Core Workout Cardio Muscle Exercises - medicine balls

No known medicine ball is better than the Titan Soft Wall Medicine Ball in all aspects. They are ideal for burning calories, developing muscle endurance, working out your core and much more. You can use it to hit muscle groups and multiple joints, and also throwing it against the wall to hit a target.

The ball can also be thrown straight up or to your workout partner. This ball can also be suitable for other medicine ball routine workouts. However, they are not meant for slam exercises.  When used appropriately, the Soft Wall Ball Medicine will enhance your daily life and movements.


  • Made of a durable and high-quality material
  • These are softer versions of the average medicine balls
  • It is tightly stitched with double stitches to keep it closed and holds together its materials
  • Color codes for weight identification
  • Has loops on either side of the stitching for easy gripping for exercise and ease of storage

3. j/fit Soft Wall Ball, Medicine Ball, Strength & Conditioning WODs

j/fit Soft Wall Ball, Medicine Ball, Strength & Conditioning WODs - medicine balls

 The j/fit Soft Wall Ball has a soft outer core which absorbs impact which in turn allows for explosive training whether you have a partner or solo. The medicine ball is great for both amateurs and advanced users. The ball is a unique combination of recycled cotton, cotton, sand, and rubber on the inside. These materials are ideal to ensure the ball retains its shape, is durable and remains balanced.

The outer shell of this medicine ball has been beefed up to a new, tougher and thicker skin. It has triple stitching on its seams and thicker skin to ensure it lasts longer and offers value for money. The ball is not intended for slamming exercises.


  • Has a heavy-duty, triple stitched soft covering
  • Available in two colors, black and red
  • Comes in a variety of weights ranging from 6lbs to 30lbs
  • Uniquely constructed to maintain balance

2. Amazon Basics Medicine Ball

Amazon Basics Medicine Ball - medicine balls

The Amazon Basics medicine ball enhances your core strength cultivate coordination as well as promote better balance. This ball is perfect for some upper and lower body exercises. It is ideal for classic medicine ball exercises where the ball is thrown back and forth with an exercise partner or solo.

The balls ragged design enables it to bounce off hard surfaces. Therefore, it is ideal for exercises that entail bouncing it on the floor or against the wall. It is also available in a textured finish to ensure for not only a secure grip but also safety when using it without gloves.


  • Its durable construction makes it last for long
  • The ball weighs 10 pounds
  • Has a textured finish for a secure grip
  • Made of sturdy rubber so it can bounce on hard surfaces

1. SPRI Dual Grip Xerball / Medicine Balls

SPRI Dual Grip Xerball / Medicine Balls - medicine balls

This medicine ball has dual handles for easy grip. It provides a wide array of training options. The medicine ball is perfect for rotational abdominal exercises, locomotor drills, upper extremity cross-body patterns, explosive two-handle sports movement and more.

The ball comes with an instruction sheet for safety and effective use. If you are a tennis player, then purchasing the SPRI DUAL GRIP Xerball will largely improve your golf strokes since it is ideal for explosive two-handle sport movement sports.


  • Has dual handles for easy gripping
  • Perfect for rotational abdominal workouts
  • Best for a wide variety of single-handed and lower body movement drills
  • Comes with an exercise manual for effective use


We all love working out. However, it is important that we go for workout accessories that will enhance our workout experience as well as making the workout fun and enjoyable. I am sure these ten medicine balls are the best things to include in your gym in 2019. They are long lasting and made from durable materials. The products may not be as per the order. However, we believe that all these will perform the same and last you for a long time. Make sure that the next day you go out shopping for a medicine ball, you insist on this, and you will not regret. Make your workout fun this year with these medicine balls.

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