Top 10 Best Christmas Movies on Netflix in 2022

Every single human being loves Christmas and all this season has to offer. It is during this time, that people get to talk and met their loved ones who they last saw at the beginning of the year. Christmas seasons always help people complete the year in style. However, as much as we love giving gifts, chatting with friends for hours, eating different snacks and so forth, Christmas movies on Netflix are always a perfect way to celebrate Christmas. You can focus on movies related to romance, action, Christmas legends, and religion. Statistics actually show that many families’ best part about the Christmas holidays is watching an amazing Christmas movie from their couch.

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Netflix Entertainment gives you the best Christmas movies not just during the holidays but all year long.Stream on Netflix today and get entertained on Christmas movies from romance, comedies, religion and Christmas legends. From Netflix, you can cheer Christmas all year with the many great flicks streaming on. However, this article will highlight the top best Christmas movies on Netflix you can settle for during Christmas. With this list, you will definitely settle for the great content in Netflix. Read through the entire article and you will be certain to understand the best Christmas movies to stream on Netflix. Read on!

Top 10 Best Christmas Movies on Netflix in 2022

10. Legend of Frosty the Snowman

Legend of Frosty the Snowman - Christmas Movies on Netflix

This is a Netflix Christmas movie that revolves around the great Frosty the Snowman who is present where necessary. The movie revolves around Evergreen town where Snow teaches people about the reality of magic and how great it is. In the town, Mr. Tinkerton, the town mayor despises magic from his town and other magic nonsense.

When Legend Frosty the Snowman visits Evergreen, he teaches the children in the town that magic is nice and all real. Children like Charlie, Tommy, Sarah, and Walter are amazed by the reality of magic and they focus on educating the people on the importance of magic.

However, they are faced with many obstacles along the way. Stream on Netflix and watch the thrilling story of Legend of Frosty the Snowman and the children experience in Evergreen.

9. Dear Santa

Dear Santa - Christmas Movies on Netflix

This is a 2011 Christmas movie on Netflix that revolves around romance. It is a romantic story about Crystal, a rich girl whose life suddenly changes after finding Young’s girl letter to Santa praying for a new mother. This letter touches the heart of Crystal and she decides to focus on bringing joy to the little girl’s family.

She then focuses on being a gift to the family from Santa. Crystal then becomes close to Derek and her daughter, Olivia. However, their love is faced by obstacles but Crystal presses on and believes in making a change in this family. Learn what happens next by tuning into Netflix.

8. Santa Apprentice

Santa Apprentice - Christmas Movies on Netflix

This is one of the best rated Christmas movies on Netflix. It revolves around two best friends, Felix and Nicholas. The two live in an orphanage where all the kids there are orphans. In the orphanage, Nicholas gets into a heated argument with the orphanage bully, Grinroch who claims that Santa does not exist. Due to Nicholas pure heart, he is chosen as Santa Apprentice. Watch this movie and understand the life of Nicholas after he is appointed as the Santa Apprentice.

7. Christmas Inheritance

Christmas inheritance - Christmas Movies on Netflix

This is one of the 2017 Christmas movies on Netflix. The story revolves around Alpha Ellen, a heiress who is to inherit all his father’s money. Her dad wishes her to take a Christmas card to his old friend Zeke who lives in Snow falls a small town. Ready to fulfill his dad’s wish, Ellen leaves New York to take the card.

On his way there, something happens and she has to work in an inn to earn money. Ellen then Mets Jake who they easily bond. However, both Ellen and Jake have a past. Stream on Netflix and find out what happens after the truth is out about Ellen’s true identity.

6. Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas

Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas - Christmas Movies on Netflix

This is yet another great Christmas movie on Netflix. It is an award-winning film that revolves around three boys, Huey, Dewey and Louie, and their entire family. The boys make a wish where they wish every day was Christmas after having an enjoyable day. To their surprise, their wish is granted. After getting into an argument with their uncle and aunt the previous day, the next day is a total mess.

This immediately helps the boy realize that Christmas is all about being with friends and family. With this lesson, they all promise to make the next Christmas day bigger and better.

5. Holiday Engagement

Holiday Engagement - Christmas Movies on Netflix

This is one of the hottest Christmas movies on Netflix. Hilary Burns always have a hard time dealing with her meddlesome mother who insists that she gets married. It is during the Christmas holidays and Hilary promises to introduce her fiancée to everyone. Things don’t turn out as planned since her lawyer boyfriend suddenly breaks up with her.

To protect herself from her overbearing mum, Hilary hires a model to pose as her fiancée. As time moves on, their relationship stars to feel real. However, the two are torn between making it real or continuing the pretense. Watch this romantic movie and find out what happens next in Hilary’s romantic relationship.

4. White Christmas

White Christmas - Christmas Movies on Netflix

This is a Christmas movie on Netflix which follows the life of two retired soldiers who are friends. The two friends visit their former general’s inn and to their surprise, the inn is perishing. The two ex-soldiers decide to help the inn go back on track by hosting a big show.

Hosting the show is definitely a big deal. However, the two former soldiers are determined to make the big show a hit so that the inn can regain its legacy. The journey is tough but they both decide to press on until everything is bigger and better. Find out what happens next by streaming on Netflix for updates.

3. Dr Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Dr Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas - Christmas Movies on Netflix

This is a 2000 comedy Christmas movies on Netflix. It is a comedy story that revolves around Grinch, a misanthropic creature that hates Christmas. Grinch always spreading critics about Christmas. As a result of that, nobody cares for Grinch. Cindy Lou however, believes everyone can change. She personally believes Grinch can change. It is during one tragic night that Grinch saves Cindy Lou and she discovers about the tragic past Grinch has.

The truth then comes out that Grinch was born a kind-hearted person but life was too harsh. Inspired by his life story, Cindy decides to make Grinch the main participant in Christmas. Stream to Netflix and discover whether Cindy’s hard work avails to something or not.

2. A Christmas Prince

A Christmas Prince - Christmas Movies on Netflix

This is a Christmas movie which revolves around a famous journalist who investigates the life of Prince Richard. Amber holds an interview to disclose the Prince life but unfortunately, Richard does not appear. Amber then promises to get all the necessary information about Richard and his family. In his journey to the truth, Amber discovers that Richard and his family are good people. Amber even becomes a close friend to Emmy, Richard’s younger sister. A

s the fight for the throne continues in the palace, Amber focuses on bringing out the real character of Prince Richard and explaining that he deserves the throne.  She then focuses on creating a great name for the Prince. As life moves on, Richard and Amber get into a romantic relationship and happily wed. Get into details about this romantic couple by streaming into NetFlix.

1. Bad Santa

Bad Santa - Christmas Movies on Netflix

This is one of the top Christmas movies on Netflix. The movie revolves around two professional thieves, Marcus Skidmore, and Willie T Soke. Every Christmas season, the two take up Santa roles in order to rob shopping malls. A lot of people actually believe that Willie is the true Santa.

The two always take advantage of the people’s naiveness and steal from them. However, as time passes by the truth is close to being revealed. Stream on Netflix to discover if the life of Willie and Marcus is finally disclosed to everyone and what happens to them after everyone discovers their true identity.


Statistics show that a lot of families in the world enjoy watching Christmas movies with their family members. As much as we want to enjoy Christmas movies, it is never a guarantee that we are settling for the perfect movies. However, this problem is no more. From the above discussion, it is clear that Netflix should be your all-time Christmas Entertainment industry. It delivers these and more Christmas movies for everyone to watch. It revolves around romance, comedy and Christmas drama.

The above discussion summarizes the top ten best Christmas movies for everyone to watch. It gives a plot of the top rated movies in Netflix From the above summary, you can comfortably settle for the best late night Christmas movies in Netflix. Stream into Netflix today and cheer into Christmas the whole year.

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