Top 10 Best Plastic Storage Bins in 2020

Food-grade plastic storage bins are ideal for keeping all the food items, study objects, and other solid products in an organized manner. They are extensively used in stores to showcase products using an organizer. When they are empty, one can place them in a stack against the wall hanger or on top of one another. Check this out Top 10 Best Snow Roof Rake in 2020

Plastic storage bins are easy to clean, and they are strong enough and have an ergonomic design to carry objects from one place to another. You can place them in any room like kitchen, bathroom, study room, office room, dining room, and likewise as per your requirements. We have handpicked the top 10 best plastic storage bins for you to choose from as you need.

Top 10 Plastic Storage Bins in 2020

10. Stanley 056400L Number-4 Nestable/Stackable Storage Bin

Stanley 056400L Number-4 Nestable/Stackable Storage Bin - Plastic Storage Bins

  • Stackable with a wide mouth for easy access.
  • Sturdy construction with polypropylene.
  • Impact resistant and convenient to carry.

This set of plastic storage bins has extremely strong construction, and they are four in number. You can store them in the limited space by stacking them up in the nested position. The mouth is quite large so that you can put contents and access them quickly.

This also helps in storing large objects. The bin set is made out of polypropylene that can take bumps and absorb impacts. The product dimensions are 7.9 x 12.9 x 6.1 inches, and it weighs merely 7.2 ounces.

9. Simplify’s Small Resin Wicker Storage Bin in Grey

Simplify's Small Resin Wicker Storage Bin in Grey - Plastic Storage Bins

  • Two handles gaps for easy carry.
  • Thick and sturdy construction.
  • Breathable side meshes to keep items fresh.

The storage bin has an ergonomic design, and there are two handle gaps provided so that you can carry the container comfortably. The construction is thick and sturdy, yet it is quite lightweight. The meshes on the sides are breathable, and hence, it is suitable for storing vegetables and fruits so that the steady airflow keeps them fresh.

The dimensions of the storage bin are 10 x 8 x 4 inches and weigh only 3.85 ounces. It can hold multiple items in an organized manner. There are different color and size options available.

8. STORi Nest and Stack Tapered Plastic Bins

STORi Nest and Stack Tapered Plastic Bins | set of 4 Assorted Colors - Plastic Storage Bins

  • BPA-free material and colors used.
  • Spacious with greater depth for long items.
  • Suitable for usage in any room for solid items.

This is a set of 4 storage bins in assorted colors. These are multi-functional storage bins that have depth for spaciousness. They can be placed anywhere starting from kitchen room to tables, closets, playroom and likewise.

This storage bin set is suitable for storing solid items like toys, fruits, makeup item and likewise. These are not breathable and hence, storing vegetables may not a good option for a long period. The bins are stackable, and hence, they will take minimum space for storage when not used. They are BPA-free and made up of US acrylic.

7. Akro-Mils 08212Blue 30210 Plastic Storage Stacking AkroBins

Akro-Mils 08212Blue 30210 Plastic Storage Stacking AkroBins for Craft and Hardware (6 Pack), Blue - Plastic Storage Bins

  • Hanger lip supports for hanging rails.
  • Wide stacking ledge with the anti-slide property.
  • Curved bottom hopper front for easy retrieval of objects.

This is a set of 6 storage bins, and there are available in various color options. These are very strong bins, and they have certain specialties over other casual bins. The bins are waterproof, rustproof, and there is no question of corrosion. There are hanger lip supports for suspending them from hanging rails. The construction is extremely sturdy and impact resistant.

There are reinforced side ribs and honeycomb bottom design.  You can keep them in stack on one another comfortably. The anti-slide property keeps them stay in one place with full reliability. The design of curved bottom hopper front makes it easy to get the smaller objects from the bin conveniently.

6. Tot Tutors Kids’ Toy Storage Organizer

Tot Tutors Kids' Toy Storage Organizer with 12 Plastic Bins - Plastic Storage Bins

  • Complete set of storage bins with wooden organizer.
  • Different sizes of sturdy plastic storage bins available for convenience.
  • Useful for showcasing toys of various shape and size in a store.

This is a complete set of plastic storage bins that you will ever require to store various sizes and shapes of objects in them. There are 12 different plastic bins, and the storage organizer comes along with it.

These are generally for use in stores for showcasing fruits, vegetables, and assorted objects like toys and other small objects for people to choose them. The storage bins are detachable, and there are small to large bin sizes available. To make it colorful, different bins have different colors.

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5. Titan Mall Storage Bins Plastic Stackable Storage Bins Titan Mall Storage Bins Plastic Stackable Storage Bins for Food, Fruits, Files, Mixed Color Storage Baskets, 15 X 10 X 7 Inch/bin, Blue-Green-Pink-Khaki, Set of 4 - Plastic Storage Bins

  • Mesh side walls to keep food items fresh.
  • Wide open front for easy access and large items storage.
  • Heavy-duty snapping stackable baskets.

If you are looking for the extraordinary plastic bin, you have to make sure that you choose this one. The product has been made with the ideal material, and that is why it is absolutely tough, solid and durable too. The product is also quite easy to carry.

You will be able to stack some of your stuff over there, and the product has a wide space too. The plastic mesh construction is the USP of the product, which makes it absolutely strong and tough. This is available in various colors and sizes too.

4. BINO Woven Plastic Storage Basket

BINO Woven Plastic Storage Basket, Large– 2 PACK (Black) - Plastic Storage Bins

  • Suitable for any room and for any object.
  • High-depth and spacious baskets with breathable side walls.
  • Durable high-grade and BPA-free plastic material construction.

These plastic baskets fit essentially anywhere, and it also offers ample room for all those things that you require keeping close by without taking up room in the bedroom, kitchen or closet.

The product is also made with the high-quality material, and that is why it is considered as the robust, strong and durable product too. The product is available in various colors as well. You can carry around along with the product because of the lightweight whenever and wherever you want.

3. mDesign Office Organizer Bins

mDesign Office Organizer Bins for Pens, Pencils, Note Pads, Staples, Tape - Pack of 4, 10" x 6" x 5", Clear - Plastic Storage Bins

  • Transparent bins for storing colorful objects.
  • Two handle gaps for easy transport.
  • Thick and durable plastic construction.
  • BPA-free and manually washable.

It is one of the amazing storage organizers in terms of stability and the product is quite reliable and convenient too. The product has been made with the high-quality material, and that is why it is solid, durable and rough as well. The product is well-known for the office organizer too. You will be able to keep some of the staffs in it, and you can carry this easily too.

It is lightweight, and the absolute comfortable size is the USP of this. The features of the product are integrated handles for some great and easy access as well as clear. The plastic is absolutely durable, and you will be able to carry this easily.

2. Akro-Mil 13017 Stak-N-Store

Akro-Mils 13017 Stak-N-Store Stacking Hopper Front Plastic Storage Bin, Grey, Case of 3 - Plastic Storage Bins

  • Hopper front to keep the objects intact within the bin.
  • Large grip handles for easy transport of bulk items.
  • Highly stable and strong with a separate label area.

When it comes to choosing the plastic bin, you have to make sure that, you choose this one. One of the significant factors of this product is that it is light-weight and the best part is you can carry this along with you whenever you require. Having some wide space, you will be able to keep a lot of stuff in it.

This has been made with the high-quality material, and that is why it stands as tough and solid product too. It holds almost 75 pounds so that you can keep multiple objects. It has the side handles, which comes along with a great grip and that is why you will be able to hold it easily.

1. Edsal PB8502Y High Density Stackable Plastic Bin

Edsal PB8502Y High Density Stackable Plastic Bin, 5" Width x 5" Height x 11" Depth, Yellow (Pack of 12) - Plastic Storage Bins

  • Premium-quality plastic used for durability.
  • Impact resistant and non-fading color coating.
  • Extra thick with reinforcement for rigidity.
  • Suitable for higher stacking and suspending hanger available.

The optimum quality stackable plastic bins can take the roughest abuse. It has few additional thick bins that are armor-plated for inflexibility and superior strength. The heavy-duty polypropylene basically comes along with the perpetual molded-in color. This is almost unbreakable, water rust along with simply corrosion proof.

The extensive stacking ledge confirms stability along with permits the higher stacking. One of the interesting facts about the product is that it comes along with the great supportive hangers. The front bottom of the product is simply retrieval too. The grip is also absolutely strong, and it has been made with the high-quality material. It is definitely one of the most profitable plastic storage bins to buy.


You can buy individual or set of multiple plastic storage bins as per your need. Buying a set is better as the bins are stackable and you can get assorted colors. While buying plastic storage bins, you have to check the plastic quality and whether it is BPA-free or not.

If you want to keep food items, the side walls should be breathable to keep items fresh. The design of the bins is crucial as they determine the type of objects you can keep and take out. You can go ahead and buy any of the above-mentioned plastic storage bins as they are durable, stable, and versatile in design.

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