How to Choose a Perfect Modem and Router

How to Choose a Perfect Modem and Router

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Modems and routers are two different networking devices that will serve different purposes to ensure that you will have perfect internet connectivity on either your home, business or office.  A router will generally generate wireless signals and ensures you will connect your devices ranging from smartphones, tablets, Pcs and other devices. On the other hand, a modem is a small box that creates a connection link to your devices such as printers, computers laptops and so on to the Internet using cables such as CAT 5 or CAT 6 ethernet cables. Unlike a router, a modem doesn’t provide your home with Wi-Fi connectivity. A modem will act as a digital translator, taking an information signal from your cable, fiber or phone lines and making it accessible to your computer. Our articles will guide you on how to choose the best modem and router for the home, office, and home.

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Choosing a Perfect Modem and Router for Your Home

Mesh Router

If you enjoy relaxing at home, you will require reliable network connectivity, and you will need to have a mesh router, which will let you have a strong internet connection in every corner of your home. However, If you love gaming and always play video games at home, you’ll need a gaming router to improve your gaming experience.

But before you going and buy any modem or router, just make sure if those modems and router meet your purpose. Here we are going to advise you on how to choose a perfect modem and router for your home.

  • Parental controls

The century has seen the rise of video streaming and social media, and the parent should keep kids safe on the Internet is a growing concern for many parents. Routers not only manage your home’s wireless networks, but they can also control who has access to what online content these routers will come with easily accessible settings that will help you filter the online content. On the other hand, some modems will come with parental controls too, and they are ideal for you as a parent to monitor your child’s activity over the Internet

  • No of users

If you are alone in the house, you will not require a sophisticated router. A simple and less expensive router is ideal for you. You will also choose a modem based on the number of users since some modems are more sophisticated and better than others.

  • No of devices

You may have a smartphone, laptop, or personal computer that you will want to connect to the wireless network, go for the best router according to the tour budget. If you’re going to get many devices connected to a modem, you will go for the modem that has high processing capabilities to guarantee you better connectivity and decent internet speed.

  • Speed

Even though you want some internet connection for your home speed is essential since you will be able to achieve much with a better Wi-Fi speed, select the best router that will have the most reliable internet speed. In the case of a modem to try and look for the modem that has a high speed that you will even stream 4K videos and also support the best internet speed form your ISP.

  • Security

The security of your data and information is essential, and both the modem and the router will have a security mechanism to achieve data security over the Internet. Go for the best modem and router to ensure you will not fall victim to data theft that may harm your privacy and confidentiality. Don’t go for cheap routers and modems that will not have these security features.

Choosing a Perfect Modem and Router for Your Business

wifi router for business

Finding the best router and modem for your business may be a tricky affair, but we will have clear guidance for you on how to choose a perfect router for your business. Routers are traffic stops on the Internet, and every information you send must pass through a router. A router will handle much traffics and understanding the size of your company is very phenomena. At the same time, a modem will ensure you connect your devices to the Internet via cables or the Internet from an ISP. Below are some of the factors you will consider and guides.

  • Speed

The speed of your router is determined by gigabits per second, if you have a small place, you will need a small router that will have the speed of 3-5 Gbps, and this is the most ideal even though there are much faster routers that of course are more expensive. On the other hand, if you have a big place, you will need a quicker router that will handle much traffic without suffering from latency. And if your business will have much online presence, you will need a faster router too to handle the significant internet traffic. For example, on an e-commerce website, you will require an excellent router that will enable you to process the different types of customer requests with ease. When you come to selecting a modem, always choose the fastest modem according to your budget. Speaking of speed, a 4G router will be great if you don’t want any complicated installation.

  • Range

How extensive is your office, how far do you want your Wi-Fi signals to reach such questions will significantly help you get the ideal router for your business. The range of your router is measured by the number of antennae’s and bandwidth. If you want your Wi-Fi to reach a broader scope, ensure you select the router with the highest bandwidth and many antennae for better connectivity and reliability. Some modems will have a more extended range than others, and the range of your network will significantly determine and influence the kind of modem you will purchase. In this case, it’d be better if you own a long range router that could cover your whole business place with internet connection.

  • No of users

The more the number of users, the better the router you will need in your office to ensure everyone will have a better internet connection. A good router will support several users without having downtime. If you don’t have many users, don’t buy a sophisticated router. The more the users, the better the modem with a high capability you will purchase to ensure you will have reliable connections.

  • Security of data

Safety of your business data is paramount, and you will need a router with security features such as firewalls to ensure that all traffic that will pass through your router is inspected. A Virtual private network is ideal since it is hard for malware and virus to penetrate. Modems too will have security features, and if you mind bout the security of your data purchases a modem that will incorporate security features and capabilities to prevent data hacking and unauthorized traffic from entering your network.

Choosing a Perfect Modem and Router for Your Office

router in office

In your office, you will need an excellent internet connection that will ensure that all the activities in the office are running up and smoothly.  There are some of the factors you will consider too.

  • Office size

If you have a large office, for example, a departmental office that is large, you will need a router that is also strong enough to ensure that every person has access to a reliable network. Go for a router that has the highest number of bandwidth and many numbers of antennae. It will ensure that signals are transmitted to the furthest corner of your office. On the other hand, your small office will not need that sophisticated router. If you have a large office, you will need to have one or two modems that will guarantee you a better and reliable internet connection. In this case, a WiFi extender will be just right for you.

  • No of users

The more the number of users, the better and stronger the router needed to transmit wireless or Wi-Fi signals. If your office has 100 employees, you will require a better and powerful router to guarantee you on better and reliable internet signals. If your office has many users, you will need a reliable modem that has higher capabilities to ensure the signal qualities are always excellent and will not suffer from latency

  • A USB port

In your office, you may require to share a printer, and when you have a router that will have a USB port, this is ideal for you to ensure you can print wirelessly from your phone, laptop or PC.  Some modems will come with USB ports while others will come without these ports and you will buy a modem with USB ports if you will need them in the future. Or you can also think of a USB modem if there were any problems with the connection in your office.

  • Data security

The security of your data is essential and always goes for the router that has the best security features such as firewalls to guarantee you the safety and privacy of your data all times. Your office data need to be secure all times and buying a modem with no security features is a big mistake because it will leave your data vulnerable to attacks that may lead to data loss. But, having an enterprise router will solve your security problems. An enterprise router will secure all your data, while also connecting every computer to the internet.

In this article, we have highlighted primary and essential steps on how to choose a perfect modem and router. It is enough to help you get the perfect one either your office, business or home. Although we may not highlight all the considerations, we have looked at some of the best reviews such as the number of users, parental controls, data security, and office size. Other factors may include the price of these devices since some are too expensive. Another factor is the model. Some people prefer products from an individual company and will only buy products from that company. Always make proper research and homework before purchasing these devices.

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