Top 10 Best Cycling Shoes For Men in 2022

When looking for cycling shoes for men, always go for the one that serves your purpose. Whether you are cycling for sports or for fun, finding the right cycling shoes will be key to your performance. For efficiency, cycling shoes are light and stiff by design.

Cycling Shoes For Men

With the mesh like panel added to the design, your feet is keep cool all the time. This makes your cycling comfortable even during summer season. Having sweaty, hot feet makes your cycling very uncomfortable.

When deciding on which cycling shoe to go for, your decision should be based on the cycling type you do .This is because, different shoes styles serves different cycling demands. Some cycling needs a cycling shoe with a stiff sole while others don’t.

In the guide below, we will tackle different types of cycling shoes for men. This is to help you in choosing the right one for you.

Top 10 Best Cycling Shoes For Men in 2022

10. Tommaso Milano Men’s Commuter/Spin Bike Cycling Shoe

Tommaso Milano Men's Commuter/Spin Bike Cycling Shoe - Cycling Shoes For Men

This is what we can call pure genius offered to men cyclists by Tommaso Milano. It gives a cyclist the comfort of a sneaker with cycling shoe benefits. The shoe has a recessed cleat area, which makes it less obtrusive.

What you get from this is incredible power when pedaling. For those riding for fitness, this is the best shoe for you. It is also the best cycling shoe for men in urban riding.

  • Versatility– This shoe’s performance and cannot be compared to any other. It’s hidden inner plate makes pedaling easy for you.
  • Comfortable.- With the comfort of a sneaker, this shoe can use by daily cyclists. It’s highly cushion sole makes pedaling very comfortable.
  • High Quality Shoe –The shoe is made of quality material to give the intended comfort and versatility. Its two years warranty attests to this.
  • Power Increase- This is produced by the hidden shank plate in the shoe. The plate makes the shoe stiff at the cleat but very flexible.    

9. Tiebao Men Women Road Cycling Shoes

Tiebao Men Women Road Cycling Shoes Indoor and Outdoor Riding Bike Shoes Bicycle Shoes - Cycling Shoes For Men

For the first timers, this is the shoe to try out. The shoe is made is USA with high density synthetic fiber, making the shoe comfortable. The upper part of the shoe is meshed making it light and well ventilated.

This shoes using one of the best modern technologies, makes the shoe more durable. The shoe’s low-cut construction makes it compatible with all pedal system with KEO style.

  • Protective- The shoe is made using one of the best technologies in the world. The PVC toe cup in the front part of the shoe makes it more protective to your foot.
  • Comfortable- This comes from its nylon sole with fiber that makes the shoe light and comfortable.
  • Well ventilated- The shoe’s breathable meshed part makes the shoe well ventilated. This keeps your foot ventilated event while hot. It also helps the shoe in drying faster.
  • Flexible- The shoe has a beveled heel with a very flexible forefoot.    

8. Shimano SHR065 AllAround Sport Shoe Men’s Cycling

Shimano SHR065 AllAround Sport Shoe Men's Cycling - Cycling Shoes For Men

The Shimano SHR065 is an all-round cycling shoe for men. Whether you are taking cycling as sport, fitness or just for fun, this is the shoe for you. The shoe has a sole reinforced with fiberglass which increases transmission of power.

This makes Shimano SHR065 very comfortable as well as efficient while pedaling. Its air intake design makes your feet well ventilated all the time. Shimano SHR065 has a pocket friendly price making affordable.

  • Cleat compatibility- This makes the shoe adjustable to fit your pedal which makes pedaling easy and comfortable.
  • Comfortable- the shoe is made with high density synthetic leather with flat insole. This makes the shoe light and comfortable while pedaling.
  • Ventilation- Shimano SHR065 has its upper part made of meshed synthetic leather. The meshed part helps in air circulation keeping your feet well ventilated.
  • Durability- The shoe is made of synthetic leather that makes it long lasting.
  • High performance- With all the above features, the shoe produces high performance as its light and flexible design helps in pedaling.   

7. Pearl iZUMi Men’s All-Road v4 Cycling Shoe

Pearl iZUMi Men's All-Road v4 Cycling Shoe - Cycling Shoes For Men

This is a cycling shoe for men that you can use the whole day, and still be comfortable with it. Its cleats are well recessed to not click on flat surface. Whether you are cycling for sports, fun or exercise, you can comfortably use this shoe. Its treads works well making pedaling a bit easier for you.

The shoe has Velcro straps that secures your feet well especially while cycling up on a hill. Pearl izumi v4 has metal clips and firm outsole that works well with those who cycle on daily basis.

  • Comfortable- The shoe has its seamless upper bonded to give you comfort while riding.
  • Durable- Its outsole is made of durable lugged rubber that makes the shoe last longer even when used on a daily basis. Its power plates are also made of durable nylon composite
  • Well-ventilated- Its 1:1 anatomic 3 straps closures releases the in build pressure on the shoe eliminating hot spots.
  • The shoe is SPD compatible.
  • The insole increases traverse arch support.   


6. 2022 Shimano Men’s RP1 Bicycling Shoes Black

2020 Shimano Men's RP1 Bicycling Shoes Black - Cycling Shoes For Men

Shimano’s RP1 gives riders an opportunity to enjoy clip-less riding. This shoe is an upgrade of SH-RP1 with Velcro strap closures. Its shinny style has been replaced with the black one making the shoe look great with any bike.

The loop straps and wide double hook makes extra secure fit which increases the power transfer to the pedals. This increases its comfort and performance for long rides. This makes it the ideal shoe for adventurers and daily commuters.

  • Very reliable- The RP1 shoe provides secure fit for your feet which helps while pedaling.
  • Light- Shimano RP1 is made of fabric with its upper part being synthetic while the sole is made of glass fiber reinforced nylon. This makes the shoe very light thus great pedaling experience.
  • Exercise Friendly- Its SPD-SL cleat compatibility makes it the best shoe for your spin class.
  • Comfortable- Being made with very light materials, it makes your feet comfortable while pedaling on any surface.   

5. Giro Men’s Treble II Bike Shoe

Giro Men's Treble II Bike Shoe - Cycling Shoes For Men

This is a simple shoe from US compared to their other brands. Although it’s simple and cheap, the shoe is a classy option for many riders. Their upper part is made of synthetic with mesh inserts and straps that allows you to customize to your intended fit.

This makes the shoe well ventilated as the mesh helps in air circulation. It has a medium width which serves cyclists whose feet are not broad.

Its sole has a design made to work with either the two or three blot cleat system and it’s made of nylon. Having this system means Giro Men’s Treble II can work with every pedal system that is in the market today. The sole also gives you stiff efficient power in any surface that you are riding on.

  • High Quality- The shoe is made of breathable synthetic fiber that is of high quality with classic 3-strap closure.
  • Compatible- Its cleat mount system is universal thus making it compatible with all types of pedals in the market today.
  • Comfortable- Being made from synthetic fiber makes the shoe light and comfortable while pedaling
  • Molded EVA footbed that has medium arch support.
  • Anti-microbio treatment (Aegis).   

4. Pearl iZUMi Men’s X-ALP Seek VII Cycling Shoe

Pearl iZUMi Men's X-ALP Seek VII Cycling Shoe - Cycling Shoes For Men

This is one of the most fashionable, versatile and all round cycling shoes that we have in the market today. It’s comfortable while pedaling as well as on the surface. The shoes are well ventilated which makes it the best men’s cycling shoe for in summer. For those who love mountain races, this is a nice choice as the shoe is very comfortable off the bike.

Its fiberglass injected shank helps in efficiently transferring power to the pedals with ease and maximum comfort. This shoe has a lace-up retention system and a two bolt cleat compatibility that gives you optimum pedal efficiency.

  • Very efficient power transfer from its fiber injected nylon plate
  • With the carbon rubber outsole, the shoe’s durability is guaranteed.
  • The lace-up design makes X-ALP Seek VII pearl izumi light thus very comfortable.
  • Two bolt cleat compatible
  • Comfort on and off the bike is guaranteed.   

3. Shimano Sh-MT3 Cycling Shoe – Men’s

Shimano Sh-MT3 Cycling Shoe - Men's - Cycling Shoes For Men

If on MTB or you want to take a trekking tour and stay flexible, SH-MT3 is the right shoe for you. It has a good grip on the surface and great transfer of power to the pedals. This is through its quality rubber sole. The EVA midsole facilitate great flexing while trekking as well as great efficiency while pedaling.

The upper part of the shoe is made of perforated synthetic leather with secure fit making it durable and light in weight. The perforated upper makes the shoe well ventilated giving your foot a comfortable feeling.

  • Rubber sole and EVA midsole that increases efficiency while pedaling and comfort while walking.
  • Perforated synthetic upper that is durable and designed to give you a secure fit and a cozy feeling.
  • Lightweight flat insole that gives you comfort on the bike and on the surface.
  • The even tension produced by its simple lacing closure males your foot comfortable.   

2. Five Ten Freerider Contact Men’s MTB Shoes

Five Ten Freerider Contact Men's MTB Shoes - Cycling Shoes For Men

This is commonly known as the brand for only those who are brave because of its high performance. This is an all-round performance shoe for men in sports. This also happens to be world’s brand of choice for so many athletes in the world.

Five Ten Free-rider Contact is the updated version of Free-rider VXI. It is made of stealth mi6 rubber and a midsole stiffened to protect your toes from injuries.

Their rigid sole helps in power transfer as they perfectly stick to the pedal. It’s good to note that their rubber soles boasts high friction with lasting durability made with Stealth Phantom technology. This is the world’s leading technology with the best quality rubber.

  • Stealth Mi6 rubber makes their highly innovative sole.
  • Very light in weight giving you comfort while pedaling.
  • The shoe has an added cap to protect your toe.
  • Low-profile with excellent performance.
  • Synthetic upper with a textile that’s abrasion resistant.
  • Molded EVA midsole that are stiffened.   

1. Venzo Mountain Bike Bicycle Cycling Shimano SPD Shoes

Venzo Mountain Bike Bicycle Cycling Shimano SPD Shoes + Multi-Use Pedals - Cycling Shoes For Men

This shoes in made with the award winning technology which enhances its performance. The upper part of this shoe is made of synthetic fiber and highly breathable mesh. This makes the shoe well ventilated which makes your foot comfortable even when doing summer cycling. The mesh also helps also in quick dry of the shoe.

Venzo mountain bike bicycle cycling shoe is compatible with all pedals that features Shimano SPD system. Its low-cut designs make it light and fast thus efficient power transfer to the pedals. The pedals are easy to fix as they are marked to help you with installation. With the combination, the price is pocket friendly even for the beginners.

  • Offers the best value pedals and shoes combination.
  • Whether riding with or without cleats, the shoes are compatible.
  • Well ventilated to keep your shoe dry and comfortable all day.
  • Easy to fix pedals.   


A comfortable and a well fitting shoe should be your guide when going for any cycling shoe for you. There are brands that fit only narrow feet while other brands fit different foot width. For this reason, it’s advisable to try different brands to find the best one for you.

If you don’t like clip-less shoes, with all these brands in the market, you can go for the ones with clips. Your choice should be worth every coin that you spend on it.

Whatever the closure system that using in the brand that you chose, the shoe must fit your feet well. Whether Velcro straps, dial-tightened or ratcheting buckle system, you don’t want your feet slipping when pedaling. Choose well the closure system that works best for you. Cycling, whether for fun or sports, with all these brands, makes your experience enjoyable and memorable. Choose the best for you and enjoy the experience!

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