Top 10 Best rain pants in 2022

Some circumstances would make you wish that you had rain pants. Mine was the first day when I went hiking, and a storm began. The worst part is the fact that others had them. They wore them, and they continued having fun. Me on the other hand, I was soaked and my moment of enjoyment came to an end. How you experienced that? Do you want to avoid such a situation? If the answer is a “YES,” you need to buy rain pants. They do not let you get wet. They also dry very fast as soon as it starts raining. That makes it a perfect remedy for rain, storm, cold or breeze.

rain pants

To ensure that you settle for the best, we have a list of the best rain pants. Continue reading to identify what you want. Those below will not disappoint. They are fully waterproof with other features that define ideal rain pants.

Top 10 Best rain pants in 2022

10. Portwest S441 Rainwear Men’s Waterproof Rain Pants, Large, Black 

Portwest S441 Rainwear Men's Waterproof Rain Pants, Large, Black 

About the product

If you are looking for pants to put over jeans and sweats when raining, this is the way to go. Whether you are going out in the snow or doing farm chores in the rain, then this is the right choice for you. It will keep you dry.

About the design and quality

Its design is lightweight, and the leather sewing machine is packable for convenience. They provide comfort and protection in any weather. The fit is roomy for easy layering on top of the trousers, with the added benefit of side pockets. The stud adjustable hem ensures a secure fit.

  • It has two pass-through side pockets and a perfect fit for the wearer’s comfort.
  • It fits all because of the entirely elasticate waistband.
  • They are waterproof to serve well as rain pants.

9. Mountain Warehouse Pakka Kids Waterproof Over Pants – Breathable & Taped Seams 

Mountain Warehouse Pakka Kids Waterproof Over Pants - Breathable & Taped Seams 

About the product

These rain pants are what you should consider if you will often be working in the rain. The design and the features aimed at ensuring that you remain dry. One of the main features is the fact that it is waterproof. That makes them best suitable for travel and backpacking.

About the design and quality

They are a lightweight and breathable pair of waterproof pants. They are ideal for keeping stashed in children bags. Moreover, they have drawstring bag that one can put in when it is not needed.

  • These rain pants are fully waterproof.
  • They have taped seams hence watertight.
  • It is breathable which allows perspiration all thanks to the dry fabric perfect for ventilation.
  • Due to its ankle opening, they are not only easy to fit in boots but also keeps dirt out.

8. Splashy Nylon Children’s Rain Pants

Splashy Nylon Children's Rain Pants

About the product

Splashy seems to understand the various needs of people. If you are looking for pants which material is a great fabric that will ease your movements, they have you well covered. Here is your best choice as the design and features will illustrate.

About the design and quality

The design makes them perfect rain pants. They are lightweight, comfortable, flexible, waterproof, windproof and breathable. The material used is the high quality tight knit nylon fabric instead of heavy, bulky stiff and uncomfortable PVC plastic material like older style rainwear. This product has elastic waist and elastic cuffed ankles.

  • They are lightweight, durable and colorful.
  • Waterproof as well for use in the rain.
  • Expect a comfortable fit because of the elastic ankles and waist.
  • It has a reflective Trim for safety

7. Frogg Toggs Women’s Pro Action Pant, Black, Large 

Frogg Toggs Women's Pro Action Pant, Black, Large 


About the product

Ever thought of rain pants made from waxy residue? How would they serve the purpose? Well, then this is an excellent example of such pants as it keeps you dry from the rain. They are great rain pants. Some of their great features include an elastic waistband. Regardless of the size of your waist, this remains an ample choice.

About the design and quality

The manufacturer designed an elastic waistband with drawstring and barrel-pull and a full cut hook and loop ankle closure with tension adjustment. A breathable material used and the ultra-lightweight nature makes them adorable.

  • It has an expanded 4 inches back rise.
  • The adjustable leg openings are 8 inches.
  • It is comfortable and allows perspiration all thanks to the breathable material.
  • These rain pants are ultra-lightweight.

6. Compass 360 RainTEK Classic Cargo Waterproof T50 Cargo Rain Pants 

Compass 360 RainTEK Classic Cargo Waterproof T50 Cargo Rain Pants 

About the product

It is not common to find rain pants that are stylish. This rain pants, however, have broken the norm which offers you an opportunity to own a pair of stylish rain pants. It is black with Velcro closings and plenty of pockets.

About the design and quality

It is constructed with adjustable elastic and belted waist, adjustable zippered leg openings, hip and cargo pockets and 100% taped and sealed seams. As of its design, one can wear it with any rain jacket style. It is perfect for riding, fishing, hiking, camping or any rainy day at work or play.

  • It is not only 100% waterproof but also breathable.
  • There is four-panel high rise design.
  • You can wear it with jeans
  • Its expandable thigh cargo pockets are cool.

5. Oakiwear Kids’ Trail Rain Pants | Black, Blue, Purple, Hot Pink, Orange, Green, Navy Blue, Yellow 

Oakiwear Kids' Trail Rain Pants | Black, Blue, Purple, Hot Pink, Orange, Green, Navy Blue, Yellow 

About the product

How awesome will it be if your kids can sit in the mud puddles and never get wet? Oakiwear wanted your wish to come true when they made these rain pants. They need freedom of playing regardless of the weather, and this product will give them that.

About the design and quality

It gets made with 240T pongee with transparent TPU membrane. Whether the kid is dancing playing or even hiking these rain pants will keep him or her dry and happy.

  • The material is 240T Pongee fabric with a transparent TPU for durability.
  • Taped seams make the rain pants watertight.
  • It has an elastic Waist for incredible comfort.
  • For obvious reasons, it is also waterproof.
  • It is Poly Urethane free .

4. Frogg Toggs Men’s Bull Frogg Signature75 HD Pant 

Frogg Toggs Men's Bull Frogg Signature75 HD Pant 

About the product

Umbrellas could be disappointing sometimes when you use them to cover yourself when caught up in the rain. What could serve you better? These small and light rain pants. They are ideal even if you get caught in the rainstorm. If you are looking for that, these are the pants you want.

About the design and quality

It has waterproof and breathable Dripore technology, and its construction is from three layers of a 100% non-woven. In addition, it incorporates an improved seam technology as well as the raglan sleeve and shoulder design for a more comfortable fit. It also has molded polymer zippers.

  • 100% polypropylene used for quality
  • They have the hook and loop ankle closure.
  • Their full cut pass through pockets have zippers.
  • An elastic waistband
  • The rain pants have zippered pass-through pockets.
  • Also, zippered legs for easy on and off.

3. Columbia Men’s Rebel Roamer Pant 

Columbia Men's Rebel Roamer Pant 

About the product

These are rain pants that stay dry even after serious soaking. It is perfect for horse riding, backpacking as well as traveling. Once it starts raining, you just put them on.

About the design and quality

This technical soft shell pant offers comfort and protection from town to wilderness featuring fully seam-sealed, waterproof breathable performance to seal out the elements while dispersing excess heat and a comfortable, easy-wearing elastic waistband

  • It is allowed to wash it in a washing machine.
  • It has a drawcord adjustable and elastic waist.
  • There is an adjustable leg opening.
  • Omni-tech waterproof pant with a contrast logo embroidery at side.

2. Viking Women’s Windigo Waterproof Rain Pant 

Viking Women's Windigo Waterproof Rain Pant 

About the product

Are you a woman who has a hobby that involves staying in the rain? These pants will keep you dry when doing it. The activities include kayaking and bushwhacking. They will offer you service for a substantial amount of time.

About the design and quality

Viking women Packable pants are constructed using a lightweight Nylon with a PU coating. It is fully lined. In addition to that, it has two zippered front pockets, adjustable hem, packs into a left pocket for easy storage. That makes them perfect rain pants.

  • The manufacturer uses a hi-tech polyester fabric with PU backing.
  • They are 100% waterproof and windproof.
  • There is a boot zip entry on the lower leg.
  • The full lining offers comfort and breathability.

1. Yoyo Mens Softshell Pants Waterproof Windproof Hiking Outdoor Womens Soft Shell Trousers 1607 

Yoyo Mens Softshell Pants Waterproof Windproof Hiking Outdoor Womens Soft Shell Trousers 1607 

About the product

The men can call this product their ‘savior.’ The rain pants are a great choice because they will not only fit well but also work great. They have a very nice look when worn. Yoyo has made many customers of rain pants happy, and you could also be one of them if you buy one.

About the design and quality

The design has focused on making the rain pants purely natural. They are also breathable with a quick vents perspiration. In addition to that, they are soft and comfortable. Others include sun and UV Protection. They are smooth to the touch and has good moisture.

  • It is light.
  • There is UV protection.
  • They dry quickly after soaking.
  • The rain pants have a Polar fleece lining.
  • They are Softshell rain pants.


With a great pair of rain pants, rain can no longer get in the way of your entertainment. That is because they will not only prevent water from entering but also trap your body heat. Since they are things you buy in case of an emergency, let it be lightweight. That way, it will not be an extra weight when in your backpack.

Consequently, your hiking will be enjoyable. You should consider what you intend to do with them since some have a design specific to a given activity. Depending on the shoes you plan to wear, the height of the zipper is essential. Follow the recommendations, and you will make an excellent choice.

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