Top 10 Best Tablets For Kids in 2020

Kids these days have gone high-tech therefore companies are drawing special attention to manufacture tablets for kids. When the technology is taking leaps with every passing day, it seems feasible to give the little kids a smart tablet with the help of which they can learn while playing. Kid’s tablets come in different varieties and price range. While some of them give them access to the internet, some allow them only to play the offline games. However, the majority of them are just like a tablet which is used by adults and differ only in the outlook and design.

Tablets for kids

If you are also thinking to gift your child a tablet this year, the content below will help you a lot. Here we have enlisted the best tablets for kids along with their significant features and specifications. They are considered best as they not only entertain the kids but also help them learn a lot of valuable things while using it. So, check them out and get your kid the one which you find perfect for him.

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Top 10 Best Tablets for kids 2020

10. KOCASO Kid’s HD Tablet

KOCASO Kid's HD Tablet - tablets

Kocaso is a well-known brand manufacturing tablets for kids. Their 7 inches big tablet is made keeping in mind the needs of children. Therefore, they are easy to operate and look very vibrant. Coming in pink color; it is loved by the kids and especially the girls.

  • It is a quad-core processor tablet which comprises android 4.4 KitKat version.
  • The internal memory is 8 GB which can get expanded into 32 GB.
  • The tablet consists of the dual camera which is 1024×600 in resolution.
  • There are other features like Wi-Fi compatibility, Bluetooth, and different card slots.
  • All the apps you need to download can be done with the Google Play Store.
  • It is a touchscreen device whose screen is susceptible and works very smoothly.

The parents love to present Kocaso’s tablets for kids to their child due to its user-friendly interface and ease of operating different functionalities. Other than this, the dual camera also allows them to video call their child whenever needed. The high-resolution screen didn’t create stress in their eyes and therefore perfect for kids.

9. Tagital Android Kids Tablet

Tagital Android Kids Tablet - tablets

The next tablet for kids comes from Tagital. This is another reliable brand which manufactures high-grade and highly appealing tablets for the kids. Their large screen of 7 inches helps to provide a great visual experience to the children.

  • The tablet comprises a T7K quad processor.
  • There are an inbuilt Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for connecting it with different devices with compatibility.
  • The camera present in the tablet provides high-resolution pictures to the users where they can play HD games.
  • It comes pre-installed with kid mode and offers easy access to many games.
  • Coming in blue color; the children and especially the boys love it.

It is considered as one of the best tablets for kids as well as parents. Since the kids’ game edition is pre-installed, the parents do not need to waste time in downloading different games for the child. Apart from this, it comes with kids’ proof case as well which protects the device from getting damaged when fall. The lightweight of the product elevates its worth even more.

8. TUFEN Tablet for Kids

TUFEN Tablet for Kids - tablets

The tablet for kids from Tufen in the next device which is loved by both parents and kids. It ensures that the features are appealing and worthwhile to consider. The large 7 inches size of the device where the screen is of high-definition didn’t let the eyes of the kids to get stressed.

  • The screen is enveloped with silicon bumper which protects the eyes of the kids while watching for a longer period.
  • It comes pre-installed with a large number of games and apps meant especially for the kids.
  • The screen is fully HD and has high-resolution feature.
  • The quad-core processor imparts high speed to the tablet.
  • The internal memory of the device is 1 GB, and the internal storage is 8 GB.
  • It comes with a kid’s proof case which is high in quality and light in weight.

Coming in pink color; the tablet looks very alluring. It can be connected to the Wi-Fi and get paired with other devices with the Bluetooth. It helps in easy accessing of different games, apps, and other essential information. The two-year warranty makes it even more enthralling.

7. Auto Beyond Kids Tablet

Auto Beyond Kids Tablet - tablets

Auto Beyond has launched a great tablet for kids which is meant and designed primarily to provide ease to the kids while using it. The large size of 7 inches with the high-resolution screen makes it a great product to splurge.

  • The tablet supports Android 6.0 and comprises a quad-core processor.
  • It comes pre-installed with essential apps like iWawaHome and AR Zoo.
  • The IPS screen of the tablet with high resolution provides a great visual experience to the users.
  • The device comes with a silicon case which is light in weight and is environment-friendly.
  • The 1 GB internal memory and 8 GB storage memory makes it a good tablet for kids.
  • It is made in such a way that it does not create too much stress on the eyes of the kids and is therefore safe for them.

The tablet comes with many essential accessories like handle silicon case, touch pen, animal cards and much more to engage the kids for more extended periods of time. Also, the warranty of 12 months makes it a smart choice to splurge.

6. Contixo Kids Safe Tablet

Contixo Kids Safe Tablet - tablets

The next tablet for kids comes from Contixo which could be a great gift to present to your child in the coming birthday. Purple in color and vibrant in look this tablet is a great product that comes with kids place parent control feature. This makes it even more appealing to consider.

  • It is a big tablet with 7 inches size and comprises the quad-core processor for fast speed.
  • The tablet comes with a pre-installed screen protector which makes it safe and secure from getting damaged when fall.
  • It comes pre-installed with more than 20 educational games and apps to educate the child while playing.
  • The internal memory is 1 GB, and the internal storage is 8 GB.
  • Due to the presence of the high-resolution screen, the eyes do not get stressed, and one can do multitasking as well.

The tablet comprises a warranty of 30 days money back so if in case it gets damaged due to some technical error you would get all your money back. It also comprises one year worry free warranty that enhances its worth even more.

5. B.B.PAW Kids Tablet

B.B.PAW Kids Tablet - tablets

This is one of the most promising tablets for kids which is perfect for kids from the age of 2 to 6 years. There are more than 90 preloaded games in the device which provides good educational content to the child. It helps to keep the children engaged for longer periods of time.

  • It is a 7 inches large tablet for kids which comprises eye protection feature in it.
  • Coming in sky blue color; it looks very elegant and vibrant to attract the children.
  • The pre-loaded content in the tablet comes in English language and improves the child’s vocabulary as well.
  • Children enhance their creativity, imaginative power and the ability to memorize the things.

Parents, as well as kids, love this tablet as it educates the child while keeping them engages. So, a fun way learning process is obtained with it. It is apt for the age of 2 to 6 and sharpens the IQ of the child to a great extent.

4. Dragon Touch Y88X Kids Tablet

Dragon Touch Y88X Kids Tablet - tablets

The next tablet for kids comes from Dragon which is again an alluring product coming in pink color. The pre-installed apps and games make it easy for the parents to splurge on it without the worry of downloading them from the play store. Every new Disney content comes stored in it.

  • The size of the tablet is 7 inches which makes it a big device to use by the kids. This doesn’t stress their eyes.
  • The screen of the tablet is of high-resolution therefore perfect for the kids to play games.
  • It comes pre-installed with Kidoz where kids find educational and fun games to play with their fingertips.
  • The kid-proof case that comes along with the tablet provides safety and security to it even more.
  • There is a stand in the case of the device with the help of which kids don’t require to hold it for longer.

The quad-core processor provides high speed to it. The internal memory of the tablet is 1 GB, and the storage space is 8 GB therefore ample of games can be downloaded. The warranty and money back scheme makes this tablet for kids from Dragon Touch a preferred product.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Kids

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Kids - tablets

Samsung is a reliable name when it comes to its phones, tablets and other electronic related devices. The tablet for kids from them is no exception as it comprises very alluring features and specifications. Coming in white color, it looks elegant and very graceful.

  • It is a large-sized tablet which measures to be around 7 inches.
  • There are multiple kids content that aligns with the STEM and can be used to educate and entertain the children.
  • The 1.3 GHz quad-core processor imparts high speed to the tablet.
  • The dual camera is an additional feature which can be used to make video calls with the child.

The parents owing this product love the feature of setting the time with the apps so that they can monitor the activities of the child. It also allows them to set the screen time for the kids. It helps in managing the activities and indulgence of the child with the tablet.

2. Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet

Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet - tablets

The tablet for kids from Fire is one of the best of the time. Their 7th edition is made keeping in mind the ease of the child using it. While the 7 inches display does not stress the eyes, the 16 GB internal memory provides ample of space to store a large number of games and apps of choice.

  • The tablet comes with a kids-proof case to provide it safety from getting damaged.
  • It comprises IPS display which consists of high-resolution to not let the eyes stress unnecessarily.
  • The battery has the life of 8 hours which gets recharge in lesser time.
  • After adding the micro SD card, the memory of the tablet can enhance to 256 GB.

The most alluring feature of this tablet is it comes with many warranty options to consider. There is one year of Amazon FreeTime unlimited warranty. Other than this, the two years worry free warranty makes it even more appealing and a smarter choice to consider.

1. Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet

 Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet - tablets

The best in the category of tablets for kids comes from Fire. This is the 8th edition of the company which imparts almost every essential feature to it. The HD display and 32 GB internal memory make it a highly lucrative product to splurge.

  • This is the biggest of all with the size of 8 inches and provides an excellent visual experience to the user.
  • It comes with a blue colored kid-proof case to make it safe and secured from wear and tear.
  • The microSD card elevates the memory to 256 GB to store ample of games and apps in it.
  • Coming with one year Amazon FreeTime warranty provides access to around 15,000 most popular games, apps, and other educational content.

Fire endows two years worry free warranty to the users. All these contribute to making it a highly suitable tablet for kids to consider.


These are some of those tablets for kids which are loved not only by the children but by their parents as well. The vibrant displays, the colorful design, and user-friendly interface all contribute to making these tablets best for the kids.

All that you need is to add educationally, and little fun learning games in it and your child will increase its IQ all by itself. Since tablets for kids are made keeping in mind the needs and restrictions of the kids, they make a perfect gift to present as well.

So, make the best choice and give your child a surprise this coming birthday.

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