[INFOGRAPHIC] 12 Simple ways to cure stomachache

[infographic] 12 Simple ways to cure stomachache12 Simple ways to cure stomach ache

The discomfort that comes with a stomach ache demands that one gets a remedy as soon as possible. It can disrupt you from doing your duties or having fun with family and friends. The worst part is the fact that the condition is not only a common thing but also affects even small kids. After all, stomach upset comes as a result of typical things such as contaminated food and indigestion. Sometimes, visiting the bathroom will help ease the pain. If that doesn’t work for you, the following 12 simple remedies can rescue you from the ordeal. That is regardless of whether it is too much gas, nausea, constipation or heartburn. Keep reading for details regarding the 12 simple ways to cure stomach ache.

1. Place a heating pad or a bottle of hot water on your stomach

As simple as it may sound, do not underestimate the power of heat when it comes to a stomach ache. You are at liberty to use either a hot pad or a fill a bottle with warm water. Due to an increase in heat, the blood flow towards the skin surface will increase. Consequently, you will tend to feel like the pain is on the outside and not the inside.

2. Consider using mint

Mint is one of the herbs with medicinal value and which can be relied upon when dealing with stomach pain. It can work if you do either of the following.

  • Fetch fresh mint leaves and then chew them.
  • Look for a peppermint preferably a stronger one and eat.
  • Prepare a drink by mixing cold water and fresh mint.
  • Use peppermint to make your tea. In this case, you can go for the peppermint teabags as well.

3. Sip a cup of lemon tea

If your stomach upset comes as a result of indigestion, lemon tea is a sure bet. Once you take it, the production of acid in your skin will increase. Consequently, digestion will improve. Equally important, you can add mint leaves as well as honey in the lemon juice. Make sure that you use hot water when preparing the juice.

4. Try out chamomile tea

Chamomile is yet another one of the 12 simple ways to cure stomach ache. It works as an anti-inflammatory. How does to help in reducing the stomach pain? It comes in when the cause of your pain is inflammation. That can be as a result of a bacteria that can lead to gastritis. Nevertheless, that is not the only way a cup of chamomile can help. It can also relax the upper digestive track’s smooth muscle. Consequently, that will lessen the contractions that are necessary for pushing food during digestion. Due to the relaxation, the pain and cramps will subside.

5. Use raw Fennel or seeds to soothe your stomach

Using the fennel seeds is like killing two birds with the same stone. That is because it can solve many stomach issues. They include inflammation, gastritis, a lot of gas, indigestion and bloating. It also plays the trick if you are suffering from nausea and cramping. Its essential component is the anethole. The volatile oil boosts the secretion of various digestive juices. It is also a painkiller and an anti-inflammatory. During its consumption, one can chew the raw fennel or seeds. You can put them in water or tea as well.

6. Eat Ginger Roots

Ginger is a natural stomach pain remedy that even our forefathers depended on when dealing with the discomfort of stomach issues. Ever since its discovery many years ago, it is yet to disappoint even a single soul. Whether you are dealing with pain or nausea, you should expect nothing short of relief. That doesn’t come as a surprise. One reason for that is its natural ingredients. They can simulate digestion. In addition to that, they reduce excess acid and solves inflammation. Go for the ginger root since it is one of the best 12 simple ways to cure stomach ache.

7. Take rice water

Do you suffer from either gastritis or ulcers? The painful moments full of stress, discomfort and agony could go away. All you need is to drink rice water. It may not be something you would have imagined drinking. Right? However, it is worth the trouble. The reason is that as rice boils, it produces various compounds. If you drink the rice water, they will act as a coating on your stomach oils. As a result, nothing will irritate it. Additionally, there will be relief on the inflammations. It is also a proper remedy if you have a running stomach.

8. Go for the baking soda

Baking soda is a common thing when it comes to kitchen activities. That makes it yet another one of the best 12 simple ways to cure stomach ache. It is an anti-acid that can cure your heartburn within a short period. Surprisingly, it is also a common ingredient as far as commercial anti-acids are concerned. Try it out several times daily until the discomfort goes away.

9. Take a bowl of yogurt

In this case, you will go for yogurt that is not only plain but also regular. The sweetened one might do more harm than good. Did you know that sugar can lead to a stomach upset? That explains why there is an emphasis on taking plain yogurt instead. If you must insist on the sugar taste, go for the berries or honey. Why is yogurt one of the best 12 simple ways to cure stomach upset? The answer is obvious. It contains a good bacteria by the name probiotics. It can not only improve the digestion but also balance the PH of your gut. In addition to that, it will enhance your immune system. However, if you go for the sweetened yogurt, it might make the matter worse than before.

10. Try out Asafetida

For the Indians, asafetida is a herb that can sweeten your food a great deal. It also has another name which is Hong. Besides being a flavor, it is also a stomach remedy. It counteracts things such as viruses and bacteria that can cause a stomach upset. In addition to that, it relaxes the muscles.

The good thing is that asafetida is readily available especially in Indian grocery stores. A mixture of warm water and the same will do the trick. Expect discomfort to be a thing of the past soon after consuming asafetida.

11. Take a Glass of club soda

That burp that comes as a result of drinking club soda can take away your pain and discomfort if you have a stomach upset. That comes as a result of the carbonation in the soda. As a result, you will relief your belly’s pressure. It would be of great help if you overate or in case of constipation or indigestion. That way, you get to quench your thirst and relief your stomach pain at the same time. Again, do not commit the mistake of settling for sugary soda. It can worsen the cramps.

12. Consider gentle yoga stretches

Too much on consuming stomach remedies. This one is incredibly natural. All you have to do is some yoga stretches to get rid of the misery. Some gentle yoga stretches can handle a bloated stomach and indigestion. A good example is as follows.

Go for the knees-to-stomach posture. When doing that, ensure that your back is comfortable. Otherwise, you will relief your belly but deal with a backache after that.


Imagine the many times you have visited the doctor because of a stomach ache. The exercise consumed a lot of time and money. As much as it took away the discomfort, there are more accessible and cheaper ways to help you achieve that. The top 12 best simple ways to cure stomach pain could have done the trick. You could have accomplished that at a relatively low cost. In addition to that, you get to do that from the comfort of your room. Therefore, consider one of the methods above the next time you suffer from a stomach upset. Nevertheless, some causes of pain are as a result of complicated conditions. For that reason, one should not hesitate to consult a doctor if the stomach pain persists.

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