Top 10 Best Portable Saunas in 2020

Why spend hundreds of dollars to visit a spa if you can enjoy a portable sauna in the comfort of your home. With our editor’s choice of the top 10 portable saunas in 2020, you can take pleasure in the same benefits you receive at the gym or spa. Having a sauna treatment has many health benefits and the handy saunas reviewed here are compact and economical compared to the conventional ones available at your local gym.

Top 10 Best Portable Saunas in 2020

Why use a Portable Sauna?

Using a portable sauna at home has many benefits, as they are great for detoxification of the body. Further, they help you to reduce stress levels, lose weight, and enhance your body’s blood flow and aids muscle and joint pains.
The great thing is the units reviewed here are ideal to take with you on vacation and you can set it up in confined spaces. The other great thing is they use the latest infrared technology and perfect to store away when not in use.

You can buy the sauna in different shapes, sizes and styles and certain models offer you multiple carbon fiber heating panels while others have separate heating zones. For comfort, you can sit down in the sauna and other units allow you to use it while lying on the floor.
Therefore, if you have suddenly seen yourself relaxing in your own home sauna check out our portable sauna reviews that follow here.

Reviews of the Top 10 Portable Saunas in 2020

Brace yourself for the most relaxing experience when buying one of these top 10 portable saunas available in 2020 online.

1. The BSA6310 Rejuvenator from Radiant Saunas

The BSA6310 Rejuvenator from Radiant Saunas - Portable Saunas

The BSA6310 Rejuvenator is one of the best portable saunas you can buy. The overall weight of the sauna is 18 lbs and you can easily move it by yourself. Further, the Radiant Sauna fits into a bag to take with you while traveling. The great thing is you do not get steam in your face with the padded neck collar rest. The unit has an auto-shutoff feature for safety. The cotton insulation prevents heat loss and is energy efficient, saving you loads of money on the utility bill.

Included you receive a remote control to set the six automatic timer options and have interior/exterior compartment zippers. There are five levels of pre-set temperatures and it has a built-in thermostat with a maximum temperature of 150°. The solo sauna has a polyester construction with a 6.5-foot power cord and measures 28-inches wide by 38.1-inches high. The benefits are endless when using the BSA6310 as you can boost your immune system, lose weight, and increase your levels of energy.

  • Has an elegant satin exterior made with polyester material
  • Includes a portable chair
  • Gives you a slow warming process
  • Easy to use
  • Helps with detox
  • The sauna is not surrounded with panels and only has a back and side panel and only heats up part of your body and misses the legs

2. The DURHERM Xtra Large Portable Sauna

Jinsang - Smiley from u - Portable Saunas

For the best relaxation at home, the DURHERM Xtra Large Portable Sauna includes a comfortable canvas-folding chair. The stand-alone sauna sets up easily and emits little EMF. For comfort, you get two terry cloth neck collars you can wash with a storage pocket to keep the remote control. This specific model is nearly Electromagnetic Radiation Free and uses heating panels that are between 200 – 600 times lower than any other models available on the market.

The X Large Sauna warms quickly, has three heaters, and made with a tourmaline construction. You only need ten minutes in this unit to sweat and compares to 30 minutes of running. Great for detoxing and revitalizing your body and it has an integrated heated footpad. The great thing is the DURHERM is spacious and packs away easily when not in use.

  • Heat up fast
  • Great to use seated without the chair
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to use
  • Cleans easily
  • The chair is uncomfortable

3. The Far Infrared Sauna from idealsauna

The Far Infrared Sauna from idealsauna - Portable Saunas

Another portable sauna that comes highly recommended is the Far Infrared model from idealsauna. You can enjoy a relaxing sauna in the comfort of your home with this model. Built-in the solo sauna there is a high-tech carbon fiber heating element that heats up the unit faster. Further, there are open sections for your head and hands and you can enjoy reading a book while sweating it out.

Compared to using a conventional sauna the Far Infrared uses FIR heating panels with extra negative ions to detox and uses less energy. With the pre-set levels of heating, you can control the temperature. Included you receive a remote control to set the heating levels and time. Other extras you receive are the folding chair, heating foot pad, foam floor pad, and the zippers for opening the sauna.

  • Includes loads of extra accessories
  • Has a high-quality heating element
  • Great value
  • Huge
  • Has a metal frame
  • Not easy to set up and need additional space in the room

4. The Infrared Portable Sauna from Ridgeyard

The Infrared Portable Sauna from Ridgeyard - Portable Saunas

To help promote blood circulation and lose weight at home the Infrared Portable Sauna from Ridgeyard is what you need. The unit is EMC certified and gets hot quick heating up to 140° F in less than five minutes. You need no extra tools to set it up and are lightweight to take with you on a trip. The sauna has a built-in auto shut-off feature for safety and you can adjust the power and time with the handheld remote control.

The interior and exteriors made with moisture resistant polyester material. Included with your purchase you receive a folding chair made from canvas and a heated footpad. The unit has three thin carbon fiber heating elements and with the great design, you can extend your head and hands out to read a book. Further, the Ridgeyard includes a three-year warranty.

  • Quick to set up
  • Simple to use
  • Chairs is small and sturdy
  • Includes a remote control
  • Durable
  • Stores away easily and takes up little space
  • The sides tend to fold in on your and can be resolved with café tension rods

5. The Folding Home Steam Sauna from DURHERM

The Folding Home Steam Sauna from DURHERM - Portable Saunas

Another portable sauna from DURHERM is the Folding Home Steam Sauna with a blue outline. The dimension of the solo sauna is 28 x 33 x 43-inches and you can set the timer up to 60-minutes. Included it has an 800w steam generator and produces steam up to 113° F. With the bathtub design and separate steam generator warms up in minutes and assembling the sauna is a breeze. The unit has an inside frame design and includes the foldable tent, a set of PVC support tubes, steam hose, and steam generator.

  • Great beginner portable sauna
  • Heats up quick
  • Can sit in the sauna
  • Can use it with your body fully immersed in it
  • The water container does not switch off automatically when the water runs out

6. The DURHERM DSS-404

The DURHERM DSS-404 - Portable Saunas

For a space saver portable sauna at affordable prices, the DURHERM DSS-404 is the one to have. The sauna has an attractive look with its gray insulation and pink accents. The unit has a 28 x 33 x 43 dimension with a separate 800W Steam Generator. Further, you can set the timer up to 60-minutes. The sauna takes up little space and produces up to 113° F steam.

Cleaning the insulations easy and you can do this by wiping it out with a towel. The bathtub design makes it easier for you to sit yourself on a chair on the inside of the sauna. Setting up the unit’s simple with inside frame design. Included with your purchase you receive the foldable tent, PVC support tubes, steam hose, and the steam generator.

  • Save you money on visiting a spa or gym
  • Insulates well
  • Ample space
  • Maintains temperature well
  • Lightweight
  • The control panel does not sit flush in the steamers body

7. WYZworks Portable Sauna

WYZworks Portable Sauna - Portable Saunas

Nothing is more relaxing than using your own portable sauna at home. With the WYZworks, you can sit in the comfort of your home while detoxing your body with steam. Choose your color as the portable saunas available in five different shades. The unit has a two zipper design to freely do other tasks allow a space for your head and hand to go through. Included you receive a head cover to use for a facial sauna.

There are different power levels and you receive an extra foldable chair. There is a 2l water capacity pot to create steam with a special herb box to use different herbs for aromatherapy. The covers made with cotton while the trestle has a plastic construction. The steam sauna is waterproof and it you fold it away for storage.

  • This is a hot sauna
  • Can sit on the floor without the chair
  • Steam stays inside
  • Designed for limited space
  • Easy to set up
  • May be expensive if you have a tight budget

8. Bellavie Foldable Steam Sauna

Bellavie Foldable Steam Sauna - Portable Saunas

For a pop-up designed portable sauna, Bellavie has taken care of this for you. The unit is easy to carry and set up. Not only does it provide you with warm steam it comes at an affordable price. Included you receive a remote control and foldable chair and is one of the best steam saunas for losing weight. The saunas made from durable material and waterproof preventing mildew and bacteria from forming.

There is a zipper in the middle and two zippers on the side. This helps you to place your head and arms to do other things while relaxing in the steam. The high-quality steamer has a 2L water capacity with a timer. There is also a massage foot roller constructed of wood to help with blood circulation in the feet.

  • Comes included with amazing accessories such as a chair, foot roller, carry back and remote control
  • Has nine levels of temperature with a timer setting
  • Made from durable material
  • Easy to set up and store away
  • Chair is a bit uncomfortable

9. The Detox Spa from Koval

The Detox Spa from Koval - Portable Saunas

Are you looking for an affordable way to detox choose the Koval Detox Spa? You can choose your color preference to fit in with your home décor from blue, pink, red, and silver. The sauna is portable enough to move around and easy to set up anywhere as long as it is close to a power outlet. Included you receive a foot massager to help your feet relax and have an herbal box for herbs that are great for aromatherapy.

The steam pot has a 2L water capacity and you can control the temperature to the timer with the included remote control. There are two zippers for your hands with a hole for your head. There is a foldable chair included with your purchase.

  • Great deal for the money you spend on it
  • Easy to put p
  • Great extras included from the chair to the aromatherapy herb box and foot massager
  • Stores away easily
  • If you are tall it is difficult to get into the sauna

10. The Relax Far Ray Portable Sauna

The Relax Far Ray Portable Sauna - Portable Saunas

The Relax Far Ray Portable Sauna uses cutting-edge medical technology to distribute heat. The infrared sauna distributes heat evenly and safe leaving you feeling rejuvenated. This only portable sauna has a computer-programmed ceramic semiconductor chip. This chip helps to filter out all non-healing light rays so that your body can heal.

The structure of the saunas made up of 40 pieces of controlled semiconductors and the temperatures controlled by the program. The unit heats up fast and leaves no residual odor behind. Further, it is easy to set up and portable enough to move around.

  • Works great
  • Heats up instantly
  • Easy to use
  • Portable enough to move around
  • Stores away easily
  • A bit expensive


If you want to keep your body feeling healthy and rejuvenated and do not want to spend a fortune all the time at the gym or spa to detox your body in a sauna try out one of the top 10 portable saunas reviewed here. They can fit in anywhere and is portable enough to move from one place to another. They are great for the home or a condominium and the best of all is you can detox your body in the comfort of your home.

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