Top 10 Creative Ideas for Funny Halloween Costumes

The Halloween night gets always filled so many spooky surprises. People should have many twisted thrills and frights all over the place to make the day memorable and also enjoyable. We all love the funny and creepy costumes that people come with during the Halloween night. This year’s Halloween is no exception from the rest of the years, get ready for some fun Halloween costumes that will be the surprise of the night. You should consider swapping the pretty face you have for the humor that so much needed on this night.

This coming Halloween night, be the source of the life in the party or wherever you will be. Among all the undead people who will be in your neighborhood, this October 31st make sure you bring out a comedy. Make some screams of laughter from the onlookers with screams of terror. The outfit will cause everyone to appreciate the clever pun and creativity you will have put in place to ensure that you are exceptional.

These funny costumes will help you to put the “Ha!” behind the Halloween. Both men and women, families, children and a couple. No one gets exempted from the list. You are guaranteed to bring out the funny in the party.

Top 10 Creative Ideas for Funny Halloween Costumes

10. Adult Nacho Libre Costume

Plus Nacho Libre Costume

You may not find it easy for you to join the ranks of the luche wrestling leagues among the Mexican people. Ignacio also finds out this reality in a hard way also in Nacho Libre. He does everything he can to ensure that he can provide all the needs of the orphan friends that he has.

We also hope that you can do the same thing just as he does it. Buy having this costume; you get a chance to get into the Mexican ring. You will have an entry in the classic luchador style; no one will be able to pull this off. But before then, you should find a partner for yourself and practice the turnbuckle moves. This costume will make you win the hearts of many during the night, even sister Encarnacion.

9. Macho Man Randy Savage Costume

Macho Man Randy Savage Costume

Halloween night requires a costume that is going to announce your arrival as soon as you get in the room. The macho man is the perfect outfit to help you pull off such a thing and have everyone glued to you. This costume has a top sleeveless shirt that made with leopard print and faux leather on it. You also get a zippered red jacket that only legends put on because of the luxuriously long fringe.

No one dares to dress this way. You will make a statement during the night that everyone will remember about. To top it all, the costume has a cowboy hat with leopards print. You can go overboard by adding ski goggles, the large pair. The glasses or sunglasses will help in hiding the power of your eyes.

When you show up in such a costume, be sure to be given a prize. Even if there were no intention of giving out on the night, you would become a candidate for one. You will become the cream of the crop as all the guests will be after you. You will become the champ of the night.

8. Sassy Nun Costume

Womens Sassy Nun Costume

The Sassy nun is a costume perfect for those who would be in the mood to join the sisterhood, but just for one night. Have some holy look during the night, with an organ app to help you get in the mood. The costume offers the best mix of sanctified and sassy.

It has a knee length skirt that will enable you to have plenty of flow and freedom especially for a person looking for a musical costume. The dramatic bell sleeves are a perfect addition to the costume. The wide white scapular collar of the dress is made to match the veil. You can top this outlook with cross tights or gothic cross necklace. You can find another sister with the same outfit and ensure you have non-stop fun during the night.

7. Women’s Dreadful Nun Plus Size Costume

FunCostumes Womens Dreadful Nun Plus Size Black Costume

This costume is calling the name of anyone who is ready to look like an apocalypse sign. People have heard of nun costume that are sexy. But they have not tried this out; it offers a mix of innocence and purity and sensuality. This Halloween, choose to show up at the party with the outfit of a nun that shows up in nightmares. The dreadful nun plus size is a nice long and costume, far above fantasies.

The costume shows a perfect demon-possessed nun image that sticks in the brain of everyone. Become the most frightening creature to walk on the streets and in your neighborhood this Halloween. You can add to the funny costume some demonic makeover. Frighten everyone even more by carrying bloody rosary and chant Latin phrases, or any nonsense phrases.

6. Running Forrest Gump Costume

Forrest Gump Running Costume Set with Wig/Beard

This Halloween, take to the streets and start running like Forrest. The costume includes a yellow shirt that has a V-placket similar to that in the movie. Have the white crew length socks on to make you feel like a runner. Ensure you have the brown wig to make the costume complete.

5. The Goonies Mens Sloth Costume

The Goonies Mens Plus Size Sloth Costume

If you are a lover of the classic 80s movies, then you have found the perfect costume. This sloth costume if for the One-Eyed Willy fiasco. The goonies sloth costume will help people remember what happened to Sloth and Chunk. Transform your look with the muscle tear, latex mask, and red suspenders.

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4. Ace Ventura Tutu Costume

Ace Ventura Tutu Costume

This costume is made based on what Ace Ventura’s outfit. This costume will make you crack laughter during the night as well as cause some freaks. The costume has a button down shirt, with striped shorts just as he has them in the movie with the pink tutu. While wearing this costume, try to get to the bottom of all the things and track all the clues.

3. Adult Dolphin Costume

FunCostumes Adult Mammal Sea Dolphin Costume

If you are planning to put on this costume, warm up your vocal chords. Be ready to start squealing and chortling all the night for your friends once you arrive at the party. Be the smart guy, just like the dolphins. Become playful and kind to everyone, offer a majestic experience to everyone that sees you around. Be ready to be highly photographed in this blue flippered jumpsuit. You will become a sign of good things to most of the partygoers.

2. Johnny Bravo Costume

Johnny Bravo Costume

Every man starts somewhere, and this Johnny Bravo costume is exclusive to any man for the Halloween party. The Johnny Bravo costume is a licensed outfit that you can have and cause laughter for the night. You will have to master some of the moves that he makes and also display the glorious muscles.

The lines that fail to impress the ladies will be the catch of the night. The costume has the blond wig that is of Johnny Bravo, the signature t-shirt he uses. The shirt also has some bulging form if you do not have enough muscles to show off, and chest to ensure you look just like him. His signature sunglasses are also included to make the package complete.

1. Plus Size Ladies Voodoo Skeleton Costume

Plus Size Women's Voodoo Skeleton Costume

It is the perfect time of the year for you to try out this vague feeling and embrace it this night. Walk in the room and let everyone think that there is a power that you possess and no one else in that room has it except you alone. Something subtle that they should be curious to know.

When you put on this voodoo, you feel like connected to some mysterious magical feeling.  This jumpsuit has a white skeleton printed on it. It also comes with a bony top and red feather.


Just because it is the Halloween season does not mean that we all go spooky. There are these funny costumes that you can have and put off the funny and the scary side of the night at the same time. These costumes are a perfect inspiration to anyone that wants to bring out some fun and spookiness at the party.

There are two kinds of people during the Halloween season; the ones who dig the old outfits from the previous times and the ones that hit the stores as soon as the season approaches. The impact these two kinds of people have on the night parties is different. If you are planning to wow your coworkers and the friends you have, try having one of these outfits here.

These costumes will make you the hit of the party, and you will stand out from the crowd. These are funny and also smart compilations that will make people always to remember the night when they see you. Bring life to the party this Halloween and make people appreciate the fun and pun you bring to this season by having the spookiest and the funniest of all the costumes.

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