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Top 10 Best Shaving Brush In 2022

Many shaving products have come and gone, but there is one that has stood the test time. Shaving brush is one tool has been used for generations and still goes on strong in today’s market. This is a small tool with bristles and a handle that is use to apply shaving cream while wet shaving. It also prepares your facial hair for easy penetration while shaving.

When applying lather on your face with a shaving brush, the shaving experience cannot compare with applying with your hand. This is because the brush penetrates more leaving even the small whiskers lifted from the skin. The end result is a smooth feeling all over your face.

You are less likely to have rashes on your skin when applying lather with a brush as compared to when using your hands. Different designs are in the market today and here are some that you might consider.

Top 10 Best Shaving Brush In 2022

10. Bassion Hand Crafted 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush with Hard Wood Handle


This product’s bristles are made of pure badger hair that makes it very tender and comfortable on your skin. When applying shaving cream with it, it produces a rich warm lather that makes shaving easier and enjoyable. This is done by its densely filled bristles that evenly distributes lather and lift the beards on your face.

Whichever razor that you might be using, Bassion Badger Shaving brush is give you the best shaving result.

  • Quality- The product is made of pure badger hair with a solid wooden handle. The badger hair, gives you quality results.
  • Comfortable- With dense bristles, the brush gives you a soft touch on your skin while getting the smooth shave. Its wooden handle which is about 2 inches makes the brush comfortable while holding it.
  • Exfoliates the skin- This is by creating a rich warm lather which gives you a comfortable touch while wet shaving.

9. Anself 4pcs Men Shaving Set, Badger Hair Brush, Shaving Razor Holder Stand, Soap Bowl, Shaving Soap


A well shaved man does not only look handsome but also fascinating. For some a daily shave works well for them. This means even while traveling a shaving kit is always with them. Anself 4pcs Men Shaving Set offers you a small convenient size for travelling.

This set contains shaving soap, bowl cup, shaving holder and a shaving brush. The shaving holder is made of plastic which makes cleaning an easy task. The set also makes your shaving kit look organized with a blaireau brush that gives you a soft shaving touch.

  • Small size- This makes it the best set for your travelling as well as your home set
  • Organized- The set is well organized with everything you need for a perfect shaving.
  • Plastic Holder-This helps you in holding your razor sets, soap and shaving brush while preparing for a shave.
  • Blaireau shaving brush- It gives you a smooth wet shaving experience that’s worth your money.

8. Fento Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush-For Double Edge Razor, Safety Razor,Black Handle



This is another shaving brush with badger bristles that produces excellent shaving performance. It lathers the shaving cream well as it retains good amount of water. Bristles exfoliate the skin so well to give you a smooth clean shave.

For those known to have sensitive skin, this brush is known to work well on their skin. It opens pore and lifts the beards to have a closer smooth shave. For sure, this is a shaving brush you can easily recommend to your friends.

  • Smooth- The brush is purely made from badger hair which makes it smooth and comfortable to use. With dense bristles, the brush evenly applies shaving cream as the same time creating a creamy warm lather.
  • Comfortable- The brush Is known to retain water bringing the perfect wet shave to the face.
  • Fento badger shaving brush is known to fit well in almost all shaving stands including the The Fento stand.
  • Gently exfoliates the skin.

7. Anself 4-in-1 Men’s Manual Razor Set Stainess Steel Stand Holder 5 Blades Wet Shaving Beard Razor Shaving Brush Bowl



This 4 in 1 set comes with a shaving brush, razor and razor stand as well as soap bowl. The brush produces volumes of lather while applying the shaving cream. This helps in preparing your beards for a closer shave with the set blades that cut through your beard with less pull.

With a solid silver holder stand, the shaving set spares you the hustle of buying a stand for your shaving set. This is an ideal set for travelling, home or professional use as it gets you all that you need for your shaving in a single set. With its affordable price, you should try this great shaving experience.

  • Comes in 4 in 1 set which is a full package for what you need in your shaving.
  • Very easy to store as the set includes a stand which helps in great organization.
  • Handle with a black finish with twin-blade cartridges that helps the blades go through the beard with ease.
  • The brush has comfortable bristles that produce lather which makes wet shaving soft and comfortable.

6. Shaving Brush Hand Crafted 100% Pure Badger with Resin Skull Shaped Handle Men’s Luxury Professional Hair Salon Makeup Tool SZ04


This is a shaving brush that is also made from pure badger hair making the brush soft and comfortable to use. The bristles are perfectly and do not fall like other brushes. Its handle is resin with a thuggish look making it look stylish.

After use, you can wash and dry the brush upside down on the stand. This makes it dry quickly reducing chances of bacteria finding accommodation in the brush. Make sure not to dry it in a bag as you might give molds a breading place without knowing. With an overall height of around 11 cm, the brush can fit comfortably on any hand.

  • Smooth- With bristles that are pure badger hair, the brush gives a smooth touch when lathering.
  • Exfoliates the skin gently.
  • Its ability to hold water on your face makes you have a great wet shave experience.
  • Has great penetration under the beard resulting to a smooth perfect shave.
  • Gives you a cleaner, healthier look as the end result.

5. Perfecto 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush-Black Handle- Engineered for the Best Shave of Your Life. For, Safety Razor, Double Edge Razor, Straight Razor or Shaving Razor



If you are looking for quality brush that is 100% made of pure badger hair, then this is what you are looking for. This brush creates a thick lather that facilitates great shaving experience and a radiant look for you. We can call this as a pure genius gift from the manufacturer for those who love home shaving.

Perfecto badger brush is ideal for anyone. If used properly, the brush is durable making it worth your money. Avoid cleaning this brush with hot water if you want to keep its bristles soft and shinny for longer.

Instead, the use of warm water is highly recommend for a longer smooth shaving experience. For your information, slight shedding might occur when using the brush for the first time. No need to panic as this is what shows you its bristles are genuine badger hair.

  • It’s made purely from badger hair.
  • If used correctly, it creates volumes of rich lather for a smooth shave.
  • Gently exfoliates the skin.
  • Able to hold water in your face giving you a true wet shave.

4. HAIRCUT AND SHAVE CO. Proven Synthetic Shaving Brush – 100% Synthetic Materials – 24mm Extra Dense Knot


A great shaving experience not only comes from the shaving razor you use but also from the shaving brush you use. This is definitely what this brush offers you. It is 100% synthetic and materials that are eco-friendly.

The brush has dense bristles that that makes a thick lather that ensures each hair strand in perfectly lifted. Clean smooth shave with no skin irritation is the end result.

This brush gently exfoliates your skin making sure any dead skin cell is remove, leaving your skin brighter. For those with sensitive skin, this brush can be recommended as it is known to work well for them. Currently, the brush is available in two design, barber pole or solid ivory color design. The choice is definitely yours!

  • 100% synthetic- This makes the brush environmental friendly as no animal needs to kill to produced this brush.
  • Ergonomic handle- Makes it easier to hold while using no matter your hand’s size
  • Smooth finish-Perfect lathering makes sure every hair strand is lift to give you a closer shave leaving your face smooth.
  • Durable- Made of durable synthetic material.

3. Proraso Professional Shaving Brush



Exclusively, this shaving brush was made for Proraso by Omega in Italy. This is a company known for its innovative quality products since 1948. Simply, the brush can describe as a premium quality brush made of boar bristles.

The stiff bristles are specially designed to give you a smooth touch as it thickens the lather. This helps in straightening every hair for a soft smooth shave. Whether you are using at home or at your barber shop, this is the best shaving brush for you.

Cleaning the brush after use, and storing it the right way will see it last longer and offer you the best shaving touch. Many people have also found that when you store it upside down for any water left to drain, it lasts longer.

  • Quality- The product is designed and made from quality natural boar bristles
  • Bigger- Compared to other shaving brushes, the brush is a bit bigger.
  • Comfortable-The natural boar hair makes it creates a feel good feeling on your skin leaving it smooth and radiant.
  • Professional- Best for professional and home use.

2. Strong Brush Stand + Men’s Shaving Brush + Perfect Stainless Steel Shaving Soap Bowl, For Guaranteed Best Shave of Your Life

This comes as a package which has a shaving bowl, shaving stand and a shaving brush. The soap bowl is made of shinny stainless steel making it durable as it is stain protected. Shaving brush is made with smooth nylon bristles. This makes it the best choice for those allergic to animal hair or don’t like the smell of animal hair.

On the other hand, the handle is a  natural wood which giving the brush a great look. Whether for home or professional shaving, this is the best shaving brush you. This statement can support by its compatibility with almost every shaving razor in the market today. Whether you are using a double edge razor or safety razor, it will work perfectly for you.

  • Comfortable- The nylon bristles are perfectly to hold water and give you a tender wet shave
  • Quality- Its quality bristles works well with those allergic to animal hair.
  • Durable- The brush is is made of quality products that are long lasting.
  • Works well with all shaving razors.

1. Parker Safety Razor 100% Silvertip Badger Bristle Faux Horn Handle Shaving Brush


Parker shave brushes are usually made in different styles that come with different types of bristles. The end result of these brushes is a smooth wet shave worth your money. This brush retains water well while at the same time thickens the lather for a soft shave.

Silvertip Brushes have dense bristles that exfoliate your skin well with a superior soft touch. This makes the brush the best choice for those with sensitive skin.

When buying, it comes with a free plastic stand for hanging your brush upside down for fast drying and safe storage. This makes your brush more durable with great service.

  • Quality- The brush is handmade for your shaving needs giving you great quality
  • Comfortable- The silvertip badger bristles are the best for smooth as well as comfortable wet shave.
  • Add-on- Comes with a stand for proper storage and drying of the brush. This makes the brush last longer.
  • Dense bristles- This helps in water retention which exfoliates your skill well.


If you have made wet shave as your choice of shaving, this products will help you in making a good choice of the brush to use. Let your taste to perfection guide you in your choice. For those who love badger brushes, you have a collection to choose from. To those allergic to animal hair are not left behind as nylon and synthetic made brushes are also in the market.

Go for the brand that gives you quality that takes good care of your skin and makes your wet shave smooth. It’s also good to consider size, type, price, handle and durability as you purchase your shave brush.

If you love wooden, plastic or metal handles go for it. Whether animal bristles or the eco-friendly ones, the choice is you to make. A brush with a quality handle and quality bristles is highly recommended. With the handmade ones, they are known for great quality satisfaction.

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