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Top 10 Best Throwing Knives in 2022

Throwing Knives

If the throwing knives game is something you like doing, then I understand why you have found yourself here. You are looking for the best throwing knives. It is evident that you understand that they are the backbone of the game. For that reason, you do not want to go wrong. The good thing is that you are at the light place. We will offer you what you need to make you this momentous decision. Regardless of what you intend to do with it, you want the best. May it be bought for protection, hunting or playing games, that remains a constant.

We have researched to assist you to make the decision. All the necessary issues are accounted for, and analysis was critical. After all that, we have a list of the best throwing knives available. There are their designs and features for better differentiation. Continue reading to find out.

Reviews of The Top 10 Throwing Knives in 2022

10. BladesUSA Perfect Point RC-179 Series Throwing Knife Set

About the product

This throwing knife is a well-protected throwing knife designed with a streamlined end for a perfect throw ideal for every player in a spin throw or a straight throw.

About the design and quality

This throwing knife is designed with a sharp pointed blade end to capture the target of the user. It also has a design of smooth steel handle which is hard to break and comfortable in use and also nylon stealth for secure storage when not in use.

  • Stainless steel blade for rusting and stain avoidance.
  • Three knife pack for portability and easy packing.
  • Nylon sheath for your safety and that of the knives.
  • It has a 9-inch length for a convenient throw.
  • There is a nylon carrying pouch with a belt loop for a comfortable carry of your throwing knives.

9. Aeroblades 6PC 5.5″ Throwing Knife Set With Pouch – BLACK WIDOW SPIDER

About the product

Knife throwing is one of the most enjoyable games I know. It relaxes you both physically and mentally. Nevertheless, perfect throwing knives are the only true guarantee of a perfect game. Get this specific throwing knife and get to have fun with friends and family.

About the design and quality

This is a complete set of six throwing knives that are intelligently designed in such a way that the tips have an ideal shape for efficient use. Additionally, the material used to make the product is stainless steel which is rust resistant. It has cutouts on both the blade and the handle which increase the weight. After all, this is just perfect that it is having a nylon sheath eases portability and guarantees your safety.

  • A nylon sheath that keeps the throwing knife safe.
  • Accuracy is taken care of well.
  • The total length of the throwing knife is 5.5, but the size of the blade is 2.5.
  • The material used to make this product is stainless steel.

8. Tiger USA KUNAI Throwing Knife Set

About the product

This throwing knife is a big game throwing a knife with cord wrapped handles for a comfortable grip in the convenient packaging of three, six and twelve pieces. They have a ringed end handle when out of use.

About the design and quality

This throwing knife is designed with a threaded handle for soft grip during its use. Its black cord and nylon pouch design holds the knives firmly to give a comfortable carry and storage.

  • Sharp pointed ends which makes it easy to hit the target without strains.
  • The convenient size of 6.5 inches for consistent performance in your games.
  • Paracord wrapped handle for ultimate control of your throw to achieve true ninja stealth.
  • Nylon draw pouch which is easy to carry for perfect portability.


About the product

Are you looking for a perfect throwing knife for all your games? If yours is a resounding yes I guess this product is your prayers answered. This is a very affordable throwing knife which offers you quality services for a lifetime. Getting this throwing knife means making your games better.

About the design and quality

If you miss mentioning this brand as one of the best throwing knives, then you will have made a mistake. This is because this is a wonderfully made object which comes with a nylon sheath for portability and safety. In addition to that, its material is steel which is long lasting, and its length is about 7.5 inches. This is a smart choice when you are aiming at being the best knife thrower worldwide.

  • It comes with a nylon sheath.
  • Stainless steel is the material behind this great product.
  • Has a length of 7.5 making it lightweight for easy portability.
  • There is variation in the color tone of your blade.

6. Avias Knife Supply 9 Inch 3 Piece Stainless Steel Throwing Knife Set

About the product

The sound of everything about this throwing knife leaves a smile to all who have this durable product. Why not if this throwing knife has proven itself worthy of all their time and money. It is just not affordable for all to purchase but also gives its owner’s great services. So why don’t you make this product your full-time companion in all your games and you are sure not to regret.

About the design and quality

This throwing knife set has a stylish and compact design making it visually appealing and portability respectively. These handles of this product can either be silver or black with an overall length of 8 inches. The decorations are exciting and interesting for all. Transportation is well catered for since it has a nylon sheath for safety measures. It has features that one would want from a throwing knife.

  • Sheath used to protect the throwing knife is made of nylon.
  • The throws of this product are well balanced.
  • It has stainless steel construction and adorable spider decorations.
  • The end has a cut-out where different ribbons can be fitted.
  • Total overall length is 8 inches.

5. Perfect Point PP-060-9 Throwing Knife Set with Nine Knives

About the product

This throwing knife is for throwing games for the maximum enjoyment of the player. It comes with a pack of three painted sharp blade which are serrated to cut through the air.

About the design and quality

This throwing knife is designed with a jagged, serrated blade for the perfect timing of the target. Its handle is soft for grip while its pointed end makes it easy to cut the air towards the target.

  • Stainless blades well packed in three pieces to avoid rust or stain for durability.
  • It has a 7.5-inch overall size for a very convenient throw in your play.
  • Sheathed for the security of your throwing knives as well as yourself.
  • It is jagged for smooth movement in the air for timely targeting.

4. Lastworld Set of 3 Zombie-War Throwing Knives with Sheath

About the product

Getting a throwing knife from stores for your game is no big deal. The real thing is getting the perfect throwing knife considering the very many brands available. Relax now because this brand is here to answer all your prayers. With it, you only get the best since the material is strong and durable. Purchasing this will take your knife throwing skills to a new level.

About the design and quality

This throwing knife has a stylish design that is eye-catching to all who come across it. The complete set includes three knives that are classy and sharp. The green blood design is pretty amazing. It is just the modernized type that when bought you move a step ahead in this digital world.

  • Comprises of three modernized knives.
  • It has a green blood design.
  • The knives are sharply pointed.
  • Dimensions of this product are5 by four by 1 inches.

3. United Cutlery M48 Airborn Throwing Knife Set

About the product

This throwing knife is a special throwing knife which is double-edged for a convenient cut of air for target accuracy. It has a sharp pointed piercing end for increased pressure on the target.

About the design and quality

This throwing knife is designed to fly well in the air cutting the air towards the target. Its black stainless material design prevents it from both stains and rust. In addition, its handle has five lanyard holes for free movement in the air.

  • Full tang blades for a stronger item for a longer use in your throws.
  • Stainless steel material made for stain and rust proof for durability of your throwing knives.
  • Black coat on the steel to make a difference in your throwing knife.
  • Many lanyard holes handle for the flat spin of your throwing knife.

2. Whetstone Cutlery 12 Piece Set of S-Force Kunai Knives

About the product

This throwing knife is a dozen set of throwing knives of S.Force kunai type with a carrying case for easy portability. They are well-honed and also balanced for accurate throws.

About the design and quality

This throwing knife is designed from stainless steel for durability with the dimensions of 4.75 by 8.125 by 1.5 inches case a convenient size for carrying the product. Moreover, its cord wrap handle design gives you a comfortable throw and the black coated blades design makes this throwing knife special for organized throws.

  • Stainless steel material for rust and stain resistance for longer service in your games.
  • Two-edged blades for easy and perfected air cut for accurate targeting.
  • 12 pieces set a pack of special force kunai knives for convenient use in your kunai games.
  • Nylon carrying case with Velcro closures for the safety of your throwing knife as well as prevention from harm of your body.
  • Belt loop to hold all the twelve throwing knives together.

1. Perfect Point PAK-712-12 Throwing Knife Set

About the product

This throwing knife is a sharp pointed knife packed in a set of one dozen with both silver and black blades. It has a steel handle with an overall of 8.5 inches.

About the design and quality

This throwing knife is designed in twelve pieces to pack for a balanced throw, and the different colors of silver stainless and black stainless designs make this throwing knife different from others. It also had a lanyard hole handle.

  • Package of twelve pieces for all time balanced throw in your game.
  • Two differentiated color throwers for better and organized throws.
  • A handle with a lanyard hole for perfect hanging on the wall.


Lastly, all the throwing knives are a great choice and the only thing to help you choose one is what you prefer. Ask yourself some questions. Which material an am I looking for in this case? Is the knife perfect for throwing? How long is the blade? Does it come with a sheath for protection? How many throwing knives are on that set?

Once you answer the questions with what you want, choosing will be straightforward. How throwable it feels is crucial as well. All those things are well stated above for you to know what to expect when you buy any one of them. You just need to select one.

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