Top 10 Best Drawing Table

What are all the important tools of an artist? Most of the people will end up saying that it’s the paint and their canvas, however, in reality, the most important and crucial thing that an artist needs to get the work done is a great drawing table. There are a number of important aspects such as the dimension of the work surface, the angle adjustment and numerous other that needs to be taken into consideration for locating the best drawing table in the market.

Drawing Table

With a wide variety of options available in the market selecting the right drawing table can be a bit frustrating and demanding. You should know that selecting a drawing table isn’t as easy as choosing a normal office table.

If you are a pro then for sure you will not need our help in locating the best drawing table in the market as you will have a great experience and a better understanding of drawing table, but if you are a budding artist in need of some help to locate the right drawing table then we will be pleased to help you in finding the best drawing table in the market. In order to assist you in your search, we have gathered the names of some of the best drawing table in the market. To be precise, we have compiled a list of top 10 drawing table.

Review of Top 10 Best Drawing Table

10. Yaheetech Adjustable Drafting Table Art &amp

Yaheetech Adjustable Drafting Table Art & Craft Drawing Desk Art Hobby Folding w/ Stool - Drawing Table

If you are in search of a beautiful and see-through drafting table, then you won’t get better deal and quality product than this in the market. The table is well designed and very sturdy. The base comes with rollers that can be removed as per your convenience.

On both sides, you will find the plastic holder for keeping all your essential tools within reach. The two easy slide drawers are one of the best features of this drawing table.

  • Highly durable and sturdy
  • Great design
  • Maximum 45-degree tilt

9. Tangkula Adjustable Drawing Desk Rolling

Tangkula Adjustable Drawing Desk Rolling Drafting Table Tempered Glass Top Art Craft - Drawing Table

When one pair one-hand tilt mechanism with a great design, the output product that he or she will receive will be this great drawing table. The see through glass design along with powder coated steel gives both classy look and strength to this table.

  • Cross braced design offers more stability
  • Comes with four side trays
  • Have two slide-out drawers and a sliding type steel tray

8. STUDIO DESIGNS Comet Center

STUDIO DESIGNS Comet Center with Stool Silver / Black 13325 - Drawing Table

This very drawing table is a piece of art that features the combination of modern design and sturdy heavy steel construction.

This very drawing table comes with side table attached to the drawing table, and the side table contains cubby storage. The custom stool is quite comfortable.

  • Comes with a side table
  • Have sturdy design
  • Highly durable and spacious

7. Tangkula Drafting Table Art & Craft Drawing Desk Art

Tangkula Drafting Table Art & Craft Drawing Desk Art Hobby Folding Adjustable w/ Stool - Drawing Table

The best word to describe this table will be “chameleon. You can use this drawing table for a number of purposes such as computer work, drafting, art, and crafts.

This very table can store plenty of your stuff. The extra side table and three drawers add more value to this very product.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Have an extra hollow shelf for storing wet appliance and tools
  • The padded stool is included
  • Made of powder coated steel and wood for offering high durability

6. Coaster Desks Artist Drafting Table Desk

Coaster Desks Artist Drafting Table Desk - Drawing Table

If you are looking for a simple and sturdy table with a clear display, then this very drawing table will meet all your requirements. The stylish design of this drawing table is one of the most prominent features.

The surface of this table features tempered glass that not only looks but is surely incredibly secure.

  • Incredible strength
  • Simple and attractive design
  • Easy to assemble

5. Studio Designs Pro Craft Station

Studio Designs Pro Craft Station in White with Maple 13245 - Drawing Table

Studio Designs is a well-known name in this field, and this very product is simple and sturdy. The simple design and the feature to tilt up to the angle of 45 degrees make it an ideal drawing table.

You should know that the storage bins in this drawing table are a bit small, but you won’t face any storage shortage problem as there are six of such drawers in this table.

  • Cheaper than most of the tables in this list
  • Sturdy and fulfils the purpose

4. STUDIO DESIGNS Graphix II Workstation

STUDIO DESIGNS Graphix II Workstation, 53.75”W x 31.25”D x 27” x 38.75”H White/Gray 10210 - Drawing Table

If you are looking for a drawing table adjustable height feature and with the simple design then this very table can be your dream drawing table. Heavy gauge steel construction and the additional side table make it an efficient and strong drawing table.

  • Adjustable height
  • Solid and durable construction
  • Extra side table

3. OneSpace 50-CS01 Craft Station

OneSpace 50-CS01 Craft Station, Silver with Blue Glass - Drawing Table

Comes with supply tray on two sides of the table in order to allow you to store all your tools and accessories. Have two easy slides out drawers. The blue tempered glass makes this table breathtakingly beautiful.

  • Have two slide-out drawers and supply tray on two sides of the table
  • Highly durable and strong

2. Studio Designs 10050 Futura Craft Station

Studio Designs 10050 Futura Craft Station, Silver/BlueGlass - Drawing Table

The drawing surface of the table can be tilted to a maximum angle of 35 degrees. The design of the table is quite simple and sturdy. It comes with three slide-out drawers offering ample storage space.

  • Simple and sturdy design
  • Highly durable
  • See through design feature

1. Artie’s Studio Office Drafting Table Art Drawing Craft Station

Artie’s Studio Office Drafting Table Art Drawing Adjustable Craft Station - Drawing Table

It can easily accommodate your creative needs as it comes with angle adjustment option of up to 30 degrees. In addition to the tempered glass surface and great design, you will also receive enough storage space as this table has three plastic moulded slide out drawers.

  • Great strength and ample work space
  • Trendy and attractive design
  • Highly durable


Buying a new drawing table is a costly and big decision. But you should consider buying the best, and one of the most important features that you should take into account while buying drawing table is the durability of the table.

We have created the above list after a lot of research and by following and reading the reviews of hundreds of customers in order to deliver you the list of the best products in this category available in the market.

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