Top 10 Best Mini Table Saws in 2022

If you are a carpenter of trade or enjoy making your own furniture as a hobby – our list of the top 10 best mini table saws in 2022 might just interest you.

Hand tools are of great value when you design and with a mini table saw you could work on miniature projects with ease. Here you can find some useful tools to carve complicated woodwork. You can easily create some amazing wonders from Victorian dollhouses to furniture.

These micro powered tools give you enormous control over your craft and enable you to execute your project in no time. Check this out Top 10 Best Dust Pans in 2022

They are powerful in the right hands with smooth and accuracy compared to traditional saws. So if you need an ideal gift for yourself, family, or friend give them a mini table saw as a present.

Check out our list below and find one best suited to your specific needs.

Mini Table Saws


Review of best mini table saws

10. Goplus 4″ Mini Electric Table Saw Tablesaw

Goplus 4" Mini Electric Table Saw Tablesaw 8500 RPM Hobby and Craft Power Tools - Mini Table Saws

The Goplus 4” Mini Table Saw is a great leisure pursuit and craft power tool for any hobbyist. The outstanding thing is you can use it with most materials such as plastic, molding, and wood. For perfect precision, the 4-inch blades give you everything you need in your hand. The blade gives a cut of ¾ -inches and for most woodwork more than ideal to use.

You can use it for cutting picture frames and for safety; it has a blade guard with an eye shield. The table size of the electric saw is 7.5-inches in length and measures 5.5-inches wide. The miter gauge adjustment is 360-degrees.

  • For precise angle cutting the Goplus has a Miter gauge with two slots
  • The blade guards improved with a transparent eye shield
  • The electrical rating 120V/60Hz
  • The maximum speed is 8500RPM with a horsepower of ⅛ and has a 90W motor power
  • The diamond blade diameter is 4-inches and the arbor is 12mm
  • For ease of use the mini table saw weighs 6.8 pounds
  • Included with your purchase you receive the bare-tool and a user guide
  • You receive a one-year limited warranty included
  • A standout feature is that this electric saw cuts through soft wood without any problems

9. Outdoor Sport 01-0819 Mini Electric Table Saw

Outdoor Sport 01-0819 Mini Electric Table Saw - Mini Table Saws

If you need one of the top mini table saws, the Outdoor Sport is currently one of Amazons best sellers. Compared to the previous model this model includes two blades: a carbide tip blade and a diamond tile blade. With the unique design, you get literally zero wobbles while used on a worktable.

For safety, it has an enhance blade guard and is easy to clean. Furthermore, you can adjust the height of the worktable. The design of the saw is solid metal with rubber feet found at the bottom and helps limit vibration. The units lightweight and compact, but does not have a rip fence and the heights not adjustable.

  • Includes two blades a Diamond Coated Tile Blade and a 24-tooth Carbide Tip Blade
  • The height of the worktables tool-free and adjustable with the hand
  • The sliding crosscut guide bar has two table channels
  • Outdoor Sport has improved the blade guard for safety to miter stick model
  • The arbor diameter is 12mm and the Diamond blade cuts a width of 0.033-inches while the Carbide blade cuts 0.073-inches
  • The maximum depth of cut is ⅝-inches
  • The maximum speed is 4500 RPM
  • The portable 8.2-pound weight is perfect to move the saw from one place to another
  • For non-intensive cutting jobs, the 01-0819 saw has a 0.8 Amp motor
  • Designed with an on/off switch
  • Dimensions: 21.6 x 17.8 x 17.8cm
  • Includes a two-year warranty

8.  4 inches Mighty-Mite Table Saw

4 inches Mighty-Mite Table Saw - Mini Table Saws

For a precise cutting angle, the Mighty-Mite Electric Table Saw has two separate openings along the miter gauge. Included in the mini table saw you receive a see-through eye shield with a blade guard. The depth of cut is 90° and the blade is 4-inches. This handy tool is great to cut soft wood, molding, and plastic. A standout feature is the weight of 7.2 pounds and suitable to use in small workspaces.

  • Has a miter gauge with two slots for cutting a precise angle
  • The max depth of cut is 90-degrees or ¾-inches
  • You receive included a transparent blade and eye guard
  • The blade diameter is 4-inches
  • You receive a Diamond dry blade and a 40-tooth C2 Carbide Tipped Blade
  • The amps is 0.9 and has a 90W motor
  • The dimensions of the table is 7 ½ -inches in length and 5 ½ -inches wide
  • The max RMP is 13,000
  • Includes a three-year warranty

7. Keter Folding Compact Workbench Sawhorse Work Table

Keter Folding Compact Workbench Sawhorse Work Table with Clamps 1000 lb Capacity - Mini Table Saws

If you need a mini table saw that could handle weight the Keter Workbench is a Sawhorse you must buy. This device can hold up to 1,000 lbs. Keter has outfitted the hand tool with two by 12-inch clamps and offers you a portable workspace for different uses. Furthermore, it has sturdy steel legs to offer the best support when cutting hardwood. The only downside is it is non-adjustable.

  • Holds up to 1,000 pounds and has a roomy 33.46-inch wide by 21.65-inch depth surface
  • For easy work to use in small space or larger areas it has a quick-opening system
  • There is a carrying handle for moving the table and made from weather-resistant polypropylene resin
  • The folded dimension is 33.46-inches wide and has a depth of 21.65-inches while standing 4.4-inches high
  • Once assembled the table saw stands 29.75-inches high with a width of 33.46-inches and a depth of 21.65-inches
  • Included you receive two clamps to hold down the material
  • The weight of the table saw is 26.9 pounds
  • You receive a two-year warranty with the product

6. SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw

SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw - Mini Table Saws

The SKIL Wet Tile Saw has a deterioration resistant steel top able of supporting tiles of up to 12 x 12-inches. Compared to the top mini table saws reviewed here this one has a modifiable rip fence with a miter gauge. Another helpful feature is the water reservoir that helps to keep the blade cool. This characteristic also helps to prevent dirt and fragments from accumulating on the saw. Not only is it cost effective it is perfect for installing tiled floors.

  • Made with corrosive resistant stainless steel
  • Supports tiles up to 12 x 12-inches
  • The rip fence with miter gauge is adjustable
  • Has a blade cooling water tank
  • Can cut tiles from 0 to 45°
  • The crosscut capacity is 7.75-inches and has a diagonal cut capacity of 7.25-inches
  • Included with your purchase you receive extra a 7-inch Diamond blade, the blade guard, and wrenches
  • The amperage is 4.2 and has a rating of AC 120V
  • This is a no-load 3,600 RPM model and has a CULus certification
  • The table tops made of steel and has a depth of cut at 45-degrees and 90-degrees
  • SKIL backs their product with a one-year warranty

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5. QEP 22650Q 650XT Tile Saw for Wet Cutting of Ceramic and Porcelain Tile


QEP 22650Q 650XT Tile Saw for Wet Cutting of Ceramic and Porcelain Tile - Mini Table Saws

If you need a powerful mini table saw to cut tiles with ease, you need the QEP 22650Q 650XT Tile Saw. This electric work tool has a powerful ¾ HP motor that generates up to 3,600 RPM. You can use it to cut ceramic tiles, marble, granite, stone and porcelain tiles.

The design of the tile saw comprises a steel table with frame and rubber footpads. Included you receive an 8-inch table extension to use on either side of the unit and supports larger tiles. With the flat table design, you can use it for different size tile cutting.

  • Has a powerful ¾ 120V horsepower motor and generates up to 3,600 RPM
  • Includes a 7-inch rim diamond blade for cutting depths up to 1 – ¼ -inch
  • The table tilts to cut tiles at 22.5° and 45°
  • For keeping the work area dry it has a water recirculation system and reservoir
  • The unit weighs 15.6 pounds and has a dimension of 15.7 x 20.1 x 9.9-inches
  • The wattage is 550 watts and includes a stand
  • The arbor is ⅝-inches and has unlimited rip and diagonal cuts
  • Another standout feature is it cuts through subway tiles without being slow
  • The units easy to assemble and easy to clean
  • Includes a one-year warranty

4. Rockwell BladeRunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw

Rockwell BladeRunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw with Steel Rip Fence, Miter Gauge, and 7 Accessories – RK7323 - Mini Table Saws

For a super easy setup and versatile mini table saw, the Rockwell BladeRunner X2 is perfect. The saw cuts through the different type of material from wood, plastic, metal, tile, and aluminum. The guards designed with a hold-down feature to cut broad material. There is a hefty rip fence to better control while cutting material. Another outstanding thing is the compact and lightweight design of 15 lbs and comes with a built-in tabletop handle.

  • Versatile to use with different type of material
  • Can rip, scroll, mite and do inside cuts
  • Weighs less than 15 pounds and has a built-in tabletop handle
  • The hold-down guard and splitter cuts through wider material and has a large rip fence
  • Changing the blades tool-free and compatible with 4-inch t-shank jigsaw blades
  • Included you receive extra a vacuum port, steel rip fence, five-piece starter blade set, miter gauge and a three-year warranty
  • At the bottom of the mini table saw there are rubber feet with a stabilizer bracket
  • Dimensions: 16.1 x 17.5 x 8.2-inches and has a corded-electric power source of 120 volts
  • The standard ETL listing is 5.5 amperage
  • The power cord length is 10 foot and has variable speeds
  • The table length is 13-inches and the width 12-inches with a stroke length of ¾ -inch
  • Max table tilt to the left and right is 0°
  • The cutting capacity height/width is 1 – ½ -inch and the blade speed is 3,000 strokes per minute

3. WORX WX572L BladeRunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw


WORX WX572L BladeRunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw - Mini Table Saws

With WORK WX572L BladeRunner X2, you receive a traditional guard with a riving knife system to make a cross and rip cuts. The design is lightweight and compact for ease of use and sets up in seconds. You can use the electric saw to cut tiles, metal, aluminum, wood, metal, and plastic.

The miter gauge is adjustable to 60-degrees to cut left or right. To prevent accidental start of the device it has a safety switch. You receive some great extras included with this package.

  • Included you receive extra a miter gauge, rip fence, vacuum adapter, blade grip, and five blades
  • The dimensions 15.7 x 16.9 x 7.1-inches and weighs 14.3 pounds
  • The rated voltage is 120V at 60Hz and has a power input of 5.5 amps
  • The no-load speed is 3,000/MIN with a ¾ -inch stroke length
  • Compatible with T-Shank blades with a 4-inch length
  • The table size is 15 – ¾-inch x 17-inches and weighs 14.7 lbs
  • You receive a three-year warranty included with your purchase
  • The included blades are made up as follows: wood blade, aluminum, blade, steel blade, ceramic tile blade, and wood scroll blade

2. Multifunction Mini Table Saw Handmade Woodworking Bench

 Multifunction Mini Table Saw Handmade Woodworking Bench Lathe Electric Polisher Grinder Cutting Saw - Mini Table Saws

This multifunctional mini table saw can cut, polish and drill material. The 3 mm thick steel frame and the aluminum panel with 775-torque motor give you quick and easy cutting. It comes with a B12 drill chuck for smoother operation. The state of the art design and durability of this material makes it one of the best mini table saws of this year.

  • Multifunctional design and you can use it to cut, drill and polish material
  • Designed with a 3mm thick steel frame and aluminum alloy panel
  • Has a high torque 775 HP motor with a rotating speed up to 7,000 RPM
  • The tables equipped with a baffle and ruler
  • Include a B12 drill chuck with a 0.6 to 12mm clamping capacity
  • Designed with seven adjustable speed settings
  • The max power is 96W and has a 12-24V power supply
  • Max cutting thickness is 1.14-inches and compatible with a saw blade diameter of 16/20mm
  • The table saw size is 9.45-inches in length and is 7.87-inches wide with a 4.53-inch height
  • Further, it has a four rubber damping pad with anti-slip and shock absorbing features
  • Included you receive the mini table saw, power adapter, 110mm Green Alloy Circular Blade, B12 Drill chuck accessory set, and a year warranty

1. AMPSEVEN Micro Mini Table Saws Pcb Acrylic Cutting Machine

AMPSEVEN Micro Mini Table Saws Pcb Acrylic Cutting Machine Simple Metal Model Sawing Woodworking Saw - Mini Table Saws

The AMPSEVEN Micro Mini Table Saw is one of the best mini table saws available on the market. The entire products constructed of aluminum. You receive included a blade with a diameter of 63mm. The max cutting thickness is 10mm. this piece of equipment ideal to cut plastic, wood, and molding. The best feature of the AMPSEVEN is the three different kinds of saw blades included free.

  • The mini table saw has a dimension of 230 x 180 x 70mm
  • Made with aluminum material
  • The voltage is DC-24V with a max power of 80W
  • The rated speed is 3,700 RPM and uses a 24V 5A power adapter
  • The parameter of the saw blades out size is 63mm with the inner bore measuring 16mm with a cutting thickness of 10mm
  • Included you receive a power adapter, and three saw blades as follows: 0.5mm HSS saw blade, 3mm Alloy woodworking saw blade of 1mm and a 3mm Tungsten steel saw blade
  • Extra you receive a one-year warranty


Mini table saws provide the artisan or the woodworker with the power required to create masterpieces. Whether you are a handyman or a hobbyist the table saws reviewed here, offer you everything you need to get started. You can cut from tiles, aluminum, wood, plastic, molding to metal.

Furthermore, they are compact in design to take anywhere and affordably priced. Now that you know about the best mini table saws, it’s time for you to choose one and place an order. Do not wait and get started now in creating your own DIY projects in the comfort of your home.

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