Top 10 Best Women Soccer Shoes in 2022

It is hard to be given the boot, but women have accepted it with grace and class. Of course, we are talking about the top 10 best women soccer shoes in 2022. They are stylish, practical and functional. Any woman would look good playing soccer in these women soccer shoes.

Women Soccer Shoes

If you think it is difficult to decide which one to buy. Don’t worry. Our guide will help you traverse the women soccer shoe selection with ease. We give you the information you need to know to make a good decision. Check this out Top 10 Best Hair Curler Machines in 2022

Top 10 Best Women Soccer Shoes in 2022

Women Soccer Shoes Reviews

10. Leader show Women’s Performance Soccer Shoe

Leader show Women's Performance Soccer Shoe

This stylish women’s soccer shoe comes without a tongue. It slips on easily and ties up tight. You get lots of ankle support with this shoe. The soft elastic upper is lightweight and allows for the feet to breath.

Its rubber sole is flexible and durable, providing good arch support. The cleats will not hurt a woman’s feet.

  • Arch support
  • Breathable
  • Flexible
  • Comfortable .

9. JiYe Pro-Sports Women’s Soccer Shoes

JiYe Pro-Sports Women's Soccer Shoes

These shoes are strong enough for a man, but comfortable enough for a woman’s feet. They have reinforced front for toe protection and are shockproof. The rubber sole is non-slip and flexible for added comfort.

The small cleats provide great traction as well. The upper is crafted out synthetic materials for durability. The mesh lining allows for the feet to breath

  • Mesh lining for breathing
  • Reinforced tow protection
  • Good arch support
  • Non-slip .

8. NIKE Women’s Hypervenom Phelon II FG Soccer Shoes

NIKE Women's Hypervenom Phelon II FG Soccer Shoes

These bright blue shoes will make any woman standout in a crowded soccer field. The upper is made from synthetic leather while the sole is synthetic rubber/plastic. The cleats will provide great traction on a muddy soccer pitch.

The only drawback with these shoes is that they may run a bit small. Use the handy chart to help select your size.

  • Durable cleats
  • Synthetic leather upper
  • Comfortable
  • Good traction .

7. Diadora Women’s Capitano Soccer Cleats

Diadora Women's Capitano Soccer Cleats

These women soccer shoes are made from real leather. They re as tough as they come. But the inside is made from cotton. This mixture provides a comfortable feel to a woman’s foot. Also included in the materials is the EVA shock absorbing foam.

The sole and cleats are made the traditional way. This means you get durability, strength and longevity.

  • All leather uppers
  • Cotton and Shock absorbing foam
  • Traditional soles and cleats
  • Attractive .

6. adidas Performance Women’s Soccer Shoe

adidas Performance Women's Soccer Shoe

These women soccer shoes are water resistant. The uppers have a layer of special film to protect a woman’s foot. The mesh interior provides comfort and breathability. While the rest of the shoe is made from synthetic materials.

Designed for use on natural turf only, these women’s soccer shoes provide great traction with their durable cleats. Lightweight and will not put any drag on your feet.

  • Good durable cleats
  • Synthetic breathable material
  • Flexible and durable
  • Natural turf only .

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5. adidas Women’s X Soccer Shoe

adidas Women's X Soccer Shoe

The all white soles on these women’s soccer shoes will hide the great cleats that come with the shoe. Style comes with the materials used. For these shoes, the synthetic leather uppers provide all the style a woman needs. It also provides the durability a soccer player has to have.

These women’s soccer shoes may be a bit narrow when first put on the feet.

  • All synthetic leather uppers
  • Synthetic cleats ad soles
  • Laces and tongue
  • Comfortable interior

4. adidas Performance Women’s Nemeziz

adidas Performance Women's Nemeziz

From the cleats to the uppers, these striped shoes spell strength, durability and style. A dual lock collar provides excellent ankle support. The all synthetic shoe is designed for natural, firm turf only. Not for indoor play.

The mesh interior allows for the feet to breathe and the cleats provide the traction needed for good soccer play.

  • Interesting striped style
  • Mesh interior for breathability
  • Synthetic material for durability and strength
  • Good traction on natural turf

3. Nike Women’s Hypervenom Phade III Soccer Cleat

Nike Women's Hypervenom Phade III Soccer Cleat


These lace up women’s soccer shoes have a rough exterior to control the ball easier. The synthetic upper is said to mold to your feet. The newly designed cleat pattern is said to give optimum traction.

These women’s soccer shoes may fit a little small. It is recommended that you try a half a size or a size up from your regular shoe size.

  • Good cleat traction design
  • Synthetic durability and strength
  • Molds to the foot
  • Lace up .

2. adidas Women’s Goletto VI FG W Soccer Shoe

adidas Women's Goletto VI FG W Soccer Shoe

If you are patriotic, these red, white and blue accented shoes are for you. The all synthetic crafted women’s soccer shoe provides durability and strength. The uppers are made out of synthetic leather.

The main problem is that the white exterior will shoe more dirt than usual. The soles and cleats are synthetic, but they provide flexibility and good traction.

  • Patriotic design
  • Synthetic leather upper
  • Durable and strong
  • Good traction designed cleats .

1. adidas Performance Women’s Ace 17.3 Soccer Shoe

adidas Performance Women's Ace 17.3 Soccer Shoe

This women’s soccer shoe has a light layer of special film to provide some water-resistant protection. Along with that, the mesh upper provides the comfort and breathability a woman’s foot needs.

The all synthetic design provides durability and great traction on firm surfaces. Again, the majority white color will show a lot of dirt. They may be difficult to keep clean.

  • Special lay roe water-resistant film
  • Strong cleat design for good traction
  • Sock-like mesh upper interior
  • Breathability 


Women have taken the soccer world by storm. It stands to reason that they would want and need good women’s soccer shoes. These top 10 best women’s soccer shoes are low on words. But they are high on performance.

From great cleat design to all leather uppers, the women’s soccer shoes are designed to be durable. A woman soccer plyer’s performance will not suffer if they choose these shoes to wear. The top 10 best women’s soccer shoes all come from trusted sports brand names. The quality and reputation is there.

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