Top 10 Best Pet Stairs in 2020

We all love our pets and are always ready to give them the best. Pet stairs is one of the greatest ways of expressing our love to our pets. Has it ever occurred to you the struggle your little pet goes through trying get on top of your coach? Some of them are good at it while others are either too old, too small or might have physical deformities.

Pet Stairs

Although they might try once in a while, these shortcomings make it impossible. It might also not be safe for them because they might fall in the process. If you have a pet in your home whether young or old, getting them a set of stairs is a great idea. This gives you peace of mind at the same time making things easy for your little Antonia. Check this out if you are also looking for Best Pet Barriers for SUV

There are different types of pet stairs in the market and below is a few examples.

Top 10 Best Pet Stairs in 2020

10. PEDY Pet Steps Easy Step Travel Pet Stairs, 3-Step

PEDY Pet Steps Easy Step Travel Pet Stairs, 3-Step Pet Ladder for Cats and Dogs up to 110-Pounds  - Pet Stairs

Pedy Pet Step gives you an affordable and attractive way of helping your pet reach to their favorite napping place. They are soft and well formed to ensure the pet feels comfortable even when climbing up the steps.

This is an ideal and worth gift to your small and medium dogs. Make them feel loved and appreciated by getting this pet step that has perfect steps for pets of their size. This is because it is able to hold pets of up to 110 LBS.

Pedy Pet Steps is designed with an anti-slip bottom and a width of 15 inches. This makes these unique doggie stairs for your small pets very firm and steady. The steadiness of this steps is an assurance of your pet’s safety.

  • Item weight is 11.35 pounds which is also the shipping weight.
  • Package dimension is 18.5 by 14.3 by 5.6 inches.
  • Easy to clean: Pedy Pet Steps are made of a machine washable cover. The cover is soft sheepskin textured which is gentle on your dog/pet.
  • Designed for stability.
  • Pocket friendly.
  • The dog step is beige in color.   

9. Armarkat Pet Steps Stairs Ramp for Cats and Dogs

Armarkat Pet Steps Stairs Ramp for Cats and Dogs - Pet Stairs

Armarkat is manufactured by Aeromark manufacturers. Armarkat pet steps have been in the market for more than a decade now. This brand of pet steps has been recognized internationally as the most dependable brand for endurance, quality and style. Regardless of its beauty and top services it offers to the buyer, it is sold at an affordable price.

Any Armarkat product you buy for your pet is pet-friendly and pet-centric as well. Armarkat pet steps are made of visually appealing materials and easily blend with any home décor. It has a sturdy base and foundation support. At the same time, this pet step is easy to assemble and needs no expertise of the job.

Armarkat Pet Steps are made of pet friendly materials only. Fabrication is made from materials that are harmless to the pets and their parents. You can be sure of not only a well-designed product but long lasting and safely constructed. It is also possible to replace broken parts of the pet step from the manufacturer when need be.

  • Board material: The board of this pet step is made of Pressed Wood.
  • Covering material: Armarkat Pet Steps are covered with a Faux Fleece material.
  • Overall dimension: It is 25 inches deep, 17 inches wide and 25 inches tall.
  • Warranty: Comes with a six months warranty from the manufacturer.   

8. Dallas Manufacturing Co. Home Décor Pet Steps

Dallas Manufacturing Co. Home Décor Pet Steps - Pet Stairs

For more than two decades, Dallas Manufacturing Company has been making high quality pet beds for both dogs and cats. Because of their great interaction with different pet owners they know how special and unique your pet is. For that reason this has become their guide when making pet steps for your pet.

Home Décor pet steps are made of unique cardboard configuration that gives it an incredible dense. This step is however very light and easy to move from one place to another according to your needs. On the other hand, it is sturdy and can comfortably hold a dog of up to 150 lb. it features a convenient handle that makes it easy to move from one room to the other.

Home Décor Pet Steps is covered in an attractive and eye appealing cover that fits well in any home décor. The steps are made of long lasting yet lightweight honeycomb cardboard. It also features a removable cover that is 100 percent polyester and machine washable.

  • It measures 19.5 by 14.75 by 15 inches.
  • Home décor pet steps can comfortably hold a dog of up to 200 pounds.
  • Convenient handle on the back.
  • Light in weight and easily portable.
  • Padded steps for extra support.   

7. Best Pet Supplies Foam Pet Stairs/Steps

 Best Pet Supplies Foam Pet Stairs/Steps - Pet Stairs

Best pet supplies is a must have for small dog lovers. Is your small dog having a rough time hopping on that comfy bed or coach? Are you looking for the best product in the market to assist him or her? Foam pet stairs is a darling to all small puppies.

Foam pet steps gives you a variety to choose from since it comes in; three step, four step and five step configurations. This perfectly matches with the height of your furniture and make your furry friend’s life much easier.

Foam pet steps are not ordinary dog steps. They are made from a combination of ultra-soft fleece fabric and highest quality USA-made foam. This makes them easy on your pet’s joints, offers maximum durability and provides enough footing for a slipper-free climb.

It has a beautiful touch that fits in any home décor regardless of the color scheme. They are available in dark brown, light brown, two eye-catching paw prints, animal print and white. To add on that, there are replacement covers available in all designs allowing you to mix things up.

  • Great stability: It has anti-slip bottom of 15 inches width.
  • Gentle for all pets: This makes it the best choice for pets with joint problems or arthritis.
  • Easy to clean: The outer cover is machine washable and easily removable.
  • It is safe: Covered with soft foam which makes it safe if you accidentally bump on it.
  • Portable: It is light in weight which makes it easy to move from one room to the other.   

6. Pet Gear Easy Step III Pet Stairs, 3-Step for cats and dogs

Pet Gear Easy Step III Pet Stairs, 3-Step for cats and dogs - Pet Stairs

Pet gear easy step protects and maintains your pets joint. The steps are innovatively inclined to reduce the number of stairs needed to get the pet on that comfy coach. This eliminates stress on your pet. Playful pets that are constantly jumping off beds, sofas and other furniture are likely to strain their joints unnecessarily. This could potentially cause arthritis or other joint deformities.

Pet gear pet stairs have deep, wide steps that allow smaller dogs to get their whole body on each platform. On the other hand, they offer large dogs more stability to climb the stairs comfortably. These steps feature either a removable cover or carpet tread that is machine washable and easily removable.

  • Easy to assemble: All the parts of pet gear steps easily snap together. No tools required.
  • Safe landing: Deeper and wider stair landings for both large and small dogs. The steps feature rubber grippers on bottom to keep them safe and in place.
  • Easy to clean: Removable cover or carpet tread that is machine washable.
  • Cost: The step is pocket friendly.   

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5. Best Pet Supplies Foam Pet Stairs/Steps

Best Pet Supplies Foam Pet Stairs/Steps - Pet Stairs

This is the best pet stairs for any pet around your home. They help the pets to easily access their favorite spots. Best pet supplies stairs come in handy if you have senior pets that struggle jumping, or those suffering from arthritis.

Best Pet Supplies Pet Steps come in three different sizes to perfectly meet your needs. The three-step design is ideal for small pets since it is 13 inches tall. They assist them reach low-placed coaches or chairs. The four-step design is specifically meant for assisting your pets get into cars or reach sofas easily. They are 19 inches tall. The last is five-step model that measures 23 inches suitable for pets trying to reach to surfaces that are high above the ground.

  • Perfect for older pets that might be suffering from arthritis and other joint related conditions.
  • These pets are easy to use.
  • They are gentle for your pets at any age.
  • Removable outer cover that makes them easy to clean.
  • They are firm and steady giving your pets safety.   

4. Pet Gear Soft Step Pet Stairs for Pets up to 50 lbs., Trellis Print

Pet Gear Soft Step Pet Stairs for Pets up to 50 lbs., Trellis Print - Pet Stairs

The 3-step designer is an ideal choice if you need to assist your pet jump up to higher bed or coach with ease. Pet Gear Soft step is also fitted with rubber holders on the bottom. This comes in handy for playful cats or dogs because the step is firmly held to the ground keeping it safe from falling.

Assembling Pet Gear soft step is an easy task that doesn’t require any expertise or special equipments. The parts easily snap together and the stairs will be ready for use within minutes. This is all we need for a stubborn pet that keeps jumping on and off the coach.

  • Stair landing for miniatures, small dogs and cats.
  • The steps are fitted with rubber grippers which keep them firmly placed on the floor.
  • Can hold pets weighing up to 50 pounds.
  • Steps covers are easily removable and machine washable.
  • Top step depth is 6 inches, while the depth of the 2nd and 3rd steps is 5.75 inches. The height is 5 inches.   

3. ARF Pets Cat Step House – Wooden Pet Stairs ARF Pets Cat Step House – Wooden Pet Stairs w/ 3 Nonslip Steps, Built-In House For Dogs, Cats & Short Pets to Reach Bed, Couch, Window, Car & More Extra BONUS Cushion Included - Pet Stairs

Whether you are housing an older dog, a short-legged puppy or a playful cat, all deserve a confident climb. ARF Pets gives your pets an easy time climbing on that high coach or bed. It is designed for cats, dogs and any other domesticated animal. It can hold a pet of up to 150 pounds.

This is a wooden staircase featuring a graduated 3-step model high-traction carpeting and plush. It is also has an adorable built-in cubby and an integrated safety rail. The built-in cubby allows the pet to grab a quick snooze or pass through. It has a simple cut-out handle which makes it easily portable from one room to the next.

  • Easy access anywhere: Fitted with flexible stair set which provide comfortable climb to your short leg or injured pet.
  • Comfortable climb and reach: It has wide steps which provides comfortable landing for your large and small dogs.
  • Durable wooden design: Heavy duty steps are designed to provide many years of steadfast use.
  • Integrated carry handles: Rubber grip bottom and convenient cutout design make it easily portable from different surfaces.   

2. Petsfit Wooden Pet/Cat/Dog Stairs/Steps for Elderly Cat/Dogs

Petsfit Wooden Pet/Cat/Dog Stairs/Steps for Elderly Cat/Dogs with Short Legs and Long Body - Pet Stairs

Petsfit wooden pet step is made of pine wood and MDF. The steps stand is approximately 14 inches high at the tallest point and 17 inches wide. Pets fit wooden pet step’s total measurement from front to back is 21 ½ inches. The two steps are 15 ½ long, 10 ½ inches wide and 6 inches high.

Although this pet step is wooden, it is very firm and comfortably holds up to 150 lbs. It is however more sturdy on carpet than on a slippery floor. PetSift pet step is a bit noisy since it is made of wood but it is not wobbly.

  • Convenience: It helps your pet get up on a tall bed or on the coach. Ideal for pets of up to 150lb.
  • Safety: It is fitted with side rails that allow your pet climb comfortably. On the other hand it I easy to assemble.
  • Deeper and wider stair landings for both large and small dogs.
  • Fitted with rubber grippers on the lower side to keep it firm and in place.   

1. Solvit PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs


Solvit PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs - Pet Stairs

Solvit’s pupstep pet stairs provide an economical way to help your pets get to their favorite places. They have modern models that rightly blend in any décor. These pet stairs are light in weight (weighs 5lbs). At the same time, they are uniquely constructed to support over 120lbs. Solvit PupStep plus needs no assembling and fold down make it easy to store.

They are fitted with safety side-rails that make it easy for your pet to confidently climb up and down. The size of these stairs is perfect for beds and couches with firmly fitted feet to avoid skidding. This makes it safe for your pet. Since they are light in weight, they can be used to help pets hop into a vehicle.

  • Light in weight and durable.
  • Easy to store.
  • Perfect for smaller pets. Although it is sturdy enough, it is suitable for small and medium-sized pets.  


Finally having summarized a number of the best pet stairs in the market, it is now time to choose your best. To ensure you make the right choice, it is important to keep your pet’s complete safety in mind. Let this be your first priority.

Other than the safety of your pet there are several other things you need to consider some of which include:

Stability: Ensure you get firm and sturdy stairs. Check the stability and strength of the steps before making the payment.

Price: Get the best but what fits your budget.

Stair width: This solely depends on your pet’s weight.

Height: Measure the height of your coach or bed depending on where you want to place the stairs. Getting the right measurements saves your pet from injuries.

Give your best friend an easy time climbing up and down the coach and the bed by getting the steps that fits them best. The rewards will be worth the sacrifice!

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