Top 10 Best Hand Trucks in 2022

The hand trucks are items hard to notice their importance. However, the day you will realize how helpful it is, you won’t stand another day without one. Is that the situation that you are in? Is it the reason why you are looking for one? Do now worry because we are here to assist. We are aware of the many types of hand trucks available. Therefore, choosing one will be difficult. Since we know that everyone is looking the best, we made a list of precisely that. Check it out now. The content will help you make a good decision.

Top 10 Best Hand Trucks in 2022

10. Magna Cart Ideal 150 lb Capacity Steel Folding Hand Truck

Magna Cart Ideal 150 lb Capacity Steel Folding Hand Truck

The next time you need to carry your luggage as well as boxes, you should consider using such hand trucks. Don’t pester yourself carrying the heavy boxes in a barbaric manner while Magna hand trucks have done everything to civilize you. These hand trucks smoothly roll around carrying your luggage or box comfortably and safely. Only little effort needed to pull or push your luggage to your destination.

These are two-wheeled hand trucks with a design of carrying heavy luggage using incredibly low effort. It has a long, smooth foldable handle that is ideal for pushing and pulling depending on your desire. With the use of the button these hand trucks open instantly to render its service to you on demand.

  • Foldability for compactness and packing after use.
  • Reinforced 19 millimeters steel frame to withstand the weight of up to 150lbs.
  • Easy to operate button for instant operation.
  • Retractable wheels to assist in frame folding to have a thickness of more than two inches.
  • Well organized packaging for shipping to the customers on demands.

9. Seville Classics Folding Hand Truck & Dolly, 150 lbs. Capacity

Seville Classics Folding Hand Truck & Dolly, 150 lbs. Capacity

Your home or the office is lacking something if you don’t have hand trucks. Go for Seville Classics folding hand trucks and dolly to seal the gap. This is a heavy duty folding truck which is ideal for your home or an office for the smooth and enjoyable moving of luggage from place to place. It uses little effort to move heavy luggage on almost any surface.

These hand trucks have a foldable and unique design which eases neat tucking in a closet. It can also be put in your car for further use when the need arises. The extendable hand conforms to almost every user without strains. It makes the office duties easy and enjoyable to attend especially books and files.

  • Puncture free wheels for reliable movement from place to place.
  • Foldable and extendable handle to fit the desired size of the user.
  • Lightweight for easy use and more load.
  • Sturdy Aluminum made a frame to withstand the weight.
  • 5-inch rubber wheel for smooth rolling on almost all surfaces.

8. Magna Cart Personal 150 lb Capacity Aluminum Folding Hand Truck Magna Cart Personal 150 lb Capacity Aluminum Folding Hand Truck (Black/Red)

Well done Magna! For constructing such excellent and helpful hand trucks. These are Magna Cart personal hand trucks which are made to ease the transportation of your luggage as well as boxes within your premises or towards the parking of your car.

These hand trucks have a unique design of ball bearing wheels that give it a smooth roll on almost any surface. It does not matter whether you want it on a concrete floor, linoleum or carpet. Its platform car design makes it the best choice when choosing your hand truck. When it comes to storage, the compact design allows it to fit virtually at relatively small space.

  • Actively assembled with a combination of the durable material of polypropylene, steel, and aluminum for durability and value for your money.
  • Rubber wheels with ball bearing for smooth and efficient roll on different varieties of surfaces.
  • Foldable wheels for convenient storage of your hand trucks as well as compactness.

7. Safco Products 4069 Tuff Truck Continuous Handle Utility Hand Truck

Safco Products 4069 Tuff Truck Continuous Handle Utility Hand Truck, Black

Safco 4069 Tuff hand truck is another choice of hand trucks. Your luggage is well-protected while carrying convenience is observed by this product. It is ideal for heavy moving objects with easy to maneuver mechanism. This hand truck can be used within an office, warehouse or at home to relocate bulky items.

These hand trucks have a design of multiple usages to haul different weight capacities without damage. The design of all-welded steel frame gives it the strength to stand incredibly heavy weight while the vinyl bumper protects the hauled fragile items. For compactness, this item has a foldable handle design.

  • Strongly built with a steel frame which is all welded for strength and durability.
  • Vinyl bumpers for the security of your hauled delicate items like doors and furniture.
  • Folding handle for compactness and relatively small storage space.
  • Chip-resistant powder coat finishes for the decency of your hand trucks.
  • Four wheels and two swivels for easy movement.

6. Cosco Shifter 300-Pound Capacity Multi-Position Heavy Duty Folding Hand Truck and Dolly

Cosco Shifter 300-Pound Capacity Multi-Position Heavy Duty Folding Hand Truck and Dolly, Green

When you are in a comfortable position of your hand truck, it does not matter how heavy the luggage is to relief your back or shoulder. This is a well-looked by Cosco shifter hand trucks where several carrying positions are applicable. It makes you do incredibly more work with nobody complains.

These hand trucks have a design of two-wheel upright hand truck or a four-wheel cart. It has a foldable design that folds flat for storage and transport. Also, the durable steel frame design gives it lightweight design to pave the way for extra load weight on the hand truck. Quick conversion design keeps pins and tools away from your place of work.

  • Strong steel frame with 300lbs weight for toughness and durability.
  • Quick conversion mechanism without the use of pins or other tools.
  • Many positions carry as a two-wheel upright hand truck or four-wheel cart.
  • Foldable handles for ample space in your car or store
  • Lightweight for easy transportation to anywhere.

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5. Harper Trucks Lightweight 400 lb Capacity Glass Filled Nylon Plastic Convertible Hand Truck and Dolly

Harper Trucks Lightweight 400 lb Capacity Glass Filled Nylon Plastic Convertible Hand Truck and Dolly

The Harper hand trucks are lightweight hand trucks made with great care to give you the best of their services. You can haul it as dolly as well the cart to provide you with varieties of your carrying comfort zones. It is ideal for heavy and light objects. These hand trucks will not let you done.

These hand trucks have a convertible design whereby you can shift from two-wheel dolly to a four-wheel cart within unnoticeable time. The design of built-in stair glides gives it easy movement up or down stairs and curbs. Other designs include nylon truss frame that gives this hand truck a comfortable weight.

  • Two in one carrying methods through its convertible hand truck and dolly mechanism.
  • 8-inch wheels with solid rubber tread for smooth rolling on varieties of surfaces.
  • 3-inch built-in shovel casters.
  • Built-in stair glides for easy moving up and down stairs.
  • Nylon truss frame for lightweight and durability.

4. Rock-N-Roller R2RT Folding Multicart Telescoping Frame

Rock-N-Roller R2RT (Micro) 8-in-1 Folding Multicart / Hand Truck / Dolly / Platform Cart / 26" to 39" Telescoping Frame Load Capacity 350 lbs.

Rock-N-Roller R2RT is a poly usage type of hand truck which can easily shift to more than seven methods of hauling. It is ideal for use as a platform cart, dolly or hand truck. It can haul a load of 350lbs with no strains. This hand truck is ideal for warehouses and home use to relocate heavier items.

These hand trucks have a design that accommodates 500lbs load capacity with the volume of 27 cubic feet. It has a design of lightweight where it is only 22lbs when it is empty. The design of four wheels rolls it more effective when it comes to hauling.

  • Sturdy tubing gauge of gauge 16 for strength and safety of hauled items.
  • Strong steel square tube material to withstand the heavier weight.
  • Powder coated steel tube frame to prevent rust and more strength.
  • Strong polypropylene hub to withstand weight in combination with polyurethane foam tires.
  • Strong axle for durability

3. Pack-N-Roll  Folding Hand Truck Dolly

Pack-N-Roll 83-297-917 Folding Hand Truck Dolly, 500 lbs Capacity

Cumbersome loads are now not a bother with Pack-N-Roll 83-297-917 hand trucks. The hand truck can haul luggage of up to 500 lbs in the form of either hand trucks or dolly depending on your choice. Your luggage has total security from fall as the truck is constructed taking care of all possible inconvenience.

These hand trucks have a design of integrated single hand lock and release handle featuring powerful composite support for a wobble-free performance. The foldable design to 3.5 inches thick gives it a very convenient storage size. Its 8-inches inflatable wheels design gives it faster speed during hauling.

  • The convenient storage size of down to 3.5 inches for the economy of your store.
  • Bigger 8-inch pneumatic wheels for smooth and faster movement.
  • Integrated single hand lock and release handle for wobble-free duties.
  • Telescoping handle with the push-button release mechanism.
  • Nesting dual pin handles.

2. Harper Trucks Super-Steel Convertible Hand Truck, Dual Purpose 2 Wheel Dolly and 4 Wheel Cart

Harper Trucks 700 lb Capacity Super-Steel Convertible Hand Truck, Dual Purpose 2 Wheel Dolly and 4 Wheel Cart with 10" Pneumatic Wheels

Another hand truck from Harper trucks with improved features and bigger strength to handle and haul even heavier items. Unlike other Harper hand trucks, this one can pull a load of up to 700lbs with very little effort. The good thing about it is that it can be a hand truck or a dolly to give you the freedom to choose between the methods.

These hand trucks have a design of dual-purpose usage where it is convertible to dolly as well as a hand truck in a matter of seconds. The more significant pneumatic wheels design of 10-inches makes it light to haul even with heavy luggage or boxes.

  • Two positions telescoping handles adjustable to up to 62 inches in height for tall loads.
  • Two carrying methods whether horizontally or vertically carrying 700lbs and 600lbs respectively.
  • Quick shifting from two-wheel dolly to four-wheel cart unnoticeably
  • United States of America technology to give you the best results.

1. Cosco 3-in-1 Aluminum Hand Truck

Cosco 3-in-1 Aluminum Hand Truck/Assisted Hand Truck/Cart w/ flat free wheels

Hand trucks are not just that as they differ in performances. Cosco Aluminum has a high-performance record for its methods of hauls. Its three methods of hauls make these hand trucks the most reliable trucks when it comes to comfort and efficiency. They are ideal for warehouse and home duties or even office duties.

These hand trucks have innovative design which is very smart keeping you off the heavy lifting of your items during relocalization. With its ergonomic design of 3-in-1, these hand trucks become ideal for moving heavy, cumbersome objects whether in the office or any other workplace.

  • Easily convert into three methods carrying positions and techniques to relief your back from overburdening.
  • Carrying capacity of up to 1000 pound which is far bigger than quick shift.
  • One hand conversion with neither tools nor pin for a quick shift.
  • High-quality commercial grade aluminum frame for durability and performance.
  • Comfortable carry with fewer chances of muscle strain, fatigue, and injury.


You must be glad to have a list of the best hand trucks. Why not when you know what it will make a thing of the past? Since you cannot enter your car in the house, they will help you remove the items to the car for packing. There is no more fatigue the day before a trip. You will easily move what you want from one place to another. The fact that you are looking for something worth your money, consider one of the items on the list above. They are durable and offer maximum comfort as well. Take one home for a break.

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