Top 10 Best Nail Clippers in 2021

The use of nail clippers is universal. Almost every person requires them to trim their nails. Long nails accumulate a lot of dirt and germs which might affect your health. To keep them short, clean and safe, you deserve the best nail clipper in the market. Remember to avoid trimming your nails close to the skin to reduce infections. All clippers should be disinfected immediately after use. Check this if you are also looking for Best Pet Nail Clippers

Some nail clippers are a single product with multipurpose use. Others are sold as a set with several other necessities. We have created a list of the best nail clippers in 2021 to help you choose. Read through to learn their specifications.

Top 10 Best nail clippers in 2021

10. Kohm WHS-440L Heavy Duty Toenail Clipper

Kohm WHS-440L Heavy Duty Toenail Clipper

This nail clippers from Kohm will do magic to your thick toenails that are giving you a hard time to trim. You do not require to apply a lot of force while using them. This product will leave all your nails neat and clean.

It is built using stainless steel which makes them have incredible weight. Therefore the design favors everyone prone to ingrown nails. The handle is correctly reinforced, also there is a nail file to help you to smoothen your new look.


  • Made of heavy duty to cut 4mm thick nails
  • Designed in a size of 3.3” x 0.5” x 0.75” which is large to provide comfort.
  • Durable with solid construction
  • Curve and wide jaw blades 

9. Genuine “No-mes” Nail Clipper, USA

Genuine "No-mes" Nail Clipper, USA

If you are looking for a better experience after long durations of disappointment, we recommend you this American made product. You will experience a real change since it catches and retains the nail clippings. Another unique aspect is that its handle doesn’t rotate and hence stress-free to use.


  • Made from heated stainless steel (surgically treated) therefore does not rust
  • Catches and stores nail clippings
  • Handles are easy to hold
  • Nail file for smoothening 

8. Nail Clippers by Zizzili Basics – 3 Piece Nail Clipper Set

 Nail Clippers by Zizzili Basics - 3 Piece Nail Clipper Set

This type of clippers ensures that your nails are always neat and free from germs. You can carry them everywhere you go. Don’t forget that they save your time of searching where you kept your clippers since they are in your pouch.

Zizzili basic nail clippers come to you in a set. This means you get a 3” long toenail clipper with a jaw opening of 3mm and weighing 45g, a 2.5” fingernail clipper with a jaw opening of 2 mm and weighs 30 g and a pointed nail file made of steel. The nail pads are wide while the levers are easy to grip thus providing comfort.


  • Cutting edges are hand-sharpened
  • Comes in brown or pink pouch making it travel-friendly
  • The set has basic nail essentials
  • Blades are well aligned 

7. BESTOPE Nail Clippers Set Fingernail and Toenail Clipper Cutter

BESTOPE Nail Clippers Set Fingernail and Toenail Clipper Cutter

You do not have to trim your toenails and fingernails using the same clipper again. That ensures they serve you for a long duration. They are an added advantage to your healthy living ways. We can recommend them for both men and women.

This package contains a set of a toenail clipper and a fingernail clipper. The two clippers are made from stainless still therefore light and durable. They have strong levers and sharp blades to avoid struggling while trimming your nails.


  • They use separately and therefore healthy to use
  • Precise, sharp clipping
  • Trims with the best accuracy
  • Sharp clippings enabling you cut effortlessly
  • Has ergonomic shape 

6. Victorinox 8.2055.CB Swiss Army Nail clippers

Victorinox 8.2055.CB Swiss Army Nail clippers

You might have used nail clippers which are not sharp enough that you have to press several times before you succeed. It is indeed a bad experience. Right? For you to avoid such problems, this product assures you efficiency in trimming and maintaining your nails.

When you purchase this package, you will have owned several essentials which are one nail clipper, a key ring, a screwdriver, and a nail file. These Swiss products are long lasting with only 0.9 ounces.


  • Small and light to attach to a keychain and shaving kits
  • Has a length of 4.33 inches when open and 2.36 inches when closed
  • Constructed using stainless steel
  • Easy to carry along 

5. Tweezerman LTD Stainless Steel Deluxe Nail Clipper Set

Tweezerman LTD Stainless Steel Deluxe Nail Clipper Set

These clippers are good for cutting finger and toenails leaving them smooth and tidy. They are easy to use and provides you with excellent quality, either men or women can use it.

The set contains two clippers, one for toenails and another for fingernails. They are durable and does not rust since their material is stainless steel. The blades are curved to help in trimming precision.


  • They are ultra-sharp
  • Stainless steel made
  • Great for manicure needs
  • Sturdy and durable with ease of cleaning 

4. Kohm CP-140L Toenail Clipper for Thick Nails

Kohm CP-140L Toenail Clipper for Thick Nails

For trimming thick nails which may break some clippers, Kohm CP-140L is the product for the work. They are useful for people who are not susceptible to ingrown nails.

They are sharp with a wide jaw and stronger than the hard nails. Their handle and body are long producing good leverage when clipping.


  • Have a wide jaw for 4mm thick nails
  • Curve blades
  • 2.5mm thick handle
  • They are large with measurements of 3.3″ x 0.6″ x 0.7″ making them accurate
  • Made of brushed stainless steel hence easy to wash them
  • Built-in file to smoothen your nails after trimming
  • Can attach to a key ring 

3. FIXBODY Nail Clipper Set

FIXBODY Nail Clipper Set

Fixbody nail clippers are convenient to use anywhere you go. You can, therefore, use them when the need arises without splitting your nails. They can help you to reduce the chances of transmitting nail fungus. You can use them comfortably without bending so much.

They come to you like a package of three items; toenail clippers, fingernail clippers, and a nail file. The materials include an anti-slip lever and stainless steel blades. That of the clipper set is an alloy of zinc making it sturdy.


  • Its shape is ergonomic and comfortable
  • Ultra sharp stainless steel blades
  • It offers essential needs for perfect trimming. Brings you three durable tools you require
  • Gives you professionally looking pedicure or manicure 

2. Nail Clippers For Fingernails By Clyppi

Nail Clippers For Fingernails By Clyppi

Having a good experience trimming your nails means your clippers do not break, your nails do not split or cracking and health protection. This product provides all these needs leaving your nails smooth and attractive. They cut almost perfectly such that you do not need the in-built nail file.

The appearance of these clippers is stylish and modern. The design uses a sturdy material yet relatively low weighing. Moreover, the swing out nail file is double-sided with different roughness grades. You can comfortably use them as they fit ergonomically in your hands.


  • Lifetime guarantee
  • They are easy to control and use
  • Stainless steel made, which has a matte finish, making it remain in your hands
  • Toenail clipper length is 3.4,” and the fingernail clipper measures 2.6.” 

1. SEKI EDGE SS-106- Stainless Steel Fingernail Clipper

SEKI EDGE SS-106- Stainless Steel Fingernail Clipper

This is a spectacular product from Seki Edge with a real transformation to your nail cutting experiences. Expect the best results since the Clippers do not harm your nails or skin. They are perfect for beauty professionals to treat their customers. Why not get some for your domestic use? You can give it to someone as a gift if they have had nail clippers disappointments before.

Their design facilitates precise cutting smoothly without using a file. The design is elegant and sophisticated.


  • Sharp blades made of stainless steel
  • Hand finished
  • Ergonomically comfortable to hold
  • Made to last for long
  • Die-cast lever 


You should always ensure that the nail clippers you choose are durable. Most of their material is steel and therefore cannot rust. The best nail clippers will have blades that are in good shape and ground. The levers should be fitting and not too loose or tight. Some clippers are the best fitting in your hands than others. You should, therefore, go for the one you are comfortable with.

Best nail clippers help to trim your nails while providing care and hygiene at the same time. Some come as a set while others can be used for all functions. Experts advise you to disinfect the tools after use, e.g. by wiping them with alcohol. Nail clippers are essential for everyone, and you cannot live without them. You should buy the best.

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