Top 10 Best Portable Wood Stoves in 2020

With the top 10 best portable wood stoves in 2020, there is no worry about too much flame. You can control the amount of flame you want so your food does not burn. Even with these portable designs you can still roast marshmallows, wieners and make smores.

Portable Wood Stoves

If you are not sure about which portable wood stove to by. Simply keep reading. Our review is designed to guide you to the top 10 best portable wood stoves in 2020. You will fin that with these units, campfire cooking is more fun than a chore.

Reviews of the Top 10 Best Portable Wood Stoves in 2020

10. OUTON Portable Camping Wood Stove

OUTON Portable Camping Wood Stove

Not only does these portable wood stove use wood, you can use other heat sources. This flexibility allows you to cook when it is raining. Made from stainless-steel, this unit is easy to assemble and holds up to 20 pounds.

The hinge design allows you to fold it up and put it away in your backpack. The sandpaper (included) will help you soften any sharp edges.

  • Weighs 7.20 ounces
  • Compatible with OUTON gas stove
  • Free storage bag
  • Multiple heat source compatible

9. Canway Wood Stove

Canway Wood Stove

Sometimes you do not want a large fire that can be seen for miles. This 5.5″x5.5″x 3.38″ stainless-steel portable wood stove does not produce a large fire. It concentrates the flame where you want it to go.

You may be able to place a 10-inch cast iron pan on top. The three arms are sturdy and durable but be careful not to overload.

  • 1 storage bag
  • User manual
  • 2-year warranty
  • Lightweight

8. Ohuhu174 Camping Portable Wood Stove

Ohuhu174 Camping Portable Wood Stove

This stainless -steel portable wood stove weighs only about 14 ounces. But it can hold more than its weight. The sleek design keeps the flame and heat point towards your pot not the outdoors.

Its three-arm system will securely hold your pots and pans. Also, it is environmentally friendly as it only uses wood products to start the fire.

  • 3 arms
  • Holds more than its weight
  • Made from high quality stainless-steel
  • Environmentally friendly

7. Wealers Camping Wood Burning Survival Stove

Wealers Camping Wood Burning Survival Stove

Another fine portable wood burning stove that weighs under one pound. Made of top quality stainless-steel, it is strong enough to hold your camping cookware. This portable wood stove also sports the three-arm system. It will provide you with safe and secure cooking times.

The windproof feature will allow you to have a fire in all weather conditions. This wood stove also produces no harmful chemicals.

  • 3-arm system
  • Windproof
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Ergonomic design 

6. VINIDA Wood Burning Camping Stove

VINIDA Wood Burning Camping Stove

This portable wood stove uses a cross system to hold your pots over the flame. Just simple assemble, add fuel, start then place your cookware on top. The design allows for the air to get to the flame where it is needed. Plus, the holes give you room to add more fuel.

It breaks down into 4 separate arts, that can be assembled in three different ways.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to add fuel
  • Strong yet lightweight
  • 30-day money back, 12-month exchange warranty 

5. TMS Portable Military Camping Wood Stove

TMS Portable Military Camping Wood Stove

A portable wood stove with a smoke stack. This feature dissipates the smoke as the flame is contained inside the unit. The conveniently place air flow regulators allow you to control your fire.

The cooking tubes handle pocket stews, potatoes and much more. The dimensions, 18 inches × 10 inches × 12 inches, provide your camp cook with ample space to work their talent.

  • Stove tools included
  • Extendable chimney
  • Grates double as handle
  • Use to dry your small, wet clothes.

4. BioLite CampStove 2

BioLite CampStove 2

This portable wood stove model has a unique side grate system for air flow. But there is more. You can use the heat from this portable wood stove to supply you with electricity. The stove’s fire will generate up to 3 watts of usable electricity.

You can access this stored power through USB connections. As it stands on 3 legs, the internal fan uses 4 speeds to keep air in the fire chamber.

  • Generates electricity
  • Internal 4-speed fan
  • USB connection
  • 5 x 5 x 8.3 inches size 

3. Winnerwell Woodlander Cook Wood Tent Stove

Winnerwell Woodlander Cook Wood Tent Stove

This stainless-steel portable wood stove is easy to assemble. You can either cook over the stove or open up the hot plate for open flame cooking. The airflow regulators give you control over the flame and heat. Plus, the glass door gives you a fireplace feel.

The flue extends to 2 meters and keeps the smoke away from your favorite dishes. The accessories alone are worth the cost of this portable wood stove.

  • Spark arrestor
  • Fireproof mat
  • Water tank
  • Everything stores inside the stove

2. BioLite BaseCamp Wood Burning Camp Stove

BioLite BaseCamp Wood Burning Camp Stove

In this portable wood stove, you have a lower door to start your fire. The heat and flame will rise to cook your 8 hamburgers on the 138 square inch grill surface. As you cook, you will generate electricity that is easily stored in the lithium battery.

Its size 21.1 x 13.2 x 23 inches and weight, 17.99 pounds, make this unit sturdy and strong.

  • Generates electricity
  • USB connection retrieval system
  • Large grill surface
  • Heat to flame cooking switch

1. Camp Chef Alpine Heavy Duty Portable Wood Stove

Camp Chef Alpine Heavy Duty Portable Wood Stove

The adjustable legs are a good feature. You can level this unit out on uneven ground. The 10-foot chimney keeps the smoke away from the campsite. The stove’s dimensions, 20″ x 24″ x 22 1/2″, provide plenty of cooking surface.

A fire grate helps protect your portable wood stove from overheating.

  • Spark arrestor
  • 2 drying racks
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Flat cooking surface .


Campfire cooking is not like the old days. These portable wood stoves make camp cooking easier than ever. You now have all the information you need to purchase one of the top 10 best portable wood stoves in 2020.

There is a design to fit your preference and camping style.


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