Top 10 Best 5.1 Channel Speakers in 2020

To have a better and enjoy life in your home it requires a music system with clear and smooth sounds. The only way to have such kind of high-quality music is through purchasing one or more speaker system from the listed ones. Make a step ahead of joining the rest of people by purchasing these types of airplay speakers. You can use the given details to choose the best airplay speakers of your choice. Do you wish to have a product worth your money? 5.1 channel speakers are here for you. You may consider the top 10 airplay speakers listed below. Check this out to see Best 6×9 Speakers

Top 10 Best 5.1 Channel Speakers in 2020

10. Monoprice 108247 5.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker

 Monoprice 108247 5.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker

They are 5.1 channel speakers having four satellite, one center channel and one subwoofer speaker. It has a bass controller that ensures maximum and frequently sound. This speaker always advisable to place the satellite speakers at different parts of the room to enjoy a smooth and clear music. Its subwoofer powered 60watts, 8 inch and rates for 125 watts of power at 8 ohms.

It has a modern stylish satellite speaker with a pyramidal shape and center speaker which is large than the 4 satellite speakers. All the speakers come with an attractive black finish and convenient spring-loaded signal connectors. This speaker system sound will fill your room with both high- quality and full- spectrum sound.


  • Dimensions are 16.8 by 15.2 by 18.4 inches.
  • Our speaker system weighs up to 30.6 pounds.
  • This subwoofer handles frequencies between 50 Hz to 250 Hz and includes adjustable crossover frequency and volume balance controls. 

9. Leviton AEH50Architectural Edition Powered By JBL 5-Channel Speaker

Leviton AEH50Architectural Edition Powered By JBL 5-Channel Speaker

These are 5.1 channel speakers powered by JBL 5-channel surround sound home cinema speaker. Its flexibility enables the user to Mount the speaker on any wall or ceiling and robust video magnetic shielding. The fact that many types of speakers cannot be placed near a television due to the risk of damage from magnetic interference, but these speakers are shielding meaning that they can be placed directly to the television.

This speaker has a modern style that makes it more attractive. It is white in color with 5 architectural grade adjustable mounting brackets. It has 100 watt powered subwoofers producing the richest bass sound of music and movie.

  • Dimensions are 24 by 24 by 16 inches
  • It weighs 40 pounds and white in color.
  • Compatible with all current surround as well as speaker and equalizer models. 

8. Yamaha NS-PA40BL 5.1 Speaker

Yamaha NS-PA40BL 5.1 Speaker - 5.1 Channel Speakers

5.1 channel speakers are products of Yamaha company with is mostly known for manufacturing of quality electronic devices. By purchasing this speaker system you are ensured of enjoying high-quality, smooth and maximum music. This speaker has a 5.1 channel speaker system compatible with HD Audio sources.

It has a slim, striking design front speakers which add a smart and efficiency to handle the speakers. Its curved form has the elegant beauty of the fine musical instrument. Moreover, it has advanced YSTII subwoofer and a 3-speaker front speaker which delivers rich lows as well as clear dialogue and expressive vocals.

  • Dimensions are 24 by 17.8 by 20 inches.
  • It weighs 40.5 pounds.
  • Just 3-1/2”(99mm) wide and with round stands, the front speaker is easy to position in the room. 

7. Harman Kardon HKTS 16BQ 5.1 Channel Home Theater Speaker

Harman Kardon HKTS 16BQ 5.1 Channel Home Theater Speaker - 5.1 Channel Speakers

If you’re going to add surround sound to your home playback system, you will need a 5.1 channel speaker and a complete 5.1 channel home theater with upgradable to 7.1 channels. It has a bass-boost controls and phrase switches for the subwoofer. The five voice-matched satellite loudspeakers are magnetically shielded to prevent interference that can damage your television.

Its curved and cylindrical speakers have an elegant beauty. The combination creates an immersive, 360-degree surround-sound environment which equipped the subwoofer with phase and bass-boost control.

  • Dimensions are 11.7 by 11.7 by 12.8 inches.
  • This system weighs 41.4 pounds.
  • 200 watt powered subwoofer. 

6. LG LHD657 Bluetooth Multi Region Free 5.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker

LG LHD657 Bluetooth Multi Region Free 5.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker - 5.1 Channel Speakers

Enjoy your favorite music by purchasing 5.1 channel speakers through the LG sound system with wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth. With the LG home theater the system, micro, and min, Audio you can not only play files stored on your USB device but record CD tracks or FM radio programs on your USB while listening at the same time.

It has a stylish modern home theater speaker black in color. You can enjoy clean, elegant music and movie in your living room with an easy and convenient installation. You have a capability of experiencing powerful bass through them, especially turned sound matrix.

  • Dimensions are 35 by 21 by 17 inches.
  • It weighs 50 pounds 
  • It has a remote control, AAA batteries, speaker cables, and manual QSG and FM. 

5. Polk Audio RM6750 5.1 Channel Home Theater Speaker

Polk Audio RM6750 5.1 Channel Home Theater Speaker System - 5.1 Channel Speakers

These are 5.1channel speakers manufactured by Polk Audio company. Polk Audio RM6750 5.1 channel speaker system gives you a complete surround solution for your home theater without breaking the bank. It has 6 pieces sound package that includes 2 front, 2 surround speaker, 1center channel speaker, and 2 subwoofers.

It has a stylish rectangular satellite loudspeaker with a black curved face. The satellite speakers have a flat base with several pieces of rubber at the base hence increasing its stability.

  • Dimensions are 24 by 24 by 36 inches.
  • They weigh 38.2 pounds.
  • 8-inch subwoofer
  • Individual satellite available to accommodate 6.1 or 7.1 channel system. 

4. Harman Kardon HKTS 30BQ 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System

Harman Kardon HKTS 30BQ 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System - 5.1 Channel Speakers

To deliver an extraordinary music its essential to have 5.1 channel speakers manufactured by Harman Kardon audio experts. The system has been designed by world – class engineers thus coming up with a high-performing premium system while keeping it affordable, unlike many other satellite speaker systems. Over50 years Harman Kardin has been creating products of high quality for perfect sound. The system has 5 satellite speakers black in color and a 200-watt subwoofer.

It has stylish rectangular satellite speakers with a unique flat base thus increasing its stability. It comes with cable as well as satellite table stands and wall brackets for satellites and center. The Woofer’s rigid design allows it to move but hold it’s shaping without bending. This is a black system with a modern style made from quality materials.

  • Dimensions are 12.5 by 32 by 2.5 inches.
  • It weighs up to 44.1 pounds.
  • It has 4.5 out of 5 stars with output wattage of 800. 

3. Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater System

Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater System - 5.1 Channel Speakers

These 5.1 channel speakers are perfect in both large and small rooms/space surround sound solution. You are 100% guaranteed of having a quality music from this classic home theater system. Especially, music and movie lover can now rejoice as take classic not only breathes life into every entertainment experience, it incites an intense passion in every listener. Its made up of 4 gloss black 2 – way Energy satellite speakers with 1 gloss black Energy center channel. Also, it has a 200 watt Energy subwoofer with front firing port and 8 driver 

It is black in color with 5 rectangular satellite speakers and a cuboid subwoofer having rubber pads at the base to increase its stability. The center sleeker has a shiny surface with several rounded ports at its front face. Therefore, the satellite speakers are wall mountable hence providing a killer sound that is much bigger than it looks and that seamlessly meshes with any flat panel HDTV system.

  • Dimensions: 19.9 by 19.9 by 22.5 inches.
  • Shipping weight:39.8 pounds
  • It includes a powerful 200watt subwoofer with front-ring port
  • It has 5 black satellite speakers. 

2. Yamaha NS-SP1800BL 5.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker System

Yamaha NS-SP1800BL 5.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker System - 5.1 Channel Speakers

This is a product from Yamaha company which is well known for manufacturing quality products. They are 5.1 channel speakers with 5.1 channel speaker with the capability of producing high volume and end up enjoying quality and quantity sound. This product uses modern technology In manufacturing our 5.1 channel speakers to ensure that our clients are able to enjoy and have a better way of living using our products.

Its made up of 5 small speakers with a black and white body. Its subwoofer has a very eye-catching color with a medium-sized product for easy handling transporting from one place to another. It also has a wireless remote which makes the user operate easily and efficiently.

  • Dimensions are 22 by 17.5 by 16.3 inches
  • These airplay speakers weigh 33.8 pounds.
  • Power requirements:120VAC,60Hz power consumption: 45
  • Peak power handling-speakers: 100 watts. 

1. Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System

Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System - 5.1 Channel Speakers

These are 5.1 channel speaker with 5,1 digital surround sound that has 165 watts subwoofer and 4 by 67 watts theater speakers which provides a quality sound. And also has a flexible setup thus you can connect up to six devices – music player, TV, computer game console and more. This subwoofer is easy to control as it has wireless remote and a compact control console. Their system can work with any device with either headphone jack (3.5 mm), RCA six channel, optical inputs or digital coaxial input

It has a stylish cube subwoofer with five satellite speakers with black color. Moreover, it has a very eye-catching shape that enables it to settle comfortably in the table or floor hence reducing its rate of getting damaged.

  • Dimensions: 15.2 by 27 by 17.3 inches
  • It’s black in color weighing 25 pounds.
  • Its medium in size with 6 speakers. 


The above listed are the top ten leading 5.1 channel speakers in the world that have changed the style of living of many people. If you love music is always essential to have a quality music system that will satisfy your needs. Spend less capital to purchase quality 5.1 channel speakers that are more durable compared to other similar products from different manufacturers. Be the first person to have this kind of 5.1 channel speakers and be respected by many an give your room a new look.

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