Top 10 Best Handheld Air Conditioners and Mini Coolers in 2019

With the rise of the temperature due to global warming, summers are becoming unbearable. It is difficult to survive without a cooler or an air conditioner, but you cannot have them in every room or wherever you go. That is where handheld air conditioners and mini coolers come into play.

You can use them as a fan, cooler, and air conditioner as per your requirements and functionalities available. You can carry them wherever you go outside as they operate wirelessly. We have listed the top 10 best handheld air conditions and mini coolers that are multifunctional and will provide true value for your money. Check this out Top 10 Best Drawstring Bags in 2019

Top 10 Best Handheld Air Conditioners and Mini Coolers in 2019

10. ESUMIC Portable Mini Air Conditioner

ESUMIC Portable Mini Air Conditioner Travel Handheld USB Rechargeable Cooling Fan for Summer Blue


– Dual mode operation – fan and air conditioner.

– Strong cooling effect with powerful airflow.

– Lightweight and wireless operation.

This is a rechargeable and portable mini air conditioner that is travel-friendly and easy to carry at any place you go. The design is beautiful and the cooling effect is optimal. It will come so handy in the summer days when you are traveling or in a place where there is no split or window AC to beat the heat. You can charge it on the go using a USB port.

The airflow is strong and one full recharge for 2-3 hours will last for 6 hours. The mini air conditioner is made up of ABS plastic of high-grade and hence, it is highly durable. There is an adjustable holder available to place it anywhere you need.

9. Wooboo Mini Cooli 5th generation

Wooboo Mini Cooli 5th generation Mini Portable USB Rechargeable HandHeld Air Conditioner Summer Cooler Fan, Batteries Powered No Leaf Fan


– Usable as a fan, cooler, and air conditioner.

– Can bring down the temperature instantly.

– Anti-dust design with an anti-skid bottom.

You can choose to use this as a fan when the heat is not high and as an air conditioner when you need to beat the heat. The mini fan will help you dry off you sweat or anything wet easily and faster. You can turn it into a cooler by placing a wet sponge in the slot available to get a wet breeze.

The fan’s direction is adjustable, and it is having an anti-skid bottom. Therefore, the frame is of stainless steel for durability and sturdiness. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor uses, and it is sure to decrease the temperature by 3-5 degrees.

8. WoneNice Portable Mini-air Conditioner

WoneNice Portable Small Fan & Mini-air Conditioner, Runs On Batteries Or USB-Gray


– Brings down the temperature quicker.

– Water adding facilities to use as a cooler.

– Makes air breathable using evaporative technology.

Unlike other handheld air conditioners and mini coolers, this one is having a unique design. The mini fan can cool up to 30 Fahrenheit which is very effective on a summer day. It runs on 4 AA batteries and if you are using computer, you can run it directly using USB cable.

The sound is quite soft, and it is perfect for as a desk cooler. The airflow direction is controllable and the bottom surface flat for stable standing. Additionally, there are multiple color options available and the company offers one year warranty and the batteries allow 5 hours of operation on one recharge.

7. LOHOME Handy Cooler Small Fan

LOHOME Handy Cooler Small Fan, Mini-Air Conditioner Portable Speed Adjustable Fan Runs on Batteries or USB (Blue)


– Easy to carry for outdoor activities.

– Brushless motor for noiseless operation.

– Highly compact and has patented cooling technology.

This is another mini cooler that can operate as a standalone fan. You can run it wirelessly with four batteries, or you can power it via USB cable for continuous operation. It is suitable as a travel fan for outdoor uses as well as a desk fan cum cooler.

You have to have water to get the cooling sensation, and the evaporation technology makes the air ambient and breathable. The portable size is highly convenient and the airflow is strong and adjustable.

6. CTLpower Portable Fan

CTLpower Portable Fan,Mini Desk Fan with Misting Personal Cooling and Ultra-quiet for Travel,Home,and Office (Pink)-2019 Upgraded Version


– Long lasting battery capacity with USB connectivity.

– Three different modes of operation as per suitability.

– Humidifier fan for long lasting cooling effect.

This is one of the ergonomically designed handheld air conditioners and mini coolers on the list. There are three different colors available, and there is a gap handle to hold it firmly, and you can make it face anywhere.

It is a humidifier fan, and you have to add water for the cooling effect. It comes with recharge battery, and it is quite lightweight. There are three different modes of operation, and the operation is quiet. The material is of premium-quality, and the design is fashionable.

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5. LUCKSTAR Handheld Cooler Fan

LUCKSTAR Handheld Cooler Fan - Small Fan Mini-Air Conditioner Speed Adjustable Summer Cooler Fan With Water Bottle Powered by Batteries or USB Cable for Home / Office / Travel / Outdoor (Grey)


– Cooler and fan mode as per requirement.

– Direction and speed are adjustable.

– Sturdy construction to fan the study areas.

This mini cooler fan can cool the stuffy places conveniently. It is relatively small in size, and you can spin its head 90 degrees. The direction of the win is adjustable and so is the power of the wind.

There are two different working modes. In the cooling mode, you need to attach a wet sponge and you will get the chilly wind in return. In the ordinary mode, you have to remove the sponge and you will get normal wind only. It is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor usage, and it can run on battery or on USB power.

4. TianNorth Misting Fan

TianNorth Misting Fan Mini USB Handheld Humidifier Mist Water Spray Air Condictioning Moisturizing Fan Portable Face Spray Mist Humidifier


– Instant cooling effect with two different misting modes.

– Can be a handheld fan, humidifier, beauty or spray fan, and air conditioner.

– Greater air flowing surface for covering more face area.

This is one of the handiest handheld air conditioners and mini coolers. There are three different modes of operation. Two of them are for two different levels of misting. It is a humidifier, air conditioner, as well as a normal fan.

The design is portable, and the surface for airflow is quite large. The cooling effect is instant, and it can be a spray fan to dry off wet surfaces. You should use pure water only to extend the lifetime of the humidifier.

3. OPOLAR Handheld Misting Fan

OPOLAR Handheld Misting Fan, Rechargeable Battery Operated Fan, 3 Settings, Water Spray Fan, Mini Portable Desk Fan, Humidifier Quiet Fan, 2200mAh Battery, Personal Cooling Fan for Outdoor, Home


– Multifunctional use as humidifier, misty fan, and normal fan.

– Long lasting LG battery for longer backup.

– Fan speed adjustable and LED screen shows the current mode.

This is one of the best-rated handheld air conditioners and mini coolers. Just like others, there are two different levels of operation. The battery is both long lasting and rechargeable.

If you have a computer or other USB power sources, you can get a continuous cooling effect. Also, you can change the speed of the fan along with the direction and the sound of the operation is low and the company offers one year warranty on the product.

2. iEGrow  Handheld USB Mini Misting Fan

iEGrow Hqm-MY001 Handheld USB Mini Misting Fan, Blue


– Strong airflow with humidifier to keep skin fresh.

– Anti-spill sink with a larger capacity as well as power efficient.

– Different modes of operation as per the day temperature.

There are three different modes of operation available – normal fan, normal misty, and a combination of fan and misty. The fan ensures that your skin will stay fresh and also you can use it as a beauty humidifier. You can use it to dry off your makeup as well as nails and other wet surfaces.

The battery is rechargeable, and you can run it via micro USB cable. The fan is lightweight and portable, and the controls are available to set the operation as per requirements. Moreover, the airflow is strong and cool, and the sink has a large capacity. Also, this is definitely one of the value for money handheld air conditioners and mini coolers.

1. Skyocean Small Personal Fan

Skyocean Small Personal Fan with 6000mAh Power Bank Handheld Air Conditioners and Mini Coolers


– The most beautiful looking handheld cooler.

– Equally suitable for indoor and outdoor purposes.

– Operates quieter than most other fans and coolers.

– The longest lasting battery with 6000mAh capacity.

This is one of the beautifully designed handheld air conditioners and mini coolers. It uses a battery which makes it operate wirelessly. It is suitable for traveling and outdoor purpose. The air drive is powerful and you also can use it can a phone charger.

You can also use it as a desktop fan and there are three different modes of speeds, and it operates quietly than rest of the handheld air conditioners and mini coolers. The battery is a highlight and it is 6000mAh which will last for 12 hours. It is safe for kids and the company offers one year of warranty.


Lastly, just like split ACs or window ACs for rooms, having handheld air conditioners and mini coolers for outdoor activities or desk works has become mandatory. All the above-listed handheld air conditioners and mini coolers have dual connectivity which means you can operate them using battery wirelessly as well as using USB connection from the computer.
Do check out the features as different products offer different features and cooling experience.

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