Top 10 Best Body Pillows in 2022

For a good night’s sleep, you need a quality pillow and leads to perfect health.  Whether, you sleep on your tummy, side or back you need the correct support for your head. Further, your pillow should not lift your neck or head too high.If this happens, you end up with a stiff neck or a restless night’s sleep. If you need the best head, support our editor’s choice of the top 10 best body pillows in 2022 will leave you amazed.

Body Pillows

Each of these body pillows forms to the contour of your body to support your body and allows you to sleep at a consistent height leaving you feeling refreshed in the morning.

Review of the 10 Body Pillows in 2022

10. The Queen Rose Body Support Cushion

The Queen Rose Body Support Cushion - Body Pillows

Another great body support cushion designed for pregnant moms is the Queen Rose body pillow. This is already the 3rd generation cushion and shaped to give the best support for mothers-to-be.

Further, it helps with blood circulation and great to use for nursing your baby. The lumbar supports improved and the cover zips off to wash. The pillow casings made with 100% cotton.

  • Comfortable while sleeping
  • Versatile to sleep with and helps with nursing your baby
  • Not long enough for taller users

9. The Sleep Yoga Body Pillow

The Sleep Yoga Body Pillow - Body Pillows

The Sleep Yoga body pillow has a chiropractor design to help improve the way you stand and sit while sleeping. The designs unique as the cushion have three flexible sections to conform to your body and support all parts of the body.

About the stuffing, there is not much mention except that it is a patented USA substance and is machine washable. However, it does have a 45% cotton and 55% lyocell construction.

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Forms into any shape
  • A little smaller than what you would expect when viewing images available

8. The Oversized U-Miss Body Pillow

The Oversized U-Miss Body Pillow - Body Pillows

When sleeping your back and belly need the best support. This is what the Oversized U-Miss body pillow offers you. Another standout about the cushion is the easy hold abdomen section for expecting moms and eases the discomfort of pregnancy.

The pillows covered with a natural cotton cover you can remove and wash. The interior of the cushions polyester filled.

  • Versatile to use even if you are not pregnant
  • Great shape and design
  • Is a great pillow for the beginning of your pregnancy

7. AERIS Wedge Pillow

AERIS Wedge Pillow - Body Pillows

Another Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease cushion is the AERIS Wedge Pillow. This is also one of the best body pillows if you suffer from breathing problems. The entire wedge cushion has a density-responsive memory foam structure.

The great thing is the AERIS cushions aerated for seven days to remove the foam odor before sent out to you. The outer cover constructed of white bamboo and the memory foam interior has its own cover. Both the cover and interior pillow you can wash.

  • Has a lifetime free replacement guarantee
  • Helps relieve minor back pain
  • Huge and some users found it uncomfortable

6. The Super-Soft Panda Bear Body Pillow

The Super-Soft Panda Bear Body Pillow - Body Pillows

Have you ever wanted to share your bed with a Panda? Now you can with the Super-Soft Panda Bear body pillow. Now you can curl up with this lifelike Panda Bear for a comfortable sleep.

The bear has a plush feel to it and even has beaded eyes and a perky nose and suitable for any ages. The paws and midsections filled with bean sacks and have soft fiber inside for comfort and you can only spot clean it.

  • Made with soft fiber
  • Looks great on the bed
  • The best use is for cushion is displaying on the bed and looks like a toy

5. The Organic Latex Body Pillow

The Organic Latex Body Pillow - Body Pillows

One of the best body pillows stepping into the spotlight for combating body pain is the Organic Latex Cushion. With the bouncy contour, the pillow conforms to your body.

The casings made with antimicrobial and hypoallergenic bamboo a soft flannel finish. The pillow gives your body a comfortable snuggle and the spiral organic latex interior is shapeable to accommodate sleeping needs.

  • The body pillow bamboo latex interior helps reduce heat and moisture
  • Comfortable to sleep with
  • Expensive

4. The LEACHCO Body Pillow

The LEACHCO Body Pillow - Body Pillows

If you are expecting the LEACHCO body pillow is definitely going to become your best night friend. The two-cushion system consists of a largely curved pillow with an adjustable bumper pillow that helps to create different positions for sleeping.

The cushions made of polyester and cotton and have a zippered cover you can remove to wash. The body bumpers designed to slide up, down and rotate around the body for a snug fit.

  • Fits well on a double bed and larger
  • Suitable for short to tall people
  • The seam found near the U-bend can become uncomfortable around the neck area

3. The AVANA Contoured Bed Wedge Pillow

The AVANA Contoured Bed Wedge Pillow - Body Pillows

For a completely different body pillow, the AVANA Contoured Bed Wedge has a bamboo-rayon topped cover. The inside of the body wedge has cool gel memory foam to give you a natural elevation.

The body pillows’ perfect for side sleepers and great to relax on while watching movies or reading. You can remove the bamboo cover and it is machine washable.

  • The pillow opens up perfectly to expand
  • The body pillows soft to sleep on with the cover
  • For the best expansion once you receive the cushion, remove the cover and leave it to air for 24-hours before using the pillow

2. The MedCline Side Sleeping Body Pillow

The MedCline Side Sleeping Body Pillow - Body Pillows

Another MedCline pillow that is remarkable to use for reflux and back pain is the Side Sleeping cushion. Choose from three different sizes small, medium, and large.

At the top of the pillow, it has a patented arm pocket, preventing you from sliding down while you sleep. The entire body wedge has a memory foam design, placed in a plush removable casing you can remove and wash.

  • Can use the wedge with your own pillow
  • Comfortable
  • Expensive

1. The MedCline Body Pillow

The MedCline Body Pillow - Body Pillows

If you suffer from heartburn when sleeping, the MedCline is the best body pillow to help you with your reflux problem. You can buy the cushion in three different sizes small, medium, and large. The pillow has advanced position wedge form and made with 4 types of foam.

Each layer strategically placed to support your body. The entire cushions filled with memory foam. Further, it has an optimal inclined system preventing you from sliding off during the night. The body pillow has a removable case you can wash.

  • The body pillow hugs every part of your body
  • Does not only help with reflux problems but is a lifesaver if you suffer from lower back pain
  • The body pillow sold is an updated version of the 2nd generation one and according to users both the 3rd and 4th Gen ones are shorter and harder


These are some of the top 10 best body pillows in 2022 you can buy. If you need an affordable body contour cushion, you can find a suitable one here. Whether you are a mother-to-be or suffering from back pain and GERP each of these pillows present you with their own unique features.

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