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Top 10 Best Steam Mop in 2019

The cleaning of the floors was the first trouble out of eating and survival, the mankind faced in history. The ground had to be cleared to avoid the presence of snakes and other elements, as rocks, in caves, the first human house. The developing of the floor was as important as the roof over the head, but it was almost forgotten technologically speaking.

The tied bunches of dried herbs made the work of keeping clear the tread ground where the first houses were built. The tread ground was the original floor, by the way, an uncomfortable one which required lots of water and strength to keep it entire and less dusty. The handmade brooms made from branches and herbs were then the first evolving movement for the floor cleaning devices.Here are the 10 best steam mop: Check this out Top 10 Best Wooden Cutting Boards in 2019

Well established the criteria in order to establish which one in our selection is the best steam mop, a primal look tells me this will be a rough struggle among brands offering marvelous products. The final choice to purchase one it’s up to you, really well helped by the criteria that better suits your requirements. So, join me to find out which one of the ten best steam mops available in the market, is the best steam mop in 2019:

Review of Top 10 Best Stream Mop in 2019

10. Haan Multiforce Pro Scrubbing

Haan Multiforce Pro Scrubbing- steam mop

Ergonomical and good until it suddenly dies

This item is the lightest one available, featuring the best of every model available and owning it in a lousy way, it’s dissapointing. It weighs 3.3 kilos, its dimensions are 24x 26x 119 cms. This is the steam mop the tall people was looking for. It’s a shame it’s not that good, so bulky and high maintenance. The running time is about 15 minutes. It is a really good item while it lasts, so this must be a calling for the manufacturer. Keep the height, make a smaller footprint, a better tank and you will have a really competitive steam mop.

The design in this one is ergonomical and so great. The footprint is not that great. Just leave a great steamer, some tools, a long stick to operate and you have got yourself a hits sale. The colour in this one is really beautiful. Black and orange accents. But design can’t make this a great product when it gets damaged by use.

The quality in this one is doubtful. Reviewers agree about its lousiness and I agree. You just cannot purchase a beta version of a product. This is the fact about this steamer. No matter what you do, how you take care about this. It seems to be not as well-thought by the manufacturer in terms of reliability or durability. Maybe they concentrated more in the design. So I could not recommend this. The reviews are mostly negatives. And when you read a product dies with no apparent reason, you must take this in account always.

9. Polti Vaporetto Classic

Polti Vaporetto Classic- steam mop

So classic it could be boring

Appreciations apart, the Polti Vaporetto Classic is another example of traditional design and sobriety. Out of mystery, it can be adjusted, cleaned, maintained and used in an easy way. It weighs 4.3 Kg, its dimensions are 34 x 34 x 32.5 cm, the water tank is about 1.3 litres, so it’s made to work and provide great results. The steam power could be higher for the price you pay for, so this is not a nice purchase if you are willing to pay for a powerful steamy effect. If not, you are paying for durability and appeal. A safe purchase. A cautious one.

The design in this item is not too fancy or sophisticated. If you love the retro looks in modern devices, you have got a sure number in here. Its red colour, the easy knobs, the great shape and small footprint makes this item easy to storage and place in a small space. This is multifunctional and brings its own tools.

The cheap plastic spare parts as caps and attachments, but those are not that bad if you treat them carefully, are the low parts in this number. The knobs and the general item is built for last. The metal inner tank makes this product a solid one that will handle use and abuse. This is a purchase with high possibilities to become eternal. A few improvements and you have got yourself the best steam mop you can buy. A certainly medium-power one, but you will surely stick to your purchase with this one. Reviewers seem to be happy with this one. Try to be careful while filling the tank. Remember the cap of the tank is the secret of steaming. Once you lose it, your device will nor deliver.

  • If you are a tall person: yes. This is an average sized product.
  • Steams up to: 20-25 minutes.
  • Detergent or fragrances in the tank? Use your favourite ones.

  • Right price for what you are purchasing
  • Almost eternal with adequate handling
  • Almost too classic

8. Bissell Vac & Steam

Bissell Vac & Steam- steam mop

The answer you were looking for

This gorgeous piece of electronic engineering provides VACUUM CLEANER and steam mop. The compact design, the small footprint, the appealing look, the functionality in this item, will make a total pleasure for you to be the owner of this device. You will brag about this expensive, but yet worthy device. It’s light, well assembled and really useful It weighs 4.4 Kg and the size is 23 x 118.1 x 28 cm. So, even if you are tall, you will want to give this an opportunity. Be sure you treat it as a vacuum cleaner (you will have some filters to clean and a cup that requires to be emptied to make it work properly) and as a steamer (take care of the tank, try to use all the water in the steamer).

The design is futuristic, really catchy, fancy, clean, sophisticated. The red and white colour is just eye-catching. The wide operating Radius of 7.6 metres, is a good design conception, revealing this product is really conceptualized to fulfill all the needs of a cleaning enthusiast. It’s easy to use, understand, clean and storage. The vacuum noise is not that nice. It is slightly high pitched, your pets will certainly hate it, but this 2 in 1 product is the answer you were looking for.

The quality in this one is still in proving stage. The idea of mixing two different products this way might be revolutionary, and certainly it deserves some more trial and error. There are several reviews explaining you cannot get excellence in the both features. I think I do not agree. The vacuum cleaner is not incompatible with a steam mop. If you do not take care of specifications for both goods, you will think this is just a novelty. But not. This is a really steady product. Take the risk to buy keeping in mind the advices I provide. The reviewers seem to forget a vacuum cleaner needs to have some maintenance. This product seems to be here to stay.
If you are a tall person: yes. This is an average sized product.

  • Steams up to: 10-15 minutes
  • Detergent or fragrances in the tank? Use your favourite ones

  • Right price for what you are purchasing
  • Good and durable
  • It has got everything a well-kept floor requires
  • Expensive
  • Only for floors

7. Karcher SC3

Karcher SC3- steam mop

This steam mop is definitely one of the most popular steam items available

It weighs 3.1 Kg, the dimension are about 36.3 x 23.6 x 25.3 cm, its tank capacity is about 1 litres, so, it steams for about 30 minutes. This is one of the best products you could ever buy. This is not as affordable as other models. The price in steamers are provided by the tank capacity, so, you can have an idea about this product. This is not so heavy, really portable and comes with some accessories, maybe you will want to purchase others to take advantage of this steam mop cleaner.

The design in this great functioning product, the cute yellow colour and the nice, easy in the eyes, understandable and user friendly looks, are very badly pulled down to the floor by the unbearable clips in the sides that grab the mop. So much trial and error when you have other models with better attachable mops. Somehow, you will have to take some time to put it in the right way. You will have some disappointing moments and loads of frustration.

The quality of this product is superior. High performance, great materials, durability. Definitely you are paying a good price for an excellent product that will last years. So, you know this is a good steam mop right to be considered a find. The guarantee and the excellent customer service makes this item look good wherever you see it. This is a really durable purchase you can brag about and make your house shine. This product is great to steam sofas and mattresses. This handles hard work, but requires some tools to make an excellent work. Go ahead and buy. You will be happy as soon as you handle the mop installation.

  • If you are a tall person: BUY!
  • Steams up to: 30 minutes.
  • Detergent or fragrances in the tank? Use your favourite ones.

  • Right price for what you are purchasing
  • Good and durable
  • The clips in the mop head. WHY?

6. Vax S6S Home Pro Compact

Vax S6S Home Pro Compact- steam mop

Attach a vacuum in this and you will need nothing else to clean the house!

This product is a steady steam canister with some minor flaws. The mops for this model are just Velcro mops you can leave behind while cleaning. The steam detergent removes grease and grime and smells delicious and fresh, being a cleaning product that could have a commercial life by itself. The 18 piece tool and accessory kit included in this product makes it be the favourite of the professional cleaners. It’s more affordable than the shark, it weighs 4.7 Kg and its dimensions are 35.5 x 36 x 26 cm. The tank bears 1,6 litres of water, running up to 40 minutes. When you purchase this excellent product, please note the steam. If it’s too moist (drops water) please contact support. The steamer is obviously clogged. With this, you are paying the right price.

The design in this model is strictly functional. This is very professional and discrete. The gray and white colour is sober in this model. It is easy to storage. This product is really good to steam cleaning windows, curtains, rugs, carpets, bathrooms and more. It cleans with detergent and pure water if you will. As a matter of fact, you will clean at least two rooms before refilling. It’s not detachable, but it has a radio action of about 6 meters and is extremely user friendly. You are making a great investment in this one.

The quality in this product is relatively proportional to the handling it receives. This is developed to be a hard work tool, but does not handle hits and bumps. The plastic frame is resistant, but this is a delicate product with fragile parts, as the tank. The durability is out of discussion. This would not be the professionals favourite, if this was not enduring and built for last. The price in this product is right the expected for this features. Take care of the know. Be not aggressive. If knob gets damaged, the repairing could be more complicated than it seems. Go ahead and make this investment. It is a deal!

  • If you are a tall person: Sure!
  • Steams up to: 40 minutes.
  • Detergent or fragrances in the tank? Use your favourite if you think the recommended detergent is expensive.

  • Right price for what you are purchasing
  • Good and durable
  • No cons

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5. Shark Lift-Away 2 in 1 Steam

Shark Lift-Away 2 in 1 Steam- steam mop

The only shark you will love to take home!

This 2-in-1 steam pocket mop with removable handheld steamer for above floor cleaning is simply great and really expensive. It weighs 2.7 Kg and its dimensions are 30.5 x 15 x 130 cm. This could look as a disappointment in size and price, but the cord is long, it has a whole variety of tools and the corresponding carrying bag, which means YOU COULD BE WORKING WITH THIS SHARK! The detachable handheld steamer is really good and easy to pull out for other steaming tasks and be put back again. Bag less dust, mop and scrub are the features in this product everyone seems to love!

The design in this product is very modern and hip, portable and easy to carry and use. Its silver and white colour design looks futuristic and it’s really a functional device you will love. It’s too low for a tall person. The design looks sophisticated, elegant, cute and. The silver frame is very low maintenance, being this a great spin for this kind of items.

The quality in this product seems to be good until you see there’s actually not a single person giving further information about the time of steaming. The evidences of some durability are the great quality pocket mop. The customer reviewers are more willing to show how much do they love this product and giving no useful information at all. The long cable means this support long journeys, the practical design and high price suggest quality, the brand is certainly very catchy, so, it’s a sure bet you are making a good purchase with this steamy shark as a tool to work with.

  • If you are a tall person: Absolutely not for mop a floor. It’s too low for you.
  • Steams up to: Mysterious Amounts of Time Never Reviewed or Provided Before. Not even in their website. So, if you are a customer, please leave a comment telling us how long does the shark steam mop works before refilling, and help others to figure out if your shark is a great catch or if it has to be released in the ocean and forget the domestic life.
  • Detergent or fragrances in the tank? Definitely not. A shark does not need chemical substances in the water.

  • Cute
  • Good
  • Expensive
  • Too low

4. Morphy Richards Total Clean Fresh

Morphy Richards Total Clean Fresh- steam mop


Built to steam problems away!

This product is unusually powerful, light, steady, cute, well designed, powerful and EXPENSIVE. This does not need to stop steaming between refills, so, you can be cleaning the time you need. The detachable steamer makes this great artifact, be better than it actually is, even more versatile and useful. The weight is about 3 kilos and the dimensions are 22 x 28 x 117.5 cm, an average height, almost not that uncomfortable for the tallest persons. Check to look for malfunctions right out from the box. If yours drops water as a jet washer, certainly is malfunctioning. This is a good product. You have to wait 30 seconds to heat it and steam.

The design in this product is very refreshing and happy coloured. The white colour as the orange accents make it very neat and eye catching. The design is the average one in a steam mop, but the colours are the difference that makes this model attractive. This purchase brings attachments and tools to pull the best out of this product.

The quality in this product is average, the only difference it has, respect to other steam mops, which might justify the price is the steam pressure and the ability to refill while working. This item handles hard work and the power it has, makes it one of the best options available in the market. The prize is as high as its quality. As a matter of fact, is very unusual to find a lousy steamer mop and a really good one in a reasonable price. The durability in this item is still in a “waiting to see” issue, because many customers refer the steam power in this product, tends to downgrade with time.

  • If you are a tall person: Yes. A bit low sometimes, but you can live with this. *Steams up to: 12 minutes.
  • Detergent or fragrances in the tank? Definitely not. It could mess up the steam power and detergent is not that volatile.

  • Portable
  • Good
  • Expensive

3. Karcher SC1 Steam Stick

Karcher SC1 Steam Stick- steam mop

The perfect bathroom and kitchen steamer aspiring to grow up and be able to endure enough to clean the floors!

This product is a really good propose to industry. Light, durable, really well equipped, compact. The dimensions in this are 32.1 x 12.7 x 18.6 cm, the weight is 1,6 kilos, so you guess this is a small device. This is expensive compared to other devices. If you will to buy it because you need a steam mop for the floor, you will be disappointed, because the water tank in this cute model is really small to accomplish this task. The tools it provides are the best and really multifunctional. Bad reviewers complain about its impossibility to clean floors, but the floor attachments are in the box, so you can make it always remembering this running steam time is short to clean a floor.

The design in this one must be imitated and resembled, maybe attaching a retractile stick that adapts to the height of the users. The cute black colour with yellow accents, remember the heavy duty machinery, and that’s it. This is meant for the hard work. A bigger tank would not hurt it. This is a total success in design, portability, storage and steam power. Highly recommended for bathrooms, kitchen surfaces, molds, crusts, grease. Name it, this steamer will get rid of it within 3 minutes.

The quality in this item is high. So durable and good, you will enjoy this steamer for years. The materials are superior, the assembly really steady and the resistance is assured in this item. It handles whole days of complete work. The tank must be refilled. This is its only flaw. But be not sad. There’s actually floor mops of this brand offering the quality and the warranty, endurance and performance of this steamer ahead! The Potency, durability, low maintenance, possible neglect and overuse are allowed in this specific model. You are buying quality, making an inversion you will never regret. Do not use it as a floor steamer. You will be disappointed. Bad reviewers are persons thinking this steamer is a steam mop…

  • If you are a tall person: YES. This device is only for surfaces, not floors.
  • Steams up to: 3 minutes.
  • Detergent or fragrances in the tank? I could go on the fragrances, not the detergent. You better apply the detergent in the surface and
  • steam it off.

  • Portable
  • Good
  • Short cable
  • Very poor steam time
  • Expensive

2. Vax Steam Fresh Combi S86-SF-C

Vax Steam Fresh Combi S86-SF-C- steam mop

A detachable steamer in need to get rid of its frame to be good!

This product is a good idea destroyed by the development, because the microfiber cloth is a loose duster you have to be always aware of in order to not left if behind while cleaning. This item weighs 3.7 Kg and the dimensions are 30 x 116 x 31 cm. This also comes with a detergent that allegedly removes grease and grime faster than steam. The steaming part is not that powerful and it’s slightly more expensive than other models really better than this one. Steam mop technology is still in beta versions. This one is the most beta version of the bunch.

The design in this one is very well thought. The trigger is still bad placed, as the steam head cloth concept. The knob suggests different levels of steam power, but as a matter of fact there is only one steam power in this item: standard lousy. The idea of detaching the cloth is very bad, the detergent idea is supreme, the detachable steamer idea is astonishing, but the bad development kills all the great intentions in this model.

The quality in this product is below average. Cheap materials and plastic tools make it perfect to dissuade people to buy a steam mop. The detergent idea (a really good detergent, by the way) and the detachable steamer, are the incentive to buy, but the durability is not good. This will break, does not handle hard work and the steam launch time is shorter than other steam mops. This will be a purchase only durable if you keep it stored and far from work. So, it’s better to keep looking around. This sells great, but will not provide your expectations.

If you are a tall person: this could give you some back pains.
Steams up to: 12 minutes.
Detergent or fragrances in the tank? Yes. The detergent is good and smells delicious.
Wooden floors friendly.

  • Detachable steamer
  • Bad materials
  • Further expenses in detergent and cloths

1. Russell Hobbs RHMSM3002

Russell Hobbs RHMSM3002- steam mop

Pull the trigger and kill bacteria and germs!

About Russell Hobbs RHMSM3002, allegedly has 11 functions: to turn water into steam and the other ten are just purposes developed by the wide selection of tools this steam mop brings: window tool, upholstery tool, bathroom brush, scraper tool and rounded brush. This will be perfect to fit the solution of every need you did not know you had, as cleaning the mattresses and prevent allergies (Steam also kills mites) This is ideal to scrape hard grease out of the kitchen, mold in sinks, calcifications on faucets, being portable and having tools to reach difficult places. It weighs 3 kilos. The dimensions are 25 x 31 x 115 cm, and it’s affordable.

The design in this product is very practical and it has a small footprint. You can store it in small places. The white colour and the blue accents, make it look very neat and futuristic. The filling tank hole is small, so if you are not accurate, you will wet this product. The trigger is a miss in the design, because it’s not really well placed in the handle. If you are a tall person, this will be very uncomfortable to use.

About the quality, this is a discontinued product, it necessarily does not mean it’s bad. You will buy just remaining stock. Remember steam mops are new products and the durability and quality must take some years to arise as it really is. A prior look of this product, makes you see this is a really well assembled device, it’s solid, the tools are very steady and good. The materials are very durable. The customers love it, its versatility is out of discussion, so, this is a great purchase.

  • If you are a tall person: this could give you some back pains.
  • Steams up to: 15 minutes.
  • Detergent or fragrances in the tank? No. You will lose the warranty.
  • Wooden floors friendly.

  • Good
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Not important ones

Why using a steam mop?

A steam mop will apparently be one of those fancy cleaning devices you could think you don’t need. Until the carpet gets smelly, the wooden floors get dry and ugly, or your baby begins to explore the world. That’s when you think the bleach is not a great option, the disinfectant stains and the water does not dry fast enough, and someone gets inside with dirty shoes, making even bigger your troubles.

A steam mop provides a dry steam heat ideal to renew the wooden floors, sanitize wood and other kinds of floors. This is ideal for deodorizing carpets and rugs, besides making the fibers look like new. This device is especially useful in bathrooms and kitchens, as well as in the baby’s room, play spaces, and the pets beds and furniture.

Several steam mops are developed to be multitask, so, when you purchase one of them, you are purchasing a hand steamer that will allow you to perform cleaning around the house. The sole power of water and heat kill the 99.9 % of germs and bacteria, so you will save money in cleaning products that simply DO NOT provide sanitizer goals. Just add water and refresh your couch, the curtains, the oven, the sinks, the floor, the wooden structures in the house, the rooms, the carpets, deodorizing the difficult places by just a dime!

Carpet cleaning services are good, but sometimes their job is only limited to vacuum, pass a steam mop and brush the carpets, being this an expensive service you can provide by yourself to your home by a fraction of the cost. The use of chemicals and aggressive cleaning products stain the floors and the carpets. The alleged sanitizers can be scams. Nothing better than a natural way to clean and sanitize a surface than steam.

Currently, steam mops are ergonomically adapted to make the moping cleaning easier. Those are really light, portable, useful and easy to carry and storage. The changeable microfiber cloth you place in the steamer, is cleaner than regular mops, detach it and put in in the washer every time you finish. No water buckets filled with filthy water that just leave clean and shiny, all the bacteria and germs you pick up with traditional mops to take around the house.

When you get the best steam mop, you will change your cleaning habits. As a matter of fact, those actually work to refresh the delicate clothing that make you spend lots of money in dry-cleaning services. As a matter of fact, there are some models adapted to make that work for you as well, representing a big saving and a great way to lower your carbon footprint. The market offers really good steam mopes YOU NEED TO KNOW before choosing the right for you.
The criteria for this pursuit are:

  • Price.
  • Size for the taller people.
  • Versatility.
  • Design.
  • Quality.
  • Assembly.
  • Storage.
  • Steam time.
  • Features.

The ability to put some detergent/fragrance in the tank (this is important to me and several people. We need to know)

History of the floors, there will be not steam mops without the floors

The evolving of the floor, began in the ancient Egypt using stone slabs and clay blocks to make the houses more comfortable, using, as expected, the handmade brooms to remove dust and clear the area. As a curious fact, THE FIRST “LUXURIOUS FLOOR” (understanding luxurious, as the floor we know today) was developed in china, as terracotta floors, really shiny and attractive. The technology was passed as knowledge to Korea and Japan by the East, and to the West, Persia and North Africa until arriving at the Iberian Peninsula in the silk’s route, which made the Arabic floor development, the most beautiful and ornamental known in the antiquity.

The invention of the mop

Beautiful floors required more than a handmade broom to make them look good. Those floors were high maintenance ones and the washing was very important, developing the mop to keep the splendor of the designs in the palaces and Mosques, as in the houses, making almost the rest of the human story evolved in several aspects, but still to be bent to wash the floors with a mop. The wooden floors were gaining Until 1837, when Jacob Howe received the U.S. patent #241 for a mop holder, that allowed the floor washing to be made while you stand. This invention was difficult to squeeze, until the posterior development of better mops and materials.

Whilst this interesting story, other kind of floors were developing among other cultures and latitudes: the wooden floor in Nordic countries, stonework floor in tropical countries, polish concrete floors around the world… which also required cleaning and maintenance, giving a way to better and greater devices to clean them.

The invention of Steam mops.

In 1998, a south Korean woman named Romi Haan, invented the steam mop. For her “necessity is the mother of inventions”, because she was tired to clean the floors the antique way. She wanted them really disinfected, the mops were not aseptic enough, so, she developed a prototype in 2001, released in 2008 in the market to become a major success. Steam mops appeared as the most advanced way to clear, disinfect and take care of delicate floors.

Using the same steam technology, the irons use, the steam mops are the last generation in cleaning, currently available for domestic purposes. Steam mops are ideal to clean and sanitize every surface in the house, not only the floor. It is versatile, environment-friendly and avoids the use of harmful chemicals and abrasives in the household chores. Now steam mopes are great acquisitions, really well developed for the modern housewife and cleaning enthusiasts, bettering the cleaning process.


The reviews in here were made checking every product in four separate sources: two well-known virtual stores, the manufacturer’s web site and a random review site, just in case. When something is portrayed, it’s a general opinion developed over checking the goods, the bad, and the possible causes of the bad reviews.

If you see a product in here, qualified as good while reviewers destroy it, be sure I found out HUMAN CAUSES in the malfunctions, and you don’t have to be worried. Just take in account the advices given and enjoy the purchase you have made with us. Be not afraid to click to purchase!

The best Steam Mops are good in wooden floors. All of them. Don’t worry. Just buy and use!

You can pick one of the first nine reviewed. The tenth must be left apart and look for something better.

You have choices and sincere reviews in here:

  • Try to be clever and buy the better ones. The simpler ones are good. Every steam mop will have further expenses in spare mops.
  • Put detergent in the surface to steam, not in the tank in small steam mops. Steam it away.
  • This is a useful device for you, for real. Thanks for joining me in the pursuits!

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