Top 10 Creative Ideas for Cheap Halloween Costumes

Halloween is around the corner and everyone in a short while will be in search of which best Halloween costumes to use. To make it a memorable holiday, it is always the best time in which you should not only think of the meals to take but more importantly on what you will dress up on that day.

Dressing up your favorite pop culture icon would be one of your most interesting things. However, in finding the best Halloween costume you love, the scariest thing you will find about this is the prices of these costumes. Therefore, the need for getting the creative ideas for cheap Halloween costumes becomes very necessary.

To make it a more exciting period we took the time to get you the best creative ideas for cheap Halloween costumes. You need to avoid moving the Halloween store with more the $50 in your pockets and come to that place where the prices are totally affordable.

Despite being cheap, you shouldn’t worry about the quality as this is well covered. Whether you want to be a self-proclaimed queen or king, you will get all that you deserve to have it. In addition to this, our Halloween costumes are made in such a way that they are very easy to complete and which you can also use the available things in your house. Keep reading to ensure that you have the best cheap Halloween costume today.

Top 10 Creative Ideas for Cheap Halloween Costumes

10. Mummy Costume

SecondSkin Men's Full Body Spandex/Lycra Suit

An amazing Halloween costume it is. In addition to this, it is among the easiest as well as the most effective Halloween costume you will ever find in history. The amazing thing about this Halloween costume is that all that you need for it is all in an easy range that you can access. Very cheap, I must put it into this words indeed.

No matter if you are a student or even someone earning, you will be able to afford this while at the same time get one of the best Halloween looks. With the use of a toilet roll, you will get this look. In addition, you can prevent any tearing through mixing up some white bandages on the end to keep everything in place. In addition, you can splash some red food coloring or even fake blood for the complete look. With about six rolls, you will be good to go.

9. Pop Art Character Costume

Pop Art Character Costume

Getting this Halloween costume is very easy in which in addition it is very cheap giving you the best experience ever. Though it will need you some much time, the final look will be very exciting and without any doubt, you will make this Halloween night one of your best holidays to remember.

All you will be required to do in getting this perfect Halloween costume is just the use of hairspray combined with face paints. To complete this, look, you will have to match it with brightly contrasting clothing to get it at its maximum effect. This is as shown below.

8. Grapes Costume

Forum Novelties Grapes Costume

This is one of the very exciting Halloween costumes that you will find very essential in giving you the best look ever. Though its preparation requires much effort coupled with much care, you only need simple materials. Hence, making it very pocket-friendly. To get the perfect look you just need to have a friend while both of you have a bunch of red, purple as well as green balloons.

Blow them up and then let someone pin them on your outfits with a lot of care. They should be pinned in such a way that they overlap each other in an organized manner. To give this costume its complete look, you will then have to use green construction paper handy in which you can cut out vines or even a stem to go along with this costume.

7. Pigs in a Blanket Costume

UHC Men's Pig In A Blanket Piggy Kit Mask Headpiece Adult Halloween Costume

Do you love puns? This will one of your best creative idea for the cheap Halloween costume. This costume just needs you to just stay cozy in the all night while you are fully wrapped in your favorite blanket which you love.

In addition to this, to give it the complete look you are looking for, you will just have to put an addition of the pig ears as well as its nose which you make it yourself by the use of a pink construction paper or even buy it. This is as shown in the below picture.

6. Nudist on Strike Costume

Nudist on Strike Costume

This is another one of the best as well as one that you will enjoy creative ideas for cheap Halloween costume which comes with amazing looks that will make you fit in a Halloween party very easily with less spending on the cost. It will work with most outfits making it essential as a last minute costume that you can use on the outfit you are wearing at the time of the party.

All you just need is whipping a sign which reads ‘Nudist on Strike’ and as a result, you will be good for the party. This is very essential with less effort, simple while at the same time it is very creative giving you the perfect look.

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5. Tacky Tourist Costume

Fun World Tacky Traveler Adult Costume

Even though you don’t love looking like a tourist during your vacations, make it different in this year’s Halloween holiday by having this as your outfit to have the best look ever. To have the tacky tourist costume look, you will have to combine different types of items that are easy to have. Also, you get those from your own reach they may include items such as Socks and Sandals, a Hawaiian shirt or the I love New York T-shirt, sunglasses and sunscreen. In addition to this, the look will be wonderful when you are carrying around a camera.

4. Ghoul/Skeleton Costume

Smiffy's Men's Second Skin Suit with Bumbag Concealed Fly and Under Chin Opening

Being one of the best creative ideas for cheap Halloween costume in our list, you will have a wonderful as well as a memorable time through the use of this Halloween costume. You will create this Halloween costume in a very cheap way through which you can easily afford it.

This is so as you just need to use one of your old T-shirts in making the scary face shape as well as adding a different color top. In addition to this, you can also get the best outfit even by wearing an all-black outfit with bones drawn with the use of a white fabric pen or by use of a chalk.

3. Ghost Costume

Rubie's Cool Ghoul Costume, Large

This gives you the best experience ever through its cheap as well as simple preparing. If you love to look like a ghost, this will be your best option. You will love it and your friends will also love it too through which you will make this Halloween holiday to be a memorable one.

All that you need is one of your old white sheets which you will have to make two holes just for your sight then let the other areas be covered by the white sheet. You need to prepare it well to give it the perfect positions ensure that the sheet is in place with less tugging as well as pulling.

2. Silent Movie Stars Costume

Smiffy's Men's 1920's Star Costume with Jacket Trousers Mock Waistcoat and Tie

Being the second in our list, you are sure of having the best experience from the use of this Halloween costume. It is customized to ensure that you find it pocket-friendly as well as very effective. The outfit of this Halloween costume is based on black as well as white outfits which of course, no one who doesn’t have these outfits.

In addition to this, a white face paint will additionally be very key in which you will look similar of walling off a silent movie set. This creative idea will be especially to those who are not a massive fan of people one will party with as this will make it one of the parts of the act.

1. Deceased Doll Costume

Forum Novelties Women's Day of Dead Spanish Lady Costume

This is one best creative idea for cheap Halloween costume. It is a complete cheap horror look which gives you an amazing look for through this Halloween costume. Less effort will be required in having this costume through which a ripped up simple dress will be used in the combination of this outfit.

In addition to this, inventive makeup will also be used for the perfect look. To complete the look, use massive eyes, putting lips together with paled cracked face and you will be sure of enjoying this Halloween holiday.


In conclusion, with the increase in the popularity of the Halloween holiday, you definitely love it when the night has remained one of your best. With this, you don’t want to turn up in any Halloween party without a unique as well as a stunning Halloween costume. However, with the increase in the prices of the costume prices, you might find yourself a victim of moving without one of the Halloween costumes.

We have made you covered through providing you with the top 10 creative ideas for cheap Halloween costumes which will give you the best experience. With these Halloween costumes, you will get the best look for the Halloween parties with the use of very cheap Halloween costumes to fit your use.


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